God Rules on Genital Mutilation

I read this somewhere in a WordPress post, but it seems that post was deleted.. so I thought I’d paste it here..


Any Surgery practised on any living form (insect, animal. or human ) with out purpose of (saving it from certain death) is considered a big kharma and hatred against god.
Any Surgery practised with out the patient’s direct permission (unless incapable of) is violation to freedom and rights.
Genital Surgery/mutilation was initially developed for medical purposes only. however…  humans used religion and self persuasion
to convince that it’s a must only to satisfy their thirst for sadism and blood.  (Blood Shed – Considered as 3rd level SIN against Heaven Rules)
Cutting a penis? that’s sick! cutting a clitoris. even more sick.. it denies both genders from ever knowing normal sex, both never know ultimate of their god given instinct..
Modern Man if remains is ignorant as now shall perish..
How can you ask for god’s love after what you do?


What do you think about it?  I think :S  it makes sense..


What are your thoughts on this?

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