The Daily Post

The idea revolves about posting daily regardless of important or not important events happening in my life,

Keeping a site updated even with bullshit is always better than having a site that never updates..

The lesser updates occur, the lesser it is categorized in search engines, and therefore the lesser people return because they start expecting that there is no update.

In other recent events I’ve started noticing that I have over 50 Social network accounts where only 5 of them are most commonly used and internationally known.

Having a lot of social networks empowers marketing indeed, but social business is exploitation of people. and not a service.

Updating all the social networks is nonsense especially when you start signing up with share solutions such as Shareholic or tweet deck or one of my favorite

Therefore there should be one site that can do the simple job of what all social solutions are trying to do…  yes.. ( Facebook )  it contains blogging, sharing, tweeting, updating, and social network, social dating  etc etc…

The only little problem is Facebook’s reputation.

Facebook represents the power of connecting people. yet It’s impossible to contact Mark ( The Founder) or his team with a contact us button..

Staying connected and for free is the way internet should always be.

therefore I remain daily updating the following accounts:

Facebook Public Profile : Having a page, or a group doesn’t replace a public profile, because pages lack of many features such as API support.

The idea of the page came when Facebook Staff noticed that many people neglecting the TOS create multiple profiles. and in attempt to resolve this peblem the TOS allowed multiple profiles, as long as all terms are followed.

The Page system is a “fake face” for a profile. think of it as a username hiding the real name..  celebrities would benefit most when they have a choice when to appear as stars and when to be normal.

it also helps filter friends from fans, and increase account security to avoid hacking or fraud. However this “fake face” is still connected to the real facebook account, and therefore lacks of a profile real power, such as advanced security customization, application interface, adding applications, creating a page dedicated email..  etc etc.. and of course an inbox.

therefore having a public profile is still important

WordPress : Regardless of how many blog systems exist nowadays, all of them lack of professionalism. the only 2 blog systems that work efficiently are tumblr and wordpress.

WordPress lacks of formatting tools such as underline, tables, borders, custom font size and type. etc etc  but works great and easily for blogging..

moreover WordPress offers it’s platform version for free open-source installation into your own sites. which again makes me favor it for being way more mature and advanced than any software on the planet.

My Website : Aside having accounts, I figured having my own site is important. think of this little part as the main portal to all other accounts.

managing a site is very hard concerning constant update, search optimization, being a web developer yourself… so far I’ve seen no benefits from this idea, therefore I’m going to upgrade the site from personal to commercial. and integrate it fully with a new concept of a service.

wish Mark was here to give me some tips .. :S

My expectations of daily posting, I would like to get more people to read my posts for having good information.

I expect to get comments and discussions..  and I also expect to improve myself in writing, and learn more about what readers want.


What are your thoughts on this?

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