SmallWorlds Joining that World changed my life.. it actually made my theory and vision about INTERNET being 3D world real! based on its programming I hope the world will develop real-life worlds.. like Digimon World or something!

SmallWorlds, is not only a OMG “Online Multiplayer Game, it is a customizable, interactive portal, you can play games in it.. you can view youtube videos. and listen to imeem tracks… with more features so many to mention!

The only weakness and complains I heard from its users were the impossible price placed on the game’s currency to get. and that tokens were recently rendered mostly useless in the game “Tokens are type of money in SmallWrolds Gained by completing certain missions or errands” Most of the cool items are now sold only with Gold “Gold is a currency in SmallWorlds Earned by doing surveys, inviting friends, or bought by real money.. payment” like Paypal™

well 😀 above all SmallWorlds is the BEST virtual world web-based (No Download Required) Game! and it ranks even above “” !!


3 thoughts on “SmallWorlds

    1. Ghosty Twilight, but I rarely use SW anymore because their economic structure collapsed after mis using my suggestion for Trade system, it should be a menu not a shop.. and now no one sells buys all trades. . . lame game.


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