Recently I have registered to a new mailing service that seemed very nice to use and very convenient, which later abused me.


Registering to GMX, I have read the privacy policy which strictly included some of data being shared (excluding my personal authentication data, and passwords stored within their database.)

Later on my first trial email was blocked! For suspect of being violating terms of use (Not included in the GMX service site) or Privacy Policy (Nothing I violated there neither)

The issue of blocking went to my other recently made account “” where it was blocked once I stored my passwords for other accounts in their “Mail collector” service, which was very beneficial to me to replace POP3/IMAP premium services for Yahoo! and Live e-mail providers.

Mail collector uses “Login Credentials” to log into the associated account and export all the mail into GMX account…

And with my account blocked… They now obtain my sensitive login data to my email accounts.

And can read all my email without my knowledge.

GMX have violated my rights as a client, damaged my work,  And halt my daily performance, and stole my personal information.

I have recently contacted GMX again. And in case my accounts are not unblocked. or permitted for me to delete them manually with a guarantee that they have no backup information or further access to any of my information and email accounts at other 3rd party mail providers;

I shall resort to legal prosecution on information theft, privacy violation, client abuse, and other charges as will be discussed with my lawyer.


Personal Notice:

I’m very frustrated that such good service providers do not have prior online experience and have no respect for client rights.

And their policy DOES NOT! Give them right to terminate/block the account without prior notice.

This is harassment and GMX must either apologize officially and grant me my rights as a client, or pay for their abuse.

😦 Now I can’t enjoy mailing my friends, I already told them about how cool GMX was…


9 thoughts on “GMX Mail – ABUSE

  1. My e-mail account with gmx has just now been ‘blocked’ as well… perhaps it is just a temporary problem with I can’t think of any recent activity on my part that would have violated the agreement of use. Unless my account has been hijacked and misused since my last log-in into gmx, about 4 days ago.


  2. Do not worry about anything turns out they are using a weird Flag system that blocks everyone based on some word use… GMX staff member who made the security is a total idiot! Many people are about to push charges on GMX officials…

    Anyways… there’s a way to work around the block…
    Simply… login using F-Connect

    This only works if you signed up or connected Facebook to GMX before it was blocked… other wise… bye bye precious information…

    You can sue them and get filthy rich… as for me I gave them 1 month to fix this, my lawyer talked me into it. Thinking about it… I sue them for violating privacy, user rights, Abuse, Damage; geez is there an easier way to become a millionaire??

    Anyways… 1 month… to unblock me without demanding some identity stuff they have no right to ask of. I read their policy 5 times in a row… and I know it almost by heart. No driving license… no ID… no passport copy… I’m a human … yes I AM EMAILING YOU… if they need protection from spammers let them add to the privacy policy… (our system detects multiple sent messages without displaying the continents.. and if you are suspicious of spamming you will be first NOTIFIED about it.. and then BLOCKED if you proceed, or have no response within sometime.. this is also known as “Respect to User/Client Privacy” wait till I find a public user internet policy.. to charge them for breaking that one too..

    😦 I’m so sad my passwords are there I feel so not safe, and worse is… they get the emails of all my accounts to their database… and I have no way to stop that!!!.. This is Harassment and thievery


  3. Hio same problem my account got blocked, im very upset!, this is bad and i had not even sent a single mail till now!, and i exported all my accounts there


    1. Well I too thought they are violating and stealing my passwords so I changed all of them just in case..
      After telling them I’m about to Sue them… they opened back my account.. however they deleted every I had there and I had to set it all over again..

      This is Really a pain.. I think GMX is careless about his reputation as a service.


  4. Recently I have registered to a new mailing service that seemed very nice to use and very convenient.

    My e-mail account with gmx has just now been ‘blocked’ how can i unblock it ?


    1. Yes Fortunately I unblocked mine… meantime you can access it if you have registered using Facebook Connect..

      Well you can unblock it if 1- you are sure you have not violated their terms of use..
      2- You are not a spammer. (GMX allows to have more than 1 account so spammer means you don’t send messages to people you don’t know for Commercial purposes.

      well all you gotta do is this .. contact tell them your GMX is blocked they will ask you identity confirmation such as driving license or something.. provide the license.. if for some reason your identity protection is a must (government privacy, etc ) you should tell them you can’t and why.. however the 100% easier and faster is providing identity..

      Unblocking works when you do something a spammer would do.. such as include suspicious words or send to many people at once… they are using a dumb automatic spam detection service.. consider it a BUG.. soon to be fixed.


  5. My e-mail account with gmx has just now been ‘blocked’ as well… perhaps it is just a temporary problem with I can’t think of any recent activity on my part that would have violated the agreement of use. i have sent 6 email to them even did’t recived any single reply from them.

    i dont wana do this but if the problum will not solved today i will sue gmx and that is my promise to everyone here who is effacted through gmx services.
    if gmx team read this comments here is my email address chek and advice quickly


  6. Seems the the blocking is an automatic procedure that occurs when you input many email accounts into one or so… GMX automated security is garbage, the only way to access a blocked GMX account so far is only if you have previously connected with FB Connect feature.

    when GMX block your account they demand your driving license or ID.. those f***ups steal your emails, and ID information… I ceased using GMX a while ago.. and I never put my email accounts there ever again.


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