True Heroes in my SW life..

*staring at your wolf painting* Finally True is a True wolf…
I can’t forget he most beloved present.. a Vial is just an expensive plant… a painting is a love expressed in an image..

*deep breath* was I in love all along.. and didn’t realize it till now that love has abandond me??
I don’t know.. but it hurts .. I want to meow on an island alone.. and hope True comes to me now… a_a I do wish to talk to her… now and then… I want to play with her too.. *get’s tears.. hiding self with wings*
I have a love but far from adult love.. I just can’t live without her…. I can’t laugh if true is sad…

I don’t believe she booted me… My butt hurts like hell >..< Hey did you sharp your claws too??


What are your thoughts on this?

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