Google Chrome’s Reputation

Remember 2009’s Stable Release Catastrophe when Google Chrome Updated their stable version with a dangerous bug that downloaded index.php pages from most sites instead of viewing them, along site many bugs that were thought to have been fixed in the Developers’ Beta editions.

Later on in Chrome 9 a new catastrophe strikes 2011 with the Lightbox / Slimbox compatibility issue, These simple yet vital Ajax and JQuery applications fail to work on Google Chrome as it ignores the script and proceed with viewing the images in the targetted page.


I was very frustrated by the 2009 event and left using chrome favoring Firefox for a long time.

Returning to Google Chrome I built the ( Web Application Generator ) WAG Script, and was frustrated when I encountered the Slimbox bug,

at first I thought I coded the page incorrectly, if took me a lot of wasted time and effort and asking support from my fellow developers. till I found out that my script worked fine on Firefox / IE/ Opera and more..  I reported the bug, but pages such as Facebook, PhotoBucket, and others that use lightbox scripts.. will suffer from this bug..

Geez right?  I believe that as long as an open source software is allowed to be developed by un-certified programmers, Chrome will be unstable.

I realize that that Chromium project is the first open-source to be open-developed by everyone.

this have proven that “we” the people are capable of being together, and to use our power to bring the better of it to the world.

Although the DEV release concept powerfully saves the Stable releases from bugs. however there’s few amount of users who prefer to test the DEV versions..


What are your thoughts on this?

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