Free Online Consultation

I’m very much disappointed I can’t find Online Consultation for free anywhere.

I enjoy chatting very much and now I decided to use both my hobby and knowledge to help others ^_^.

My skills Knowledge levels as

(  Beginner –> intermediate –> advanced –> Professional –> Expert )


Singing Advanced, I can sing English and  Russian songs at a good level.
My advices in how to sing will hopefully help you
Web Development HTML:  Advanced Knowledge in HTML and Basic Knowledge in HTML5JavaScript:  Intermediate Knowledge, and Beginner in JQuery
PHP: Learning  O.O Cmon! It’s hard!

CSS:  Basic knowledge in CSS and CSS3

WordPress CMS (WPMU / )
Advanced Knowledge and practice with WP CMS

Windows XP Professional Knowledge of system performance, and stability.
Linux Ubuntu: Basic Knowledge in Ubuntu
Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007 Word:  EXPERT level
PowerPoint: Advanced Knowledge
Access: Beginner Knowledge ( excluding Macro and module creation )
Excel: Intermediate Knowledge
Health Social Science: Advanced knowledge.
Man’s Health:  Professional Knowledge
Woman’s Health: Intermediate KnowledgeEmotion Therapy: Intermediate Knowledge
Languages English:  Fluent
Russian: Speaking only
Arabic: Fluent
Philosophy God:  I believe in god, but don’t believe in modern religionsLife: I think a lot about the life of humans as species, and as people individually.  feel free to discuss it with me if you have questions or points.

Fiction Utopia: I love dinosaurs, and Digital world philosophy.
how to create it what if should be like.. etc.

you can say that’s what “(Dino)+(Raptor)+(101)  comes from..
the raptor signifies for my love for the little raptors not the big slow

Note: The Free Consultation is in experimental stage. and might end at certain time..

topics above are subject to change without manual notice ( you can subscribe to my blog to be notified )

To get a consultation for now arrange for an appointment by email..

if I get many people I will start live consultation 🙂  otherwise .. I spend a lot of time working >..<


Here’s the consultation dedicated email


What are your thoughts on this?

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