Shortcuts – easier to remember.

This might help you guys to refer to my site, and access pages you like with links that are easier to remember ^_^
I actually created this for myself.. but thought about sharing it with you too 🙂  there it is

PS: The URL addresses are CASE SENSETIVE (B is not b )  ( l “L” is not I “i” )  Guestbook     Flash Site            HTML Site       Contact Animal Spirits Registration        Small Worlds School Organization          Dinoraptor Referral to Ghost       Russian Translation of Dino Site               Download IE8 (Not by me)           Animal Spirit Club Login Page   Animal Spirit Quiz      Dinoraptor101 Live Chat      Dinoraptor FB Group  Ghost Referral in English           Dinoraptor101 Network      SWSO Dormitory         SW Ghosty Home              SW Classroom


What are your thoughts on this?

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