How to Integrate NextGEN with Slimbox

The idea enables you to have a professional galley system and yet preview it with a fast loading and stable jquery slimbox viewer.   🙂

1 – Download and install Slimbox Plugin

2 – Activate slimbox and set it up to preview all images from the settings menu

3 – Download and install NextGEN Gallery

4 – Set the gallery up, and upload some images.

5 – open the effects tab from the Gallery Manager, and set them to “none”

6 – There’s no step 6 🙂


5 thoughts on “How to Integrate NextGEN with Slimbox

  1. Hi, I have a weird effect taking place.

    There is my normal nextgen lightbox popping up below the slimbox… Same image but two layers now! Any thoughts on how to fix? Also, there is no settings selection for Slimbox so I don’t know how to set it up. Thanks.



    1. Verywell I tried it on the recent updates.. still works like a charm.. and about the Sidebar widget , to make them also work with wp-jqury-com you need to simply go to Nextgen gallery options and in the effects window.. select rel=”lightbox” code.. don’t worry because wp-jquiry-lightbox author, made sure that in case an image href already has a rel attribute of lightbox. it will not generate it.. so you won’t have a duplicate code that can slow down, or double lightbox an image 🙂


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