This is really scay I newly faced a virus that came to me via a link from my friend in PM ..

it said like (See your self funny in this video and link)  when you click the link you go throught 3 websites 2 websites dropped me files of Trojan.. capable of controling my computer.. basically a zombie slave for hackers!

the 3 website gave me a program that will hack my facebook.. and my space.. and send himself to my friends!!


I read about this Virus everywhere! AVAST and Kasperski and Symantic companies are working sleepless to stop it..

Avast detected up to 1000 computers attacked a day.. that’s only with those who have avast installed the virus was cought..


Kasperski.. got the best measure to catch it at the moment.


It seems this Virus was released specifically by a hacker working for the anti-virus organizarions..  or it was spread using a rival of facebook and MySpace…    It’s Certain Orkut can’t be responsible for such attacks as part of google..

neither friendster.. since friendster is strong.. and has good reputation..

most suspicious of famous community sites fall upon  ConnectU..  (These are not facts but searched results over internet)


Becarefull!!  if you get a message with a link from your friend..  Don’t Click it!!!

the virus spreads as a link to video.. to an unknown site..  you will notice the message saying (check yourself in this video. or something..)

2nd.. use one of these.. they are currently the only anti-viruses that work..

I suggest the 2010 Kasperski 30 days free trial package..  


😐 if you find this virus in other sites.. please reply to me with comment.. thank you…  @_@ I’m already dead..  I’m scanning my computer.


What are your thoughts on this?

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