Singing at the Japanese Embassy!

Well There I was practecing all week  to finally master a Japanese song called “Digimon Brave Heart Evolution Theme”

well I had to qualify for to sing there ^_^ and I sang for my teachers, and I really was a jam! a popstar-like Professional  xD

Next day 29-8-2009  and When the time has come for me to demonstrate my talent to the world,  I went to the Japanese Embassy on a graduation party for Japanese Language Course Students (I was one of the students)

and everything went well… the song started .. but started low.. I point to the teacher.. make it lauder.. he does for 000,00001 louder x(

I get on the stage.. pick up the microphone.. that sounds also louder than a beastie’s RAWR!

and here it starts, Bla bla.. I sing..  the teacher plays with the volume!! WTH? X(   oh no no !!

I’m singing the song disappeared! and I sing 10 times louder that the song can no longer be heard!!

okay every thing normal again.. 2nd couplett

bla bla bla…  okay here I go..  and Oops! ^_^”>  I forgot the lyrics! never mind  x(  1 second breath and continue sing like nothing happened.. and I’m singing standing like a bamboo tree..  I’m not moving.. not a finger.. of energy.. not a blink of inspiration and the song ends…  everybody silent…

and then  clap clap clap!! o.O  I say “Arigatou Gozaimaaaasu!  Minasan Omedette Gozaaimasu!!”  =_=  But I think no body heard me :s  cause I spoke too unclear.. errr

x_X I got out of embassy..  and I felt Im gonna puke!  because I was so nervous.. 😥  me back home crying now.. and I hope That video recorded song of me.. don’t be a bad HISTORY of my life on panet earth =_=


2 thoughts on “Singing at the Japanese Embassy!

  1. . . .I wanna attend ur graduation party. . .Well, i think eventhou u hd practiced to master the song, u were kinda nervous to sing infront of da ppl, yea. . .Wow. . U even forgot the lyric but u were still able to keep u cool. . .Deedee-kun. . .It’s gonna be a good memory not the bed one. . . Ganbatte!


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