HostyMe | What make’s us diffirent?

Features and Services

HostyMe to me changed my life.. not just that it made my dream come true, it is in fact a one of its kind in the Internet world

I believe that this little “what started as a simple idea” can become the big start of free information and service act.. more-over hostyme provides a 5$ per year premium hosting!

What’s the catch?
“It’s a hobby” said Steven Founder of

HostyMe isn’t an investment to make money, neither it’s a promotion. however it’s more of a vision made real. to make free-hosting a spam free system by being constantly monitored by us ( it’s staff ) unlike ordinary common free-hosting sites.. HostyMe plans to expand its services and staff later on..

Personal Experience:

Hostyme changed my life.. it re-discovered my inspiration that one man indeed can make a change..
I consider Steven Tjakra an example for what nowadays youth should be like.. he’s 21 and he archived so much.. most people in the 3rd world.. don’t although everyone can with their will..

Working for makes me feel better that I’m playing part in helping people make their dreams.. and helping Steven is more than just a friend’s help.. I believe in him. I believe that even with all the invented in the world..
with all the complexities in our life.. it’s never time to sit back and lazy our butts.

sign up for … and if you like it.. 5$ paid hosting.. you can consider it a donation.. for a return of unlimited powerful service as a thank you 🙂 in our case..

you get WAY more than what you pay for 😉


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