FIX: Facebook Account Suspended!!

This morning I tried to access my Facebook and it gave me a message
“Your account has been suspended.. ”  turns out later that it was fault in trying to login to my Facebook account just to gain access to my FB Chat.. unlike ebuddy, meebo, digsby, and other instant messenger services iCloud IM wanted to gain access to my entire account.. and there for my account was suspended.. here’s how I fixed my problem..
(This Fix can help all people who suffered from the error message
(For security reasons Your account has been suspended. )
Here’s how to get out of this mess..
Fixed!! Here’s how to get out of this mess..  You have to use or have an access to an account that you added as friend..

Now at each picture you have to open the photos of the people in that question.. and view your friends’ picture using the other account.. and look for the picture till you find it..
Now you have about 20 minutes to complete the test but don’t worry..Facebook developers created a weird thing that you can try in the next hour.. you are asked almost about the same friends, and mostly in the same order…..
So once you recognize a person (even if you are late) write his name down and what you see in the picture… and try again..

well after 5 hours of my hard work..brick punching..worthless stress.. Facebook caused to my I was able to access it…  and guess what my problem was..  the server located in sweden used my credentials to get access to my FB chat!!  the weird thing is..

why doesn’t ebuddy nor meebo make this problem to me?

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Regards, Dinoraptor101


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