Beladi Real Estate – IT Branch

Recently I have started working in Beladi Real Estate Agency in Jordan ^_^

Thanks to my brother’s friend. and so far the job is cool and the salery is almost satisfactory.

My first time Holding such a rank as IT Manager.. wew  xD  sounds presigius.


In anycase the work is lame .. not much tasks to accomplish.. mostly I spend the time watching cameras… that’s cool eh 😛 know what others do.. makes me feel a bit spying.. ^_^ well it’s not like I record it.. besidse cameras are in public areas only..  not in rooms..

Guess This company follows civil rights, well right now we need real estate clients 😀 so guys if you know anyone who wants to buy or rent a property ^_^ make sure you tell me .  visit the company site for the time being..

Beladi Site

Beladi Support mail


^_^ Best Wooooshes 😛   Dinoraptor101

Criticism: Beladi Real Estate is not able to offer reliable, secure, service due to it’s internal office intrigues.

During my work for them I spent only 2 months and it was more than enough to understand that General staff there are working to steal clients and start their own company in the future leaving the CEO back-stabbed and robbed.

Since non of those employees really work under certain contract or official commitment. Beladi Real Estate has grown unstable and will eventually go bankrupt..

I strongly advise NOT to deal with a unstable agencies.

-End of Post-


What are your thoughts on this?

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