Demor in my life

My life life seemed empty and useless for the last years, and I thought of leaving online relations at all.. and live my real life .. that required me..  but then I met a person.. who really gave me friendship, I found hope.. and idea for novels came back to me ^_^  best about it that This person trusts me and treats me like part of a family.. and I’m no longer lost in darkness 🙂  now I know what I want in my life.

well since I’m not really used or rather never knew how to be friends.. it took me a while to adapt.. and experiment to know what’s right and wrong ^_^ Yeah I made horrible mistakes too.. but Demor forgave me and I’m very thankful for god to have sent me a valuable friend.. and thank her.. for guiding me through “How life should be” 🙂

anyways Demor introduced me to her special friends and now I’m glad I know them :3 and being part of Demor’s life I also became used to her being around me ^_^ so calling her big sis (Although she’s younger than me)  was great ^_^ and my wish to have a big sis.. I can always ask advice or help from is next to me.. ( I have no sisters in family)

I wish I start working soon.. and live long.. and to stay forever with Demurr 🙂


What are your thoughts on this?

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