Windows XP (Optimal Use)

The Best way to use XP, is to always upgrade it to SP3
you can do that offline if you have the 300MB SP3 Update Package with you (Download currently not available due to huge capacity and pending permission from Microsoft® )

After doing that Backup your system bi-monthly (every 2 weeks )
backup the “System-State” only to conserve space.

What I also did for extra I purchased an external HDD 3 twice the capacity of my computer and backed up my precious data such is My Multimedia Library (images audios videos) My Documents ( containing everything I work and legal documents etc )

And my desktops.. now usually desktops are not backed up but for people who use their computers for work.. always need useful junk there.

Finally most important never delete something unless it’s over 50MB.
It’s lame to delete something very small that you might need really bad later! that’s what I do.. everything I seem not to need I throw in a folder called “Archive” ( lies in my documents and a shortcut on desktop )

when ever in later time I might need something like an old picture of my ex-girlfriend whom I deeply miss. or a contract copy with a company I just got mistreated in to sue.

you never know..

Here’s one last tip about Windows XP… many people neglect (or rather don’t know ) is that Windows XP improved it’s desktop services..

1 – if you drag something over a program shortcut you will “Open with it” example: Drag a sun.jpg over “Photoshop” you will (Open “sun.jpg” with “Photoshop”

2 – While Dragging an object you can hold (“ctrl” to copy it, “shift” to move it, or “ctrl+shift” to create a short cut for it)
This feature is VERY useful when you want to do things faster.

Here’s a tip guys.. everything new like Vista and 7 always sucks until it’s last hotfix releast.. the answer is simple.. but MS doesn’t like to confess (it’s bad for marketing) All the new stuff they make is BETA!,
and you PAY for a program that’s still “IN TEST STAGES”

🙂 what a big no no.. I bought my XP and I’m using it till windows 7 get’s its complete form.. THEN I’ll buy it ^_^

Regards, D


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