Go Study, I don’t want to!!

(written under a minute, may contain misspellings..)

I’m so lonely … my dear..
I can’t take this anymore..
being alone.. trapped inside my loneliness.
I’m singing on my own, singing with my isolated vow..
there’s just an echo of me screaming..
as loud as I get to scream..
but I… try to think of what you said…
and yet my hope is a thread..
it’s as vulnerable and weak.
it’s not the way I want to live..
it’s not the way I want to learn..
being first.. is not about leaving friends..
it’s always about being full in both heart and mind
I am..
trying to understand.. why is it that people leave me when I aim..
it is not like this that I feel in the mood to go on..
I feel deserted, abandoned… like never before…
it’s all about one thing… it’s all about a moment..
that’s where I will be ready.. to get it forward..
and now I only hear my echoes under sky..
where I scream… with all my breath.. about to cry of loneliness.
and now I only hear my echoes.. in this land…
of deserted dreams..
where the sun no longer rises.. but only silence.. scary silence..


What are your thoughts on this?

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