Nature Lover

This Article has been moved from Dinoraptor101’s website

Nature’s Love revolves in circles, a shape of our sun, a shape of our planet, our heart, and flower buds, perfection is archived only though little imperfections. and eventully I realized.. we are all perfect, that is why we have no satisfaction no matter how deep we dig trying to reach it…

I believe mankind will once understand, that in peace both sides win, and in war both sides lose.
Yes we had past, a terrible one… and thanks to it we became who we are… and now I try to add a new page to that history, partcipating in making it shine; with a better past.. we become better people. a time can really be changed with the power of present we have. it is in the moment, where answer to all life is found. purpose is reached by knowledge. to know ourselves by learning others.

Knowing ourselves by the one who sees us. and knowing his past, by what he has created for us…

and here our problem will come to an end. and another level of test will be revealed.


What are your thoughts on this?

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