Tail Finally Arrived!!

February 15 7:00 AM morning I have completed the long waited story, TAIL.

For the past months is was available as a partial document.

This is the first official document consisting of 3 chapters.

recommended for all ages.

You can download tail from my Official Website

Other Updates:

Raptoras Loss

a story dedicated for my friend (Sasuke88)

now available in the Story section! of my writings.

RCPv2 – Raptoras Communication Port Version 2

A Small simple program I wrote in batch style

that allows you to choose profiles and talk to the computer!

this is just for fun 🙂

Note: Operates on Windows Vista and above.

Direct Downloads:

The following are free were applications I packed so they operate

correctly under Windows® environment

Programs and codes belong to their respective owners.

Packages are copyrighted©2010, Dinoraptor101®

Japanese Writer

A tool that helps, compose, edit, translate,

and modify anything regarding Japanese Writing.

Quran Flash

For people who like to keep Quran in their computers.

I got this version for free, and license allows me to distribute it.

so I packed it so you guys can install/uninstall it as easy

as any other application! Enjoy 🙂

WinXP Validator

Works with Windows XP Professional (All Service Packs)

This application replaces your invalid or pirated key

with a genuine one, I did not violate Microsoft® because I did not design this thing

the application is available in Google search!

Renaming and packing it eased the way for people to use this code.


Regarding Direct Downloads I’m not responsible of this application

by downloading it, you are responsible for your own action.

All software available on my site, (or linked to my site)

are Virus free.

I do not own any of the packed software mentioned here under Direct Downloads.

I own the package itself, I ask you that you do not disassemble, modify, or reverse engineer it.

Hope you all like it 🙂

If you like a certain software I welcome you to tell me about on my Guest-Book!

If you have more questions you can at anytime contact me, Have a nice life =)


What are your thoughts on this?

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