After reading again about Dinotopia.. I aimed to build a website that would contain the map of Dinotopia.. set to for people to travel around playing a Role Play.. Online..

This is going to be a bit hard,,  but the important is. will people come to my website if I do it?

My current website is boring.. I guess I lack of the constant update and the interesting material in my life..

Also no one reads my stories.. o.O I guess I am a bad writer..

So I decided to stop writting alot.. and rather write something strong..

My final 2 releases “Tail”  and “Cup of Tea” will be released soon..

I’m planning to create a new Autobiography for my website now..

and looking for Dinotopia Ebooks…..  Wish me luck ^_^

(( Site is now available ))  Use Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 to browse the site..   http://dinoraptor101.clanteam.com


2 thoughts on “Dinotopia

  1. I AM looking forward for your NEW stories and your New style of writing … it will be interesting to read your NEW writings…

    and don’t worry about “no one reading your stories” ..
    I bet your stories just need to be posted in more than one site so people can check them out …:) …

    BEST of LUCK …



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