Facebook has Blocked co.cc and cz.cc !!!

Rendering both Facebook Connect and posting the site’s urls anywhere on Facebook platform.

seriously what is wrong with you Mr. Zuckerburg!! why did you block over half a million of users of your site’s personal blogs, websites, and more..

co.cc features the Spam or abuse system … that you could have wrote a simple code to forward any reports in facebook to ( http://www.co.cc/prosecution/prosecution.php ) instead. and co.cc would have blocked all the bad guys..

or else you could ask co.cc to be more responsible before you would take such action..

Facebook is definitely abused it’s people-given power by denying all the only free domain with full DNS services in the whole world.

I have 3 websites at co.cc 1 is for my company. 1 is my blog.. and 1 is a project for starting a school online..

all enjoyed the luxury of Facebook connect, to ease people from the need to fill a registration form and uploading images…

I cannot afford a paid domain Mr. Zuckerburg, not everybody is rich in this big world…

Mark was my idol so far, and still is for I like what he does, and I like why he does it.
but it’s not him to deny people what he gave at start. you want to stop spammers and hackers? you educate people the means of how to protect them selves.. you can put an automatically generated warning, that clicking on sites you don’t know in facebook might be dangerous and facebook is not responsible.. like the smart Russian dudes did with their vkontakte.com

Facebook should be for everybody.. and will always be free right?

best of love, and I’m sorry if I said anything of offense to anyone..


8 thoughts on “Facebook has Blocked co.cc and cz.cc !!!

  1. Finally Facebook has unblocked the blocked domains.. and taken a good step in proving they’re unlike other networks do not misuse the power, and do not get lazy and will continue fighting against scammers and hackers the right way 🙂 I’m very proud of you guys!! All Hail Facebook!!!


  2. I’ve been working on four free cz. cc websites for the past month and so far, Facebook will not allow them. Says spammy and abusive content. Even tried to “share” blank pages with NO content and got the same results.


    1. Mr Wayne, CO.CC are now unblocked however please be careful as if your website is reported spammy or abusive it will be blocked even if it’s a paid .com site!!! Facebook has become very powerful and abusing the power they give their users.. changes the vision Facebook is after.. =)

      Breathe Deep, Seek Peace.


  3. @dinoraptor101
    You are right. I can’t share my cz.cc website in facebook. I dont know why facebook block my website.
    Thanks for the post.


    1. You can share your link using a shortcut .. such as http://tinyurl or http://bit.ly
      but I recomment that you simply change your domain to Co.cc since Facebook has faithfully unblocked it and now block it based on reports and spam.. so as long as your site reputation is clean.. you are good to go 🙂

      cz.cc is heavily consumed by hackers, especially it’s more dangerous than co.cc since it uses re-direction / domain forwarding technology to host it’s domain names. in any case. making a .com domain name or .info these days is VERY ultra-cheap even the famous GoDaddy sold me a .com for 15 USD for 2 years! just google some discount coupons before you check-out 😉

      you can also use namecheap.com and you’ll get domains like .us for as cheap as 3 USD! OMGWTF right? =)


    1. Yes I’m very relieved to hear that, because Facebook is essentially a tool to share, and market.. and when it’s “DEVELOPERS” play the role of Jerk rulers.. the domino will eventually fall.

      Just because people gave Facebook the power, doesn’t mean Facebook has the right to “MISUSE” it .. moreover it’s RESPONSIBLE for the security and happiness of their 500+ million users across the globe.

      Blocking sites didn’t stop.. Facebook expanded it’s list and now even contains the powerful free-web-building service YOLA.com BLOCKED!!!

      if site blocking continues like this I will have to sue facebook for my right to have my sites available in the PUBLIC SOCIAL NETWORK..

      We all knew that giving alot of power to 1 person is dangerous.. I just hope Mark gets s


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