No more Home Internet

Now with no Home Internet I’m stuck and Can’t check my online updates neither emails.. instead. I have a new way.

If anyone wants to contact me use my site contact form.. I set it so I recieve it on my phone mails.. 🙂 >.> no chain messages

^_^ Langauges I read (Arabic, English, Japanese, Russian) the rest will be translated with google 😛 so write accordingly ^_^ miss you all very much!!

Oh regarding the new novels.. I’ve been working on a Cup of Tea. and done real nice with “Tail” you can read the first pages on my site.. however the full novel will be uploaded once I finish it ^_^

>.> Anyone even reads my stuff? (why not comment me on my guestbook so I know! 🙂 )


What are your thoughts on this?

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