Status Update

The only best place where I can have no limit and write status updates is here on wordpress so it can be accessible by everyone.. and at the same time not limited to a certain site.. where everyone who like to know about me must register 🙂


Working on Dinotopia World is rather difficult I’m trying to make a place where people can live it online.. including ranks.. laws.. and as realistic as possible this is going to take sometime,

Also I’m considering making my site a new “mobile version” that will allow people who like reading novels, listenning to music.. and browse my site will be able to do it using their phones.

many people like mig33 chatters do not use internet with a computer.. and therefore can’t open my site.

Since there aren’t many visitors to my site.. I believe that it needs more of an entertainment..  the site is to make people know me better so I can’t really import much of other people’s work without their prior permission..

>.>  if you read this.. well please leave a comment please ^_^


What are your thoughts on this?

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