Regina and V-raptor

No certain title yet.. recently I switched from novel writing to story writing.. and here I decided to get wild..

include all the facts is if it’s a personal true diary.. (not recommended for ages bellow 16) however this doesn’t involve porn or anything..

The idea of writing my new story was inspiried by Dino Crises 2 back in 2002 I wrote the first pages and left them dusted in the shelf..

now I returned to them and my inspiration let me to write another 60 pages to end the first chapter.. and started the second chapter already..

Relation between Dino Crisis 2 and the new story.

Nothing is related except for the scenario background, and there are much modifications..

that is to not violate CAPCOM copyright.. and the games trademarks.


No it’s not released yet.. it’s all on paper still I have to write an electronic verison.. copy right it.. first ^_^ you know how it is…

(Why + 16)?

Well it doesn’t contain porn, if that’s your question..

The Story includes such sharp words and might include romantic moments, or some partly open conversations..

violance, and bad language.. however it all works together to keep it real for a fantasy 🙂

What is the Story TITLE:

It’s not Regina and V-raptor, in fact I’m considering renaming Regina.. into something unreleated to Dino Crisis.. however maybe it suites it as a fan-fiction of the scenario..

I’m not sure what the title would be 🙂 you will all find out once the story is released on my website

Regards, ^_^ Dinoraptor101


What are your thoughts on this?

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