Avast Antivirus is Rubbish?

Yes that’s true, I have been using Avast , Avira, AVG, Kasperski, AC, Norton, and more over the past 6 years..

And most secured detections were found in Kasperski. and Avira..

however Avast.. didn’t Detect the following

– Flash Infected Trojan.

– C:/Windows/ dll libraries Keyloggers and spywares

– New Melicious Software on dangerous sites.

– Backdoor Trojan on P2P LimeWire port.



since it is dangerous, unsafe, and also slows down the computer needlessly.


Other reports claim that avast fills the Registrty with random un needed keys and values.


Avast 4 Free Edition is a commercial pile of junk that allows viruses on your computer as much as flies gather of a dead corpse..  that’s what your computer becomes after using avast for 1 week…


Avast positive is that it can catch 1 Dangerous Virus. known as Facebook/Myspace Trojan.


Avast Security systems are stone aged comparing to Kasperski.


Best AntiVirus makers are hackers defending themselves.. such as Kasperski.  “said by unknown”


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