Walking on The Edge of Fire


Imagine being fired for demanding respect…
this is just one of days for me at work.
and I’m finding this pretty amusing, when I come at 9:00 am which is my regular time
as agreed in my contract, I stop at a closed door and wait 30-60 minutes until either

my boss or his co-worker comes to open the door… with my polite instruction asking

them to be in time were accepted as highly offensive.
since they have reasons such as family problems or out of office duties.

Samantha, agreed that I should come at 9:30 instead.. and I used to come 9:30 until

it aggravated the boss.

with his authority-demonstrative tune he said I’m always late, forcing me to come

again and 9:00 2 times I found the office open at that time was happy …

but it always happen the next day I wait out, I tried to ask for the office key

politely. but that also was accepted as offensive attitude.

I kept coming at times varying between 9-9:30  mostly after 9:15 the office was open.

Today the boss was late again but his co-worker Samantha was waiting for me since


as I arrived Samantha told me that if I don’t come at 9:00 am from now forth I will be

fired for being late..

Dakara ( therefore ), I will be coming at 9:00 am and wait on the stair steep, or the

window edge till the office opens.

my precious time will be spent on waiting, because it’s 220 JD a month cheap…

What is my work at office?

Nothing much do the cleaning, serve coffee, go to other offices or airline companies

at some occasions  sometimes help other people for free.
I also volunteered in building a site for the office  http://alghadtravel.co.cc
which now seems totally left un touched. left on a free domain service.

What I was hired for?

I was typically hired for my Russian language ( which I don’t use at work )
My duties were to be the office representative, and (meet & greet) agent.

later on they decided I should work for ticketing and reservation and therefore I

studied all the materials I was given and expected to be assigned to a "Galileo"

training course… which didn’t happen since the last 2 long months…

I wake up everyday depressed that I’m going to be waiting in that empty cold hall


what wrong did I do to deserve this? does 220 a month worth the mistreatment that I


My bosses well know of my financial need, since I have 2 younger brothers and a mom to

take care of, aside that I have dropped education for this work; something I heavily

regret but I don’t want to sit on someone else’s money to pay my education.

I sold my Keyboard piano. and my inspiration lies in lost hope of having friends…
for perhaps their love can make up for the pain I go through.

where is this going? will I make it to my dream of being rich and independent? will I

get married to whom I love?

no one said life is cheap… I no longer recognize my face as I have become a spirit

that can be seen only in drawings… courage and pride lie at edge, the room of my life gets darker, the space of my imagination, spirit, and creativity slowly dissolves… without love I shall perish…  for I have no more love to give, spare, or cherish


What are your thoughts on this?

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