Theory of Inevitability

It came to me when a student asked me.. explain me what the professor in university was trying to tell with this coin trick.   I’m no professor lol.. and whatever my conclusion bellow it..  its not some fact.. its a logical conclusion from the the question the student asked.

Student Amir “So The Professor asked us “Why if you throw the coin 10 times it will fall 5 times on left and 5 times on right?”

My answer:

If you a drop a coin at a limitless amount of times you will reach a point where it fell on both sides at the same amount. Like 10 to 10   20 to 20   or 100 to 100

The theory is based on chances in here each sides have 50% chance this if you try throwing the coin 10 times.  You got 5 throws that give you a chance to get the equal amount.

And if you throw the coin 100 times, you got 50 chances where they can fall in equal amount ^_^

So in life if reaching some goal… like buying a cell phone are chances like 5%

That means if you keep trying in infinite loop… it is inevitable that you will get a shot at those 5 percent. It’s only a matter of how many tries you have

The things that seem impossible are actually things that have 0.1% chance however if you decide to try it and want it so much. You just try it more the 100 times. In this case doing 1000 times will give you a 1% chance ^_^

“The more chances/tries you put effort into a subject. The more chances/odds you get to reach that goal ^_^”



What are your thoughts on this?

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