Girls and boys…

Girls and boys…

my latest observation over humans made me notice how boys watch and think of girls,

and how girls watch and think of boys. I understood that basically girls think boys are stupid,

stubborn, and controllable using their sexual thirst. boys think girls are stupid, expandable, stubborn… etc..

ironically both of boys and girls think of one another underistimatingly to convince themselves they are better.

it is like an example if you can’t shy by yourself, you have to see the rest darker than you.

basically there are stupid stubborn explandable people on both genders. but, they are the same people who think that way,

that belong to that group. since smart, perfected beings, who look at each other in other means than erotically.

think more of others’ psyche, personality, and rather value them induvidually.

sometimes even overistimate others expecting them to do or archive what they can’t.

no matter how hard I try to convince my girlfriend study, she just keeps hating the subject.

while I’m convinced she’s simply lazy…

no matter how hard I try to convince my brother that he should be responsable for his actions.

he just keeps ignoring my words and his actions, and later ask for help.

Please comment this page because I can use your help pointing out my deductive flaws.. thank you


2 thoughts on “Girls and boys…

  1. I think boys think with their minds more than they should ..
    and girls think with their hearts more than they should …

    If boys just open their heart and try to look at the matters from the emotional side…

    and if girls can open their minds to see the matter from the logical side….

    but that’s why couples are mainly BoyxGirl…..because they complete each other ….and to be clear about this matter not all guys think with their mind and not all girls think with their heart…..

    and for this matter girls might see the boys as stupid creatures cause they think with their minds and they still don’t get what the girls are looking for and wanting from them …

    as for boys they see girls to be stupid because they say a girl thinks with her heart which makes her blind from seeing the real matter..

    both sides are right about this point .. but none is stupid … they’re just human…


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