HELP, I feel humiliated

Did a marvelous job on my first site ( )

But I have no clue how to attract people to it, more over I’m starting to feel disrespected.

I understand exploitation is part of any work. and I should always deliver what my salary values…

but recently it reached limits to cleaning toilets and being blackmailed to be fired if I fail to operate as a janitor; although my main work position is a Travel Agent Trainee.

I recall the scene of “Zohan” movie where Zohan had to clean the floor, and serve even at the cost of “free” in order to become a hair dresser.

and remember that even an executive secretary Pepper pots ( Iron Man Movie ) said:  I do everything and anything Mr. Stark requires.. even sometimes taking out the garbage.

But excuse me.. that secretary get’s a salary of a CEO in Microsoft Corp.



What are your thoughts on this?

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