Dark Eclipse

Triggered by Demor De Zoldik,


Here I am at it again tired from being behind the screen looking for a better life.

How ironic human evolves, trying to lazy our lives ending with creating a mess too big to solve or manage on their own.

I foresee people more stressed raising chaos, their laziness overthrows their limits, I see rebellion fighting to return to nature, thriving to primitive life.

That’s why villages should remain.


Depression Eclipse.

When a friend tell you “You are nothing”, indeed you are…  by Dinoraptor101

That destructive feeling that I get, that hatred towards who caused it.

but in righteousness she stands, I cannot escape but only death releases me.

A depression becomes part of life distrust is my only faith in friends

what has become of me. An artist am I no longer, of else I think no longer.

To grief upon myself condemned, like ink like blood I desire.

and the world feels alike, one person hurts the herd and I retreat inert.

awaiting time to heal… for time is my one and only left friend.



O_O don’t take this seriously..  I just write this to feel better.

now I’m cool! ready to live. well what’s left of to live in me anyways.


What are your thoughts on this?

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