Gatomon’s Playtime

Well what can I really say.. this is a private blog of my life so I intend to be really honest here.

and as I was browsing the internet I kinda searched for Digimon and my favorite one always was and ever will be “Gatomon” ^_^ according to the arabic dub, Gatomon was a male.

in anycase, I stumbled upon this comic book about Gatomon it was “Hentai” well I read it once.. but for some reason tonight I went back.. and dug out the other 2 episodes as well..  and  I read them over and over again  ^_^  nothing really turns me on in Hentai, neither even in porn..  but.. Hentai moved my heart like nothing before… and 🙂 I felt love.. for the first time. I felt that strange feeling that made me smile….  and I’d wish that would stay in me. so I can discribe its beauty later in words, poems :->  and more…

well Here’s the link to what I saw.. I made this link to ease the search for those who like Gatomon ^///^


I don’t own anything here.. so don’t ask me about it.. O.O”  but please leave “NICE” comments ok?

Open my media folder here Included you will find:

Gatomon’s Playtime 1-3
New Playmates
When Pets Play
Movie Night at Tai’s

I thought I’d share this with you.. I’m telling you guys Palcomix allows the distribution but don’t modify or claim ownership or sell anything ^^

All attached content is copyrighted to palcomix and will be removed at any time someone obligates against it.

Special thanks to Palcomix talanted artists, and ( now )


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