Qnet pyramid scheme is a scam!

As the title describes a few days ago, I was offered the typical scam to make a purchase of 500$ and I introduce 2 other people to my so called business and I will be paid 50$ for each couple.

This is new to Jordan, and since all the population here consists of ignorant and fool. scamming them is pretty easy.

Q-Net or so did those people introduced themselves invited me into a coffee shop which turned later to be their hub.

as I’m invited to drink what I like the dude spent 1:30 hours of my time on drawing on paper trying to persuade me.

I felt sorry for the dude how the heck could he be convinced into this himself. trying to save him is totally useless he’s totally convinced that he can cover the expense of 500$ that he spent on a piece of glass with supernatural powers.

What made me believe I was facing a scam is pretty simple, if Q-net was such a respectable high-end company would it appoint a job interview to a cafe?

Why do you have to make a purchase to work?

The problem doesn’t lie here, Qnet have started multiple domains such as QNET, Amezcua, and Xchangeworld.

with rich content of superstitious products, and amazing cheap hotel reservations for those who join them by purchasing products and introducing the company to others.

their claims of being secured by Verisign are a lie since they claim it’s a “Verizon Cyberworld Security” notice that Verizon is an internet service provider that works locally and presumable a virtual entity by itself!

Q-net made a scam so huge for one person to scope and they get easily convinced it’s real after a few clicks on the web, a company does indeed make money enough to spend a percentage of it to market itself. into professional employment, marketing, web development and more.

Visit this link to read more of what victims have to say

I also found this artcile about the “maths” behind Q-Net scam,  provided by a Qnet member himself.



What is a SCAM?    scam is basically defined as the act of tricking people.

how do we define that Q-Net is a Scam Scheme?


If Q-net makes 10% people rich at the cost of 75% poor, and 15% evened out..

the majority of people wither they try hard or lazy off.. will still not get what they are promised.

which eventually makes Q-net an 75% SCAMMER!

aside the maths there’s another way…  the products.

some people did for fact track down the watch manufacturing to China low-class factories , where the labels were simply engraved on them afterwards upon a any company’s request.

others analyzed the Bio-Disk in laboratories and discovered that it’s actually a normal glass with microscopic pores that’s enriched with some minerals that make the water taste like.. ( rust if you ask me :S )

and the scientist IAN! (inventor of Bio-Disk) didn’t actually ever conduct research, or even wrote a paper on it. what’s worth mentioning is, Q-Net does make people’s wildest dreams come true..

the system works because most people would cast aside they’re principles and sell their pride for the price as big as ( happiness till the end )…..  forgetting the part that chances they won’t get it is over 75%. no matter how hard and dedicated they are.   🙂


Updated 20-Janurary-2012 :

After studying Q-net more thoroughly thanks to the much “useful” comments that guided me,

I concluded that Q-net has indeed developed a revolutionary marketing business model.

that can indeed change the ways of our current strangling economy; however it falls in scam category for the following “but not limited to” reasons:

– Sell of suspicious unconfirmed products:
Vendors of Q-net products offer cheap made products for a prices so high as 500$

You can’t buy the product with out joining the business model for cheaper, you still pay the      same      price, whether it’s a BioDisk, or some pendent.


– Vendors are unrelated, and unaccounted for:

Q-net takes not track-back responsibility or count for it’s employees, this model can easily be changed and corrupted by it’s employees who’d venture a risk for bigger income; such as spamming people, tricking people, giving Q-net a bad reputation


– Potential Imposters

I came across many people who claim to be working for Q-net offering other unheard of products and video reviews, they all share a single Qnet account and sell home consumer products such as “awesome kitchen knives for 500$”

and after the purchase they relocate and become untraceable.

for a while I confused them for real Q-net members, since they use the name they show you the website, and show you some of Qnet products they have; but they sell you unrelated subject, and you don’t get anything… since Q-net doesn’t have a set of rues like “make sure you get your Q-net account before complete payment” or something. there are many people now making money claiming they are from Q-net when they’re not.


– The Future

Many business strategists scratch their heads to find better use for the Internet to help small business flourish, but the big corporations don’t want to be beaten by small onces; also the small starting business will become greater the more visitors, income, reputation it generates.

Corporations should work hard to stay on top instead of trying to prohibit small business go big.

from what I noticed that Q-net still works underground, it’s hard to find, easy to be scammed by duplicates, and has no legal employment contracts that gives agreement terms and rights.

Many people would see Q-net an opportunity to make money, but very few who’d actually study the business model and try to improve it; Q-net needs better minds at the moment, it’s current state is fragile.


232 thoughts on “Qnet pyramid scheme is a scam!

  1. I would like to differ her with your opinion. As I have been in the QNet business for along time now, I know the business model better. It is a very intelligent and simple business model, which can work wonders for you if you give your 100% dedication to the business and be honest. Plus QNet is 100% legitimate and one of the best MLM businesses around the globe.


    1. Unfortunately I did not find any legal or certified proof that proves the legitimacy of Q-NET business let along that all it’s activities are targeted into countries of poor society, and education..

      for instance Q-net site has many logos such as “Verisign SSL” but neither it’s linked. neither the site provides an SSL certificate!

      also.. all links included in the website lead to other hosted sites that link back, non of them provide testimonials or articles published in world known sites and press such as BBC / CNN or other famous news sites

      Also Qnet was blocked in some countries for draining it’s resources and grounding country’s economy

      I met in-person a representative of Q-net and was shown the typical pyramid scheme I studied and learned long ago. perhaps you should try reading more about how Pyramid scheme works, once the big heads close the little project they collect an entire country’s fortune, it’s a fact that SOME but not all gain the benefits of the scheme, if they work hard for it and bring about 100 people under them to cover their entry fee…

      what is a scam? scam is a business that makes you contribute or deposit an amount of money .. yet not guarantee the income… and state that you have to work it.

      you know I can right now with out Qnet go to people and convince them to raise money together for a project we will all work together in, and later grab the money and run.. it’s just that Qnet doesn’t run…

      it creates the plan in a small version, and flees it’s small groups.. and repeats the invasion in different places.. people won’t complain because Q-net constantly clears it’s name with “you didn’t work hard enough”. persuading them with psychological marketing strategy.

      I mean if this business was serious.. why would a company agent invite me into a “coffee shop” when OBVIOUSLY a company as rich as it claims. can open at LEAST an office.!!


      1. In response the the VeriSign certificate issue. Any company can obtain this certificate. It does not mean that this is a good or a bad company. The same way everybody can open a bank account and have a bank account at HSBC doesn’t mean that you are a good guy or that this company is a good company..


      2. The issue was that Q-Net requested personal information, account or banking data, and yet did not provide a secured channel for that earlier. that’s why I raised this issue, I was later proven wrong that they provide an SSL for 1 page somewhere after all.. the company is Legit ( forms and papers wise ) but it’s business is a criminal one. I thought this Scheme was banned in most countries but they don’t ask the “country” for permission do they now? 😦


      3. You are totally a misinformed person dude.Its been quite a long since am doing the biz & earning my bread n butter through it. U think scam its scam, rather why not just say that you are LAZY to work.
        Anyways, the company has an Office in Malaysia, and I personally travelled 2 months back to check it out, from the money I earned thru Qnet itself.
        here is ur proof, me posing with Qi Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

        Its sad people like you miss out on such great opportunities & mislead others to do so. THINK AGAIN bro. CHEERS!!!


      4. Link provided is subject to Facebook privacy. can’t view it.

        Rahit, It’s not about the money, I CAN make money enough for me, it’s about ethics and humanity… if you prefer money to it, go right ahead… I just don’t believe that putting myself ahead of people is the right thing to do.


      5. I agree its about the Ethics & neither is this Biz out of ethics. I have changed many peoples lives by giving them back their dreams, power to achieve them & power to flourish themselves & securing their generations. I am not putting people behind, but putting them forward. Taking them out of slavery which is a JOB & slavery is unethical my friend. Network marketing is not abt fooling ppl but selling the idea (with the product which is almost free). I give people the power to bcum financially free. What is unethical is YOU blaming my “bread n butter” to be unethical.
        A company puts ppl behind, I care for my ppl as no company does.


      6. Qnet is/was the official sponsor for F1 Virgin racing team, FIFA World cup, Beijing Olympics, Brazil football team, AFC Champions league, etc, etc.

        Trust of Sir Richard Branson wearing Qnet Tee & falunting it all over is the proof that the company is purely trustable & ethical.


      7. Bro, before insult someone else, I suggest you to do research first..It has many offices in various country, own tower in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The reason why they jst meet at coffee shop is for others easy to duplicate. This is relationship business, thats why we can discuss anywhere, its not corporate business which we always have to meet up in the office. The owner is very respectable in Malaysia and he even being reward by 2 of our Sultan(King). Do you think Sulan fool enough to give him reward?..If you have enough money or already rich and this is not for you, fine, I wish ur success. But with this qnet, many many people who very very poor frm various countries can earn a living and live in better life now.


      8. Dear all,

        Qnet is not for investing money for getting profit. Please buy the products if and inly if u like them. Thats all.

        Network Marketing is jst for promoting sales.

        If a product is sold, it is sold for profit. Don’t u think so? Huge amount is spent for advertising n for brand ambassadors. N still people dont buy them. Y not u sell the products directly, n share the profit with them?

        Let me take an example of rolex watch. It is very costly, normally ppl dnt buy it.
        Suppose the selling price is 30,000 and cost price is 15,000.
        If u r selling them to 2 persons n they in turn sell the product to other 2 persons.
        The company managed to sell 7 products n got 7*30,000. What loss does the company face to share a small amount of 10,000 for a total sale of 210,000.
        In the next level, the sales happen for 8 ppl. Company gets 8*30,000. N the company shares profit with 1st 2 levels. ie ((2^0)+(2^1))*10,000.
        ie 3*10,000.
        If u calculate, u will find that even upto infinity levels the company losses only 1/6th of the product’s selling price.
        ie equivalent to selling the product each for 25,000.
        Remember, the cost price may be only 15,000.
        The excess amount calculated may anyway go for advertising, n produce no results.

        It is jst that company is able to sell more n more products, n sharing the profit with its independent representatives.

        I would jst say that if u r not satisfied with the product, please dont buy it.


    2. devang patel , somepeople there mind are soooooo limited , if they dont believe that they can leave them alone , they dont even know what our bussines , they just speack , let them go and read words records , big bussiness mans in the word opinions , some people are so morons .q net is the best think that happend to me .


    3. The guy who explained the plan to you might have not followed the ethics of the QNet business. Now, we are taking care of training those kind of people first. Because of these false statements and false explanations, you kind of guys are still popping up and pointing us. We are here to help people’s and not money. We work for people, who are in troubles in their life. And the business plan is designed in such a way to clear all your doubts.reply me-if you want to clear all your doubts – contact me :srihari.info@gmail.com


      1. Can you please explain Mr.Srihari why are ppl first told to put the money and then the business plan is explained.. what happens to the money is now known??? why?? I am told some product will be given…what if i dont want the product but my money back?? can we get it… What if i dont have ppl to join the business???


      2. why are ppl first told to put the money and then the business plan is explained..

        Q-Net originally claims to “sell the product” to get away from any accusations.
        so it’s more like “buy the product” and then you “optionally” can join out business model.

        what happens to the money is now known gone??? why??

        The money are in exchange for the product and in the MLP Business there’s no money back guarantees, or any warranties applied to the product, most what you can get is probably a replacement, but refund was strictly against Q-Net policy.

        I am told some product will be given…what if i dont want the product but my money back?? can we get it… What if i dont have ppl to join the business???

        The business model requires you to bring in people. many work hard and turn in total strangers to customers and later have them join the business, by constant psychological persuasion or smart marketing.

        *Following answers are according to Q-net business plan and ethics 2008


  2. im completely disagree..check these links: u should ask yr self, how can a scam company join to AFC ??Are AFC ppl fool to sign a illegal sponsorship contract with a fraud company till 2011 ?
    http://www.the-afc.com/en/media-releases/27062-afc-a-questnet-raising-the-bar-of-asian-football , http://www.the-afc.com/en/tournaments/clubs/afc-champions-league .
    people always like to talk about rumor.but they actually dont have any prove for their opinion.hope u not be one of these kind people.u can google “Official Supporters” of AFC as well..any many other reson can prove it,Qnet NOT scam…bye the way,yahoo also has different domains,is it a scam ?! think twice.sorry for my english.


    1. You provided a fake name, fake identity, and no return site, and stated some articles of AFC, I appreciate your comment on trying to prove that QuestNet is not fake, but you totally missed the point that I’m not saying it’s fake to begin with, I’m saying that is uses the pyramid scheme, which itself is a scam. because the pyramid scheme drains the financial resources of the country at activates in. also majority of people will not benefit from the scheme, as only people who are successful in mind-playing at least 2 other people into the scheme can get their money back.

      now here’s a good example, when I came to that “Coffee shop” instead of “office”
      I brought along an intelligent friend who masters physics, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, marketing, geology and more…

      when they introduced us to buy infamous wrist watches, and lenses that can reconstruct water molecules. it was so ridiculous that even the agent representing Q-net was a newbie who us had a stupid smile on his face, the says even he doesn’t believe that lens can work magic.

      in addiction the lens is used on water which is a consumption product, so where’s the ISO licensing for it? please come again when you have more proof, and a real working email to discuss this in a more mature way 🙂

      Regards, D


      1. Lol ‘Dinoraptor’, you are an -flaming- who has been brainwashed by society to think that people can ONLY make money through hard work and slaving for hours in an office. Have you no idea of what the internet is capable of? The internet is the base for any business and has become the business of the 21st century, anything is possible, This business is not a scam and if you had a little common sense you would see that it actually makes sense how this business runs.

        To all who Disagree with ‘Dinoraptor’ please dont waste your time trying to convince a narrow minded person like this, let him/her just work their -censored- off for the next 40 years and still be broke.


      2. Lol ‘Dinoraptor’, you are an -flaming- who has been brainwashed by society to think that people can ONLY make money through hard work and slaving for hours in an office. Have you no idea of what the internet is capable of? The internet is the base for any business and has become the business of the 21st century, anything is possible, This business is not a scam and if you had a little common sense you would see that it actually makes sense how this business runs.

        To all who Disagree with ‘Dinoraptor’ please dont waste your time trying to convince a narrow minded person like this, let him/her just work their -censored- off for the next 40 years and still be broke.
        Dinoraptor101 sits on bench, picking flower petals “approve or disapprove”,
        Actually I’m a web developer, and a network engineer, and studied some marketing, actually people like me help Internet, did I not confess it’s not a scam in the later comments bellow? -sighs-

        I won’t bother replying on the hate speech O.O at least I approved you but I had to hide some 18+ and flaming terms..


  3. And about the BioDisc you talk about its a wellness product ! and I haven’t seen any wellness product have an ISO license for it !!! I f you find one please tell me !!! Plus the product has been tested in institutes in Germany, India, Japan, Singapore and Czech. Now if you dont believe in energy that is your problem !! 😀


    1. it’s not about believe, I saw the disc it’s a piece of glass.. if it was something else they would have offered me to test it..
      besides.. ^_^ here’s a simple Iso certified product

      http://bit.ly/luDHj4 ( they produce Food containers for keeping ) and much more.. if it wasen’t for ISO.. you would get poisoned by Milamin junk cups, and plastic products from China..

      ISO certifies everything that involves in consumer products to keep people safe from harm

      Name me some of the universities so I can check with them about the tests 🙂 thanks!!


      1. lol okey I havnt asked for a simple company that has an ISO certificate !! 😀 Im asking for a WELLNESS PRODUCT !! not a company that produces food containers 😀

        And if you go to the following link here: http://www.amezcua.com/Evaluations.html
        you will find the list of institutes and centers 😀 please check them all !


      2. I contacted the institutes. they replied by email of no such certification in the Russian institute, kindly however requested bellow the footer stated that literal text / context exchanged between me and the institution should remain a undisclosed…


      3. I believe that if they did not approve, then they would have a case running and would have said that in their email.


  4. I checked those those “centres” and most of them either produce the product or sell the product. There is not one independent research on this “product” The fact that such a “successful” business is limited and that u cant buy shares of it or that its books are public says it all. if it was soooo great several investors would have jumped onto it. Its a pyramid scheme and filling out a tons of articles trying to claim its not to make sure no one can find anything when they type in “qnet fraud” is not going to justify anything. yees a miracle glass but no water company has bought or sells it in any of the high street stores. must be one secret product.

    Thanks for the article dinoraptor. Nice to see someone else thinks like me


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      1. yeaaah loool, Cant believe people give them their money. just a lil research will show u that they are banned in 15 countries and there are court cases going in several other countries. People dont even realize that even if they got any “income” they still need to pay taxes and no one tells them how to do that. Making money of other people’s stupidity. Good idea but immoral.


    1. HA HA HA well said Terrace, particularly about the -filling tonnes of articles to mask all the search results- part.

      Clearly, people are blinded by their quest for an easy ticket to being stinking rich..
      If one wants to own an aston martin, he/she does not work his way to deserving one by being of immense use and utility to the society and doing his bit to contribute to the overall development of the world. Instead, he/she falls prey to dubious money-minting channels such as these.

      If people had even the slightest shred of maturity to see the bigger picture, they would understand that there is more to life than just having your bank account on auto-fill mode.

      And yet another thing i happened to observe when i happened to be dragged to one of the “F2 world tours” or whatever it is that they call it, is that all that the big-wigs of the company ever talk about is making money! The brazen and obscene manner in which wealth, money and all those ambitious figures are discussed is to be seen to be believed. One of the “big-wigs” went to the extent of saying “I dont know or care what the bio-disc is about or how it works or how its name is spelled, i care about being rich, thats all” !! Does one see steve jobs and Larry page come onto the dias and speak about how they pays his employees through thier noses and how rich he is ?? They discuss technology, developement..! They are the true leaders of the world and more of who this planet requires, not fraudulent avenues like these!


  5. I don’t agree with you at all. I have my personal experience with QNet since last 2.5yrs. It is a very simple business model if you are ready to work hard and also be honest. QNet is also lawful and one of the best MLM businesses around the globe. If you are hard working and want to be active business man then this is one for you. Hope you understand me.


    1. Suraj, do you actually have no guilt, or the balls to admit it.. it’s one thing to prove that yes “You ARE making money” but you can’t neglect that “YOU MAKE IT ON SCAMMING YOUR FELLOW FRIENDS AND PEOPLE”

      because if you STOP making money, you’ll have to live the fact you got SCAMMED into QNET yourself.. which you can’t admit it that you’re a fool.. =) of course no offense intended.. but correct me if I’m wrong >.<!


      1. QNet is a multi level marketing company and that is a fact. Whether or not it is based on a pyramid scheme or the classic ponzi model is debatable. If you want to test the authenticity of the product, please do so…while you are at it, also test whether or not RED BULL and GATORADE does give you extra energy or if putting on PUMA’s latest running shoes, you will be able to run as fast as Usain Bolt. What i’m getting at bro, is that no one cares about the products. However, QNet does give you and anyone else the opportunity to make some money which you can go and invest in one of your “real” companies like Lehman Brothers, Enron, Satyam etc….i don’t wholly buy into the idea of QNEt but i would not reject it either. People bash AMWAY as well but do not realize that AMWAY is actually one of the 50 largest companies in the US and employs more than 13,000 people with an annual turnover of over 9 Billion US dollars (more than YAHOO and FACEBOOK). Morale of the story…let be and let others be…if some want in on it, do not poison their minds otherwise. Chill man!


      2. I checked Qnet yes it’s pyramidic , yes some of it’s clients offer it in a scammy manner , by lie and tricking them into Qnet.. and yes.. some of the products Q-net sells are over priced and suspicious.

        Red Bull provides a high amount of Caffince, Gensing Tourine that can keep you awake and active for over 72 hours. but the effect decreases with constant usage.. and also Red Bull can cause DEATH by heart attack, if over dosed.

        GATORADE Never heard of it.. neither I see the relation to Qnet for it.

        yes PUMA shoes are designed to comfort your feet, and will help “professional athletes” to run longer distances, but the speed is related to the athlete’s body.


  6. I have lost my best friend to Qnet. His attitude changed and started to patronise me and question my happiness and goals. Our freindship broke because i wouldnt join Qnet which is where i questioned that why has he allowed himself to get brainwashed and why he was questioning what i wanted to do. Qnet IRs are worse than jehovas witness. They try and convert you.


  7. is brainwashing someone the hardwork? since you have falllen into this trap you need someone so that you can be safe… thats the logic


    1. first of all think before u write. and specify who u mean by you? you comment is as useless as the argument that qnet gives u your own business.


  8. The AFC can be sponsored by any individual, entity, or company that offers to throw money in.
    as long as you have the papers that proof you are that company, entity, or person.

    Let’s pretend that Q-net is not evil, and take a deep look into it’s business structure.

    1 – to join you must pay 500 JD ( entry fee covered by the fact you BUY a product with that money.. and not treated legally as an Entry fee )

    2 – Your Work is to bring at least 1000 JD profit to the company by introducing to new people, if you don’t.. you lose the 500JD, if you do. you receive them back.. as 250Jd for each new member you bring ( You gave the company 1000 JD working free so far )

    3 – You have to work harder and bring about another 2 , your friends each get 2 .. now that’s new 6 members ( you get 250 for each again, that’s 1500 ) and your 2 recruits will get 500 each..

    4 – the new 6 people will bring income of 3000 – 2500 = 500 that 500 goes to the dude on top of you.. the more you get.. the more income gets and the bigger is your income..
    but all the money goes either to YOU or the company, leaving the country’s borders eventually.


    1. do u know that people at below can earn more than people who are on top of you?…do u know they earn all the same…I have no idea why u so negative bout this…what is ur problem actually?…Other MLM cheat you is it?..


      1. Nope I just dislike the idea of scamming people with superstitious products such as the Himalaya pendent ( made in China LOL ) and the Bio Disk ( Claimed to do atomic physics with water, while it’s just enriched with minerals worth of 500$ bucks ….. REALLY?? )

        I like the MLM system, and the other offers Q-Net provide.. but many Q-net users resort to scamming and tricking people to earn short but big and fast income… and that makes many people unhappy, because Q-net can not and will not take responsibility for the manner it’s employees treat clients, because once they buy something they are legally employees and not clients.


      2. Dinoraptor, you are Brilliant. People don’t know the intention of yours :). you may work for either of the below points .
        1) If you point some organization, your site will get hits and you can earn more money from it. 2) May be You have lost something badly from One of the MLM and don’t want another person to loose their money.

        If you are working for first point – sorry, I am helpless and please choose another business to point.

        If you are with second point- Yes, I appreciate and will be with you to clear all the doubts about Qnet.

        Why most of the people in Qnet fails?

        They dont follow ethics and they work for money. In Qnet, people will get recognized by their service to the mankind. Not by the count he joined into the business. We work for building a bright nation.

        Still If you have doubts, join into QNET and follow the ethics and rules. You will get realized and you will work hard for it. I believe.


      3. Neither sir my point is far simpler and humane, 3) I do good and help people, I don’t expect anything in return.

        Personally I felt insulted hearing a QNET IR talking about molecular biology not knowing anything about science, no does he understand the DANGERS of providing MISLEADING and WRONG Information regarding the products on sale.
        I felt responsible about telling people my experience and deliver a message that QNET is to be avoided.

        I later understood more and more about Qnet’s real business model and found honest workers at QNET, sure many are masked villains; some are those who got in and don’t want to get out empty handed, others break QNET’s ethical rules in order to attract more customers.

        In conclusion Q-NET is for those who want fast money and work as short as possible time with little investments as possible.
        those who didn’t graduate, or have the brains to develop a better future for mankind, develop a future for themselves, by sucking the blood out of the needy middle class and low class people, as well as cancer patients,

        and in my opinion:
        – This isn’t humane
        – It doesn’t put customer’s satisfaction first
        – It doesn’t respect human rights
        – It’s misleading and violates trade policy ( such as displaying ingredients of products and proper description of side-effects and health safety certificates.

        Until Q-Net starts making changes, observes it’s members actions, and follows the ethics above… I’m afraid I can’t believe in Q-Net to be for me.

        Regards, Dinoraptor101


  9. Am not gonna say this biz is a bad thing or a good thing. Every biz have two sides & in the end of the day is how or what are you going to about the options given to you.

    Now looking at Qnet sensibly. What are being said in the comments? To be a member, you have to buy something. That means this company have products. So what do you see here; a buy & sell transactions. You have an online shop that others can buy from you without being a member. So actually you can earn commissions by selling product that is not your own. What do you call this situations? Affiliate marketing.

    For me, direct selling; Amway, Herbalife, Usana, Qnet all operates on the same ground. The problem are that some members tends to oversell. This caused disillusions & then disappointments & then negative review. All these companies have been shot down as scams before. But still they strive, still they make money & still they are paying their ‘sales people’.

    Yes, salespeople. You are in the business of selling. If you don’t have a product to sell then its a scam. Unless that product is a scam. So in the end focus on the product. If you think BioDisc is a bad product, do a research on it. The holiday plan? Research on it. The watches they sell? research on it.


    1. Much appreciated, I did my research on the products, I was in herbalife too. and I do not judge direct marketing to be a scam, how ever just checking the Bio disk background and performance in person got me convinced it’s an ordinary glass..there’s no point proving me stuff with papers and certificates that it’s working if it’s not.
      everything can be bought nowadays. Q-net simply knows how to do a scam legally.. ok we can’t take people’s money without selling them something.. so why the hell not? we can’t force people to buy our products, so let’s give them a hard choice between friendship and 500$.. now what if that friend was your relative? wife? best friend? … I’d pay the freaken 500$ just not to lose a friend.. I don’t know about you.. but I’d pay 10 times more..so that my friend doesn’t get greedy and get in this scam, dirty business you call it what you want…. if you want to make money, study a profession. and help people.. earn your place in the society…


      1. Do u trust god?
        Did the god have any paper or certificate that can prove it?
        But most of us trust..why?
        Just because we belive..it’s just the belief..
        If u say all of the product need to have a certificate..then u better don’t eat..cause most of the food u eat have no certificate no paper prove!!!
        No offense but just my opinion..

        Qnet din border the country at all mad still provided job opurtunities..our prime minister just have a business council presentation in our KlCC and there is only 15of Malaysia company had invited by our prime minister..
        3)shangri-la hotel group,etc etc..

        Qnet also invited into a world business council called business council comenwealt,..
        f1 is fake..lol
        FIFA sponsorship is fake..lol
        All of these can sponsor by individual??lol..
        If u are not bill gates..u won’t sponsor it..coz a lot people can’t even have enough money to buy a FIFA ticket..still sponsor..
        Did you ever saw a individual name appear at the advertising surrounded the football court???
        I just saw playstation,, Nike,Adidas,qnet,etc.etc.

        And qnet just appear in times magazine-1)the fast growing company, 2)the best network marketing company in2011..
        Lol..TIMES MAGAZINE CEO,director and all their high educated worker are fool^^ just because they choose a scam company into their world class magazine and praise,award them=)

        We got 8million members around the world..and included many scientist and others professional individuals.and all are not Educated until stupid enAugh lied by people?

        Im in the business for 2years..none of my downline regret after they join..
        They appreciate me to bring them into the business and changed their life..
        If u can’t handle uself and people around u..u still want to border about u country??
        Many of us earn a lot and have no financial problem..
        Can u go cinema in Monday morning?lol..cannot if u are working..that what u life..
        Go to work, come b home,go to work, come b home,
        That’s all about it.

        U just saw too little..
        Our members surrounded most of the country, 220 ++ country got our member.
        N u just say some of the country got banned and court problems,but how about the others?
        We won the court case in India, Sri Lanka, and indonesia^^
        Just because qnet changed their life.

        No offense,this is some of my opinion.
        Even bill gates and Robert kiyosaki also tale about network marketing.
        It,s a pyramid.but it’s work and helped a lot of us.


  10. i read all the comments and wanna say something, i have been 5 months in Qnet..simply Qnet is a solution to those people who wanna be rich and can’t do this in their regular jobs, Dinoraptor i think you are too offensive, i want to tell you some points..
    1) The products in Qnet is really unique, the Bio disc recover my mother’s leg i swear that she used to walk with pain in her knee and you can hear a sound in her knee..after using the Bio disc her leg is great know (personal experience) i don’t need to make searches, ask any from your friends to lend you this product for a couple of days to test it and you will see. also the vacations, courses(swiss E-learning), home pure, icheck system “better than the hospital checks” and the Nutriski “for men sexual performance”..you must see and use the product first before you judge, you must find what is useful for you just as a PRODUCT without enter the business.
    2) i don’t call my friends and “hello my friend, i want you to enter with me this business, come with your money !!” NOOOOOOOOOO, i am offering the products for those who interest in them, and offer the business to those who wanna work in marketing..i think you may travel to Disney(Orlando) some day, instead of buying this package from any place come and get it from Qnet, so i offer the product first, if you see that the price is good come and buy if not it’s ok..you will never lose your money, you already have your own product..so i recommend to test and try all the products from your friends.
    3) i need u to think a while, the owner of this company Datu Vijay (has two arms), if all the people on this planet entered the business but on one arm only let us say the arm of”Pathman Senathiraja” one arm to the owner have all the people, Mr. Datu won’t earn a penny so you must be always working and checking your teams to earn money, NOT PYRAMIDIC at all..
    ALSO just note : Mr. Pathman Senatheraja the Director manager of the V partners number 245 from the world richest men you can search with his name (Pathman world richest men) to not search at any lists…also Mr. Datu Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list from the top 4.
    This business is a solution to make another income you can see the owner and his arm not the richest man the second richest one, no there is 244 people better than him but he is among them he found a solution to be a millionaire..i don’t need to create a new idea like the facebook site, or to make a software better than Bill gates windows, don’t need to have a Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie my parents to be rich and acheive my dreams..NO just a simple easy marketing will make me acheive it…i have many dreams was’t afford for it.
    sorry i wrote a lot of things but i told you what i am thinking about..please search well and read more, test the products, watch our training videos at every site to just know we are normal good people without a brainwash just wanna a change to not be in the boring cycle of the regular jobs we wanna the freedom in everything..time..money..etc..and wanna be rich and own nothing to do that..Qnet rescued me from my horriable life i was in..
    Thanks for You..


    1. Thank you, to be honest I loved reading your comment, and understand that Q-net does give hope for the average people to become rich; and so there is this easy back stairs to climb in life where you can achieve all your dreams, money isn’t everything in this world, and many Q-net newbies are simply too greedy to hide behind a calm personality.

      Q-net is the way to get money, without earning it. I believe if you want to be rich you need to be 1 – educated 2 – smart 3 – resourceful ..
      Why not benefit the world with a “facebook” and “Windows” ? how will we as species advance if we keep eating on each other?

      So if the Bio Disk is working, why is Q-net banned in many countries? if Bio Disk is working why it’s not listed among the greatest medical breakthroughs.

      Here’s what my friend “AKA Jim Wise” told me: The Bio Disk is told to have the power to re-construct water’s molecular structure and enrich it with minerals, right? presuming that the water hasn’t any.

      1 – Bio Disk should have Minerals on it, and in a noticeable dose, otherwise minerals don’t form from thin air within seconds.
      PROOF: Lick the Disk and see if it’s salty??? NOT.

      2 – To re-construct a molecular structure in ANY element, anyone with a physics study background would tell you you need a compression power that strong that will surpass the gravitational power of atoms to dissolve matter ( compression power equivalent to that of a black hole ), let’s face it the only device on this planet that reached the compression of 0.06% of the required force, is the “Large Hadron Collider” Which I believe worth to mention in a size of a city. PS: LHC is a particle accelerator & collision laboratory founded to research the power of dark matter, and researching the source of universe as we know it.

      I doubt I’d be convinced unless someone can provide me a more detailed scientific explanation of how can Bio Disk do godly things as to re-construct molecular structures.

      If there’s anything I want to say in reply to you, it’s simple ” why rely on Qnet to rescue you from the horrible life, when it’s your job to be the hero? “


      1. @x-questnet – Sorry mate but now I see how you failed royally in Qnet, why you are such a failure in Networking : Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        coz you checked out a 2008 Forbes link (in 2011) & getting very happy on ur achievement -ROFL 😛
        no upline is cheating on him dude, u had been cheated when God was distributing functional brains. LOL.

        Here check out Mr. Vijay Eswaran in 2011 list. Still rolling on floor laughing…


  11. To actually reconstruct molecules, first of all you need to dissolve the molecules themselves.
    to 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen.

    which is in itself a pretty impossible process because you need to manipulate the electron proton structure of the atom, which requires high tech lab environment and special temperature

    another way is to evaporate it, however it just changes the form of H2O but not re-construct it’s molecules.

    So, in my point of view, pouring water on a small glass disk, COULD NEVER EVER RE-CONSTRUCT H2O, it’s scientifically impossible.

    In fact there’s absolutely no scientific need to re-construct h2o molecules, you don’t get any benefit from it.


  12. thanks for your reply, look..i didn’t read about what u talked about the re-construct of water molecules and such things, i am a normal guy and don’t understand perfectly in the scientific idea of the bio disc i really not interested in this but it helps me so i refer for the things which the bio disc can do for me..but i have the bio disc book and the video of Eyan Lions the man who invent this bio disc i think he is the better to talk about it, i can send to ur mail this files and you will find the scientific idea there and your doubt will disappear but for me the bio disc is a product which keeps me wake up, concentrate, better performance of my whole body, make my pain easier to me like i said, also i know a reply for why this not listed among the medicated breakthrough ? it is listed in which is known by the sodoscience, if you have a medical must work with all the people but the bio disc as it helps my mum may not help another woman with the same case, that’s really what i know for your question..in youtube you can see the bio disc helps a paralyzed girl but can’t be the solution for all the cases..check my words please..also the files can help you.
    about my job that will change my life :S..i am 22 years old, fresh graduate, civil engineer, and wait my military service that i will be there for the next three years, so i will start my life 25 years old and start to gain the millions, in how many years do you think ? you have a civil engineer 25 years old didn’t practice his work for the past 3 years and you are the manager of a company here in EGYPT..will you give me a good job ?? what salary will you give me ??? from this salary i will buy a car..house..marriage fees..etc 🙂
    i had a job in the last year for 2000 LE ( about 300$ monthly ) and the manager said that this will be my salary and i work here before i had my best news :S of the military service..i wanna buy a normal car made in japan let it be toyota corolla ( more than 110000 LE ) a house one level about 200 m2 ( may reach 5000 LE per m ) if you wanna good area… so what is the solution for me, i work as a civil engineer and a movie maker for ads and trailers..i have many skills but not too much income, Qnet offered me a job, and offered me many trainings..camps..DVDs..conferences..will improve my skills to earn money..it’s not easy job by the way..so to make millions you must train will and work hard..you must climb Everest by a rob to reach to the million dollar not like you said..i think people around gave you a bad example for the networker in Qnet..
    1- your team and uplines educate you well and Qnet offered the courses for those who need to educate more, no education..less information..bad networker will not earn a penny, you must be smart in order to have more success in this job you will stay at your level and may not earn a thing too..as the one who offered you this business is earning money he will teach you as others teached him..self developement.(the experience you gain in this job costs too much)
    2- i explained what the bio disc do in my life really it helps me and i enjoy this.
    3- simple note : “money is not every thing” ( you must have got an amazing villa..drive Bugatti Veron..enjoy vacations at Hilton Maldivis and canary islands..buy anything at any time without saving a while..if not so you really need money..to see this world..to have more fun !!!)..ALSO Qnet is not just matter of money..look..let me see what Qnet did for me till now..have my salary each week and it covers my expenses and i start to run my own business..have a big network, really as my family everyone helps the other when i need to fix my car i will ask my downline who is racing in the autocross not just in Egypt he travels too much for many event he will fix my car, when i need to buy clothes i will go to buy with my downline who is a famous actor in my country, i will wear like a superstar..when i found some topics i didn’t understand in my college, my downline came and explain it for me who is a teacher in another college in the same subject..my birthday was attended by more than 100 persons, i enjoyed a day with 100 of my friends who loves me a lot…when i die the things that i created and teached to my team will last too many years so i will be remebered all the time as their leader..:)..more and more to tell…but shortly Qnet gave me a life style anyone wish to have….
    and thanks for discribing me as a greedy person act as a calm one..i not like that and don’t wanna to prove to you that..just say thanks a lot..


  13. sorry i wrote the spelling of Dr. Ian lyons in a wrong way because just i heard it in a traing before and didn’t see the spelling..thanks


  14. I would like to suggest you that, MLm business with Questnet is a good platform to earn good returns on the investment that you make. Make optimum out of this opportunity. I have made earned well, So you too have this opportunity, give in the best to see the best results. People always make the mistake of assuming that the mlm business is to get rich way. This is why they fail. They don’t want to work hard; they don’t know what MLM business is and how one needs to work. But all they know is to invest foolishly later regret as they can’t work hard. To be successful in MLM business one needs to work hard and make correct investment decisions.


  15. All products are of good Quality, they don’t have any side effects. What else do people want? Questnet is a big firm, Very professional at the same time very supportive to all. I have attended all the training sessions and I am very satisfied of being a part of Questnet. It’s not only me but also an aunt of mine who is very happy as she is independent, and is supporting her family.


  16. Dude Dinoraptor101…
    If you are skeptical.. you will remain so…
    If you are open minded.. you will explore the unknown possibilities!!!

    You can ponder about “how you were born and how the body works” for the whole life and forget to really LIVE the gift…
    Or you can be thankful for being born and really enjoy the LIFE…

    Choice is yours!!! I am sure you are smart enough to understand!!!


    1. Look it’s not about the money, it’s not about the possibilities of a single person to have it all… it’s about humanity, and we as a society.. would you build traps for your own friends? would you bury your countries economy underground, would you help a multi level marketing sell infamous cheap tricks like watches from unknown brands be sold for rolex prices ??

      and this is the cost for you to have a good house, a car, a family?

      if that all goes well and you see your country fall how would you look at your kids and lie to them you were not involved.. and if you tell them the truth.. they will be ashamed…

      If I want to earn a good living I will rise through ashes, I live in a shitty country, but that doesn’t mean I will do “wrong” and put myself before others.. in return of a good living.

      It’s not being skeptical it’s being human… and as far as I know.. there aren’t much like me left. is there? =D


      1. Q net or any pyramid or MLM scheme is about bringing more people under you in the network and earning thru their contribution. In real sense it is not even a business model. It’s like invest in a business that does nothing except getting more partners. When it fails,no one takes responsibility, people at top have become very rich and at the bottom have lost all their money. The products are all questionable. A glass disk that makes water hydrated? Isn’t hydration a process of adding water to something then what adds hydration to water? Crystal products at such exorbitant prices! Go to Simla and you will find these products being sold at 100 times lesser prices. The watches are from an unheard of brand. why pay for a brand like this a price that is so high? The holiday packages are the best because in terms and guidelines they say, do not be too strict about the destination, be flexible, do not be too fixed about the time, be flexible, there is no guaranty that you will get an accommodation at the desired time and place so be ready to change. That’s an unacceptable suggestion. Also due to unavailability they can just deny us the accommodation and may offer substitute in a 3* or lower class hotel. People who strongly favour the Qnet are doing so because there is no dearth of gullible investors who will put down money if they are lured of an early retirement and an impossible rate of return with much less efforts. As friends and family keep joining you, and you and people above you, earn. there is a top earning ceiling. but what do we know whether that ceiling is applied to top people in the network? We can’t see the whole network only the part below us. Where is the company registered? Comes under which ruling court in UAE or any other country? Why is it that in India the products have to be smuggled in and hand delivered to the partners? It’s a simple mathematical calculation. If i am getting 5% on every transaction under me then by the time I have reached 20 levels below me, 5*20=100 is all used up. Then how do you pay people above you in network? how can there possibly be a business where you invest one time a fixed amount and for the rest of your life it will generate you income to the tune of 12500 USD per week? Yes there will be success stories of some which will be very impressive but the question is do you want to do a business that is about luring in more and more partners and eating from their investments and considering yourself smart business tycoons? There are stories of cons, corrupts and cheats making lot of money so what you will consider joining them? Q net is another pyramid. I wonder how many more years before people at large will realise that this is a scam! If the scheme promising unreasonable return on investment, quick rich trick and early retirement then you know it is a scam. Why isn’t Qnet a proper registered company with offices in all operating countries? Why your one point contact is the 1 person who brings the proposal to you? Who do we sue in case the company goes kaput and fails to return our money? why do they charge 40USD for a transaction on the virtual account? Is it an approved charge by banking standards? What is the security of our money in their virtual account? can we insure it with any insurance agency? If we are limited liability partners in the business then do we have any onus in case there is liquidation of the main company? why the telecom packages not on the UAE site? Because they are banned in UAE. It’s illegal to use them in this country but qnet has figured out a smart way of using them so that you are not caught. but illegal is illegal whether caught or not. By the way an Indian can become a member via UAE or other country cause it is banned in India. So how come people claim it to be legal?


      2. They have legal company papers, you know you can bribe people when you’re sitting on a Himalaya size gold mountain.
        O_O I really uphold your comment for showing transparently what I was talking about =) Thank you so much.


  17. Shit..every day i read a lot of shit from you dinoraptor :D..such a fool man, a made from qnet more that 50000 $ and no one in my network has been deceived by this business, all of them is satisfied with their product (vacations is the best selling)..also u r idiot because Qnet is not a pyramidic scheme, first u must know the different between Qnet model and the pyramidic model then we can talk :S..
    – about the certifications, u didn’t contact with anybody and i can swear of that you are a LIAR..because i visit the institute in Germany and was selling the bio-disc, also what about Progness certification if u don’t know what is it so please stop talking about certifications..u search where is the ISO while it is certified by Progness..SHIT
    – you need office..u can reach the nearest country from yours that has Qnet office..but you didn’t even search on that..just more and more talking..without any right actions..coffe shp because i supposed to talk to my friend..don’t need any official show..when such people like you need office, they will find it, if you go to malazia and see what we had seen, sure you will find your answers..
    – the people who said it is banned in 15 country..U R AMAZING..i read about the names which it is banned in….when i went to the v-con in malazia..i saw group of Qnet networkers from U.S.A with their flag..india..albania..indonesia..what else ?..also all the countries i know..saw it at the conference..please search the page of Mr. Pathman..u will find millions people from all over the world..from the banned countries 😀 trying to have his advice…what are u saying people !!!
    you are talking about the evidence and YOU all only have WORDS..SHIT…i have my evidence and saw with my eyes..when am reading this i laugh a lot of what people are thinking about…PLEASE stop saying lies, hear the whole issue..understand it well..search correctly..then you will be there…
    dinoraptor if you need some money to join Qnet i may Lend you some..to feel the power of the team, work a while not as a individual..really it is different when you will be in Qnet..
    i will not promise you to enter here again to read such useless words without a base ..it is SHIT..God be with you..


    1. regardless of the terms of “shit, idiot, and more” directly offending me I still have approved your comment to grant you the right as a person not a spammer to share your opinion in my blog.
      however I did not lie as I said I contacted the university in Russia not Germany, I do not know who Q-Net bribed if you have a legit documented proof of Bio-Disc’s functionality or even it’s effectiveness. clearly the man I met was either uneducated about the Bio Disc claiming it re-constructs molecules ( Geee we would discovered teleportation using that ) neither showing a cheap video of people carrying one man with their fingers is any use, I expected at least a detailed design of what the Bio disk is made of and how it has god-power in it by simply pouring liquid water on.

      the government bans Qnet.. the people still go where the money is, clearly I’m saying anything about people standing against qnet… but I did a good search to know that your business does more harm to economical structures and individuals than it benefits them, and who gains profit? the Bio Disk user’s cancer got cured? or was it you who made a fortune giving people false hope?

      in whichever case, if you’re representing Qnet with the attitude above and expect me to agree with you on something clearly you’re a lousy marketer ya know 😀


  18. hey man, i didn’t attack you just i can’t stand these words for months 😀 please post this, hope will be my last one..who said that i want YOU to agree with me !! you made a blog to attack Qnet and you are saying we deceive the people..bad products…etc what do you expect from the people you are attacking !!! kind words..i thanked you many times in my few posts above..just wrote my nickname maro instead of omar ok..anyway i didn’t attack you, just don’t like the way you think about it..my last points in this issue :
    – why you are arrguing in the bio-disc..dismissing all other products ?? NOTE : best selling in Qnet history the bio-disc (the vacations was best in my network)
    – i am not Dr. ian lyons which you didn’t search on the inventor of the bio-disc and read the scientific idea..not re-constructing and such words, i am NOT scientist.
    – we don’t need a bribe to prove our products, as i suggest on you before you can try it by urself also you didn’t do it, how can you attack a product before try it’s effect !! did you use it for 2 days ? did you test the bio-disc in all the tests i told you ??
    so WHYY ? why you suspect it ? attack with our knowledge enough !!
    – if there is iilegal business in a country the people who worked in it must put in jail..like drugs dealers..banned..so when you work in this you must be in jail..as you are saying BANNED in many countries why these people not in jails..logical..banned by the government, so no one can work in this…which is not true 😀 in all the countries mentioned..
    – the economical structures..i don’t think you as an individual affect positively the economical structure of ur country..as money go out, some go in..people earns X a month will gain 2X in Qnet, which will spend double they were spending before..simple example, you can also read articles from people who are professional in the economy..like Donald Trump..Warren buffit..from the richest persons all over the world, and can tell you more about the network marketing or (the M.L.M) search about it..
    – last thing wanna say why you spot on just the things you can argue in ? you didn’t mentioned a word on Progness certification and what Progness is ???, or the offices near you..the difference between the pyramidic model & Qnet model (if you know it)..the official pages of Qnet on facebook….:D why ?? because they are telling the truth..for 13 years people invest time, effort & money in this business, from 5000 networkers in 2000 to 4 millions in 2008 to 8 millions now..from two ofiices in Dubai & Malazia to more than 50 in different countries !!!
    Give me one person who joined Qnet, work hard in the right way and didn’t reach to more money !! is there one person in Qnet complaining of that he got deceived !! presentation is clear, hard working for a long time will gain a fortune..Direct Selling we are doing Dude !!
    i tried to share my view & experience in this business, clearly and honestly and offered a contact with you not to join me just to understand, to stop attacking us..at all thanks for ur replies and for your opinion as a lousy marketer who made 50000 $ in the network marketing :D..i will take this note in my consideration if you were one of two, successful business man in marketing know about this business well…or as i mentioned in Qnet worked hard and didn’t reach..



    1. Hey guys,

      Why are you trying to prove a point to a ignorant fool (Dinoraptor 101). Actually, not knowing something is not a crime as long as one wants to develop oneself but if one wants to remain ignorant and justifies his ignorance is the biggest stupid on earth.

      @ Mr.Stupid, Buying a product is never termed a scam anywhere in the world unless Jordan is different according to you. At best you can like the product, love the product or Dislike / hate it. Wake up my dear friend and smell the coffee and do something better for the world.



      1. ignorant, everyone has a little of that don’t you think? ^__^ I know everything there is to know about Q Net from both on-line and real-life sources as well, a stupid “is a person who thinks he’s smarter” the obvious scam base is ( Pay to work ) and to legally cover it up Q-net uses ” sell you the product ” method… Qnet is NOT stupid, otherwise it couldn’t avoid every legal issue; I’d much believe its system was built with help of lawyers. ( did you pay to work? no you bought a product, but you can’t work in Qnet unless you buy the stupid product for a stupidly big price )
        and yes that’s scam method, they don’t give you a trial before buy, neither the seller has enough knowledge about what he’s selling because he wants to sell for personal benefit and not the benefit of the world, Loveee the coffee, makes me look like this ( =D ) lol, to benefit the world you must care for it first and know what it needs most..
        saving endangered species, preserving forests, cleaning beaches, and of course fixing computers.. I pretty much played a role in all that… yet I don’t consider I contributed a benefit yet…
        that title is reserved to farmers, inventors ( like Tesla , not Doctor! Ian Lyons ), and Jim carry lol.

        Seriously this article is about how Q-net screws up people, and the comment section is open to writing ABOUT “Q-Net” and not about how stupid I am for not falling for it.

        Pyramid Scheme is a scheme where you bring 2 or more people under you, get commission, and have your hired dudes invite 2 or more people each.. and you still get commission building your own pyramid of victims.. oh I meant workers. and there are people above you.. way to the top of pyramid either company or individual,

        The scam is complete once the big head. gets all the money and stops giving back commissions, and leaves you in your little bread crumbs of a house and car.. living in a deflated economy that will take years to recover. if not through crime and civil wars.

        I guess I’m this |___| little bit smarter that I took the world into consideration beyond the yacht dream 🙂 I’m curious thou. did anyone at Q-net researched on it’s impact in a country’s economy?


      2. well u better smell the coffee that iam giving you now. ever heard of false advertisment? yeaaah a glass disc which cleans water when it doesnt. guess what that is illegal! so giving wrong facts and selling the product is illegal. Why you think none of the big retailers have picked the products up?

        you smell that? thats the real coffee



  19. love all your comments dinoraptor, all leads to one result..i am on the right road in Qnet..as usual my few points..:
    – i am a civil engineer before working in Qnet..no job affecting the other..i am playing many positive roles..
    – the ignorance is not insult0 just less information, u don’t know the difference between the pyramidic model and our model, u didn’t reply for that many weeks ago, the people u are seeing really not the real Qnet team i guess..i am an individual in Qnet..know all the products and it’s benefits, tried them all..must make the one who i present the business to, test the product that he interest in (even the vacation i must ask people who travelled before)..i think all the individuals in Qnet must be like that..
    – if you think the product with too much price..so PLEASE get to me the same product with the same level & effeciency with lower price…:S
    – i talked about the economy before that also u didn’t reply..

    – you have not any proof in ur words (i contact..banned..etc..why to beleive..where are your reports ??..even he can’t reply on me in every issue i asked :S:S..
    – i didn’t think one day that there is a mindset like this :D..
    – Dear dinoraptor..enjoy ur life (ur car, wife, vacations..etc if you have them) and we will enjoy too..no no no..we are enjoying too..but one last word, u have not enough knowledge about what Qnet is..RYTHM..i am MAD..!! don’t think u know any….Regards & best of luck…Thank you 🙂

    Qnet IR’s:
    – please don’t post here again, let us concentrate in the busniess and our new own businesses that is now opened (to invest in our country :D:D..to help with a little share in raising the economy in our countries, even a small invest will make positive result)
    Thanks a lot..i am the first one who decide not to waste my time to post here..


    1. first of all approving your comment you should know I read it whole 🙂
      I cannot conduct hours of research every time a comment is posted on my blog, and yes I met the real Qnet people with the real Bio Disk, there’s no such “equivalent of a same” product. neither level “wellness product with godly powers” invented by modern world Jesus christ “Ian Liyons” or something.. what reports? I didn’t offer any proof neither I’m opposing the existence of Q-Net I simply stated my opinion and results of what little research brought to me, yes contacted the Russian Institute listed in your website, they simply denied any involvement with “they don’t know what a Bio disk is, no certification of any kind was issued …. bla bla”

      everyone has rights to say in this world especially online.. if you a respected member of Q-net cannot respect that and is asking me to shut up ” – please don’t post here again” I believe you just proved a point that Q-net people have no respect for others as they treat them either enemies, victims, or scapegoats.

      and by posting, you wasted a lot of time writing an article-size comment to simply deny you did at the end of it.. 🙂 ROFL for that


    2. oh my god u are such a loser. dont understand how you became a civil engineer. If you own a business then please tell me how much you make gross and how you make netto.
      how many overheads you have. and on top of all that none of the qnet products are actually approved for any market. I live in London and here people have been scammed left and right by this organization. your are displaying a level of stupidity that is even for the internet very surprising. you contradict yourself in almost every sentence. and the final sentence is the biggest contradiction.

      Kid get a real job. Or start a real business. Learn what capitalism is and what it takes to start and run a successful business.


  20. dinorapator101,

    your blog has saved me from the clutches of qnet.the modus operandi is just the same as you told(in my place it was an icecream shop).i was invited by my friend.first they introduced me to their junior representative and gave me an overall idea of marketing and similar to the pyramid scheme)then comes the higher officials he explains about his sucess and the success of some man with no legs/armshe also explained to me how a product(bio disc) has been of great help and is the hot selling product!.they really tried to coax me in and make me join as soon as possible, my search on the web and eventually into your blog has really saved me,thank you!


    1. lol O.O I”m glad you’re still alive, next thing you know they’ll convince you buy some infamous brand watches for Rolex prices!
      an Ice Cream shop? well at least you got a free Ice Cream for wasting your time, me they gave me a cocktail. 😛
      the higher official dude in my case came to me with a laptop and show me a lollyfying video where people carry another person saying Bio Disk makes 5 people carry 1.. people using they forefingers…. oh no no Thank you 😀 for participating and giving me a great feedback.. >_< thought the only comments I'll be getting are from Q-Net members.. trying to stop me from exposing them… ever heard of a wellness product? Bio disk is one of there foot massage machine equivalent except that you can use it for drinking water.. with out ISO.. and still call it a wellness product.. after it's direct interaction for food/drinks… O.O


      1. well actually no, i did not get an ice cream,infact i had to buy one for myself since it would we awkward to sit there simply.these guys were sitting there all day trying to get some new members.they are techies who work in mnc’s,i just wonder why do they even after a good job with good pay+incentives work for these marketing companies, the prospect of easy money with less/no work must have lured them.atleast they should be looking for the credibility of some products like bio disc. i do also agree with shiv ratnani that about the consequences of building a bad name among friends & family by recommending not so credible products


  21. @dinoraptor101, I still don’t know whether Q-net is legit or not, but I do agree with your view of not being part of something that involves scamming friends & family, there are surely better ways to earn a living, well written, man. Cheers! 🙂


    1. legally it’s legit, because they got smart twists going around law masking a scam under legal business just like laundering money, now they launder people’s brains..
      I hope many people notice it.. because many those who are in Q-Net already.. don’t want to admit they were scammed… and Thank you for a your positive comment 🙂


  22. Hi Guys…Those who are Proposing that the company is a scam & those who are defending the company…My Hi to both the groups.. Let me introduce myself, I am an MBA & am working with an MNC in India for the past 5 years, having a total work ex of over 10 years (having worked with organisations like GE amongst others). I have attended the Company inductions, Six Sigma trainings & other workshops of all my employers. Then recently I also attended an event of this Company Qnet.net (which I will come to later)

    I have read almost all of the comments on this blog & can make 2 things out of this:
    1) The guys opposing it do not know a lot about the thing they are opposing
    2) The Guy supporting is giving data in support like the turnover of the company, number of customers & names of people associated.

    This made me do a lot of research on the Network marketing industry in my free time on Sundays & holidays. Pls go through my research below & feel free to research on it from genuine sources (DOES NOT INCLUDE BLOGS) & give me feedbacks.

    1) The Basic Pyramid structure is a part & parcel of our daily life & the place we work at. How- Let me explain- The Company you work for has a Chairman/ CEO at the top. Then at the next level are Senior VPs/ VPs/GM/ DGM. Then there are senior managers & managers, asst managers at the next level. Then we have the field Executives, back office support staff etc at the bottom level. Now just go out & find how many Chairman/ CEO are there at the top, then how many at the next level & so on. Chances are (VERY HIGH CHANCES) that you will find it to appear as a Pyramid- less people at the top & most at the bottom level. Not convince OK- Have a look at the Government of your nation- One PM or President at the top, some 50-100 Ministers/ Top Beaureaucrats/ Generals at the next level. Middle level beaureaucrats & Senior officials ( some thousands) & when you reach the Field level ( bottom) you will find that most of the People who are employed in the government services are at this level…Doe sit appear to be a Pyramid structure now..YES. So the Problem now should not be with the structure but what Goes on INSIDE the structure.. I hope some of you agree here.
    2) The Major difference between Scams & PONZI SCHEMES which are illegal in most of the countries of the world, on one side & the NETWORK marketing companies on the other side is….Pls try to understand what I am saying now….’The Legal Schemes have a Proper flow of Goods & services from one side of the Pyramid/ structure to the other side of the pyramid/structure in Exchange for the Flow of money from the Other side of the pyramid towards the First side” So now check whether the Private companies & government in your country satisfy the criteria (you pay taxes & the government provides you services, You pay for a product in the market produced by the company & the company gives you a product in return, you Provide your skills to a government/ company & it provides you with the salary, you invest in the stock market & the originator provides you with a share in the company). Now Check what this company is doing- From the bottom of the pyramid ( customers or new partners) are providing their Money & time (working for the company) & the company provides them a Worthwhile economic, research based or mass market product & a share in its profits ( as compensation) respectively. Does it fall in the category of a scam- NO (I would like some people to disagree here, if they can support it with some proof).
    3) The Major Corporates of the world work on Producer- distributor- customer Model, with added costs of Marketing & Advertising. This is the reason when a bottle of Pure Drinking water in my country is sold for 15-20 Rs, even when the cost of the bottle is not more than 2 Rs (including the packaging). Just imagine if the Company does not appoint distributors, marketing team & Advertising teams, instead selling the product direct to customer somehow…What would be the price advantage passed on to the customer!! This is the reason you can get a Book, mobile phone, TV or for that matter anything for a huge discount (10-50%) on reputed Internet portals nowadays. This company- Qnet- uses the same E commerce platform to retail its products ( which by the way are all Manufactured In house thus saving on any producer margin) dIRect to customers and passes on a percentage of the cost saving to its Customers Itself, if they choose to REFER this company’s products further. Now why do you think a customer would refer the product to another person or for that matter why do you refer a Restaurant or a Movie to another person- Because you liked the place/ movie quality or found it a good value for money. True? So any person would refer a good Value for money product to his friends & family…Same premise the company is using & asking its customers to promote their product instead of appointing C&F agents, Distributors, wholesellers & retailers. The money thus saved by the company is passed on to the referrer & his upline referrers. Remember the company is MAKING A SALE first & then passing the Commissions (not the other way round) so the company is always cash rich. Oh a small thing I noticed is that the company has very smartly put a cap at the DAILY commissions any body can make & that is (at present) 2500 USD a working day for every 600 odd USD you have invested & I think this is Good enough for a person to be called RICH in any part of the World. Any CA/CFA is welcome to come & check the Payout structure of the company anytime & see if it is paying more than what it is earning- I checked it along with a CA friend & didn’t find the company going bust due to the payouts.

    Yes as a Side note I would like to add that E commerce is the Next Big thing ( don’t agree – just go back 10 years & see what all you shopped online & compare with what people are shopping now- travel, vacation, telecom, books etc..) & The Network Marketing Industry is a USD 100 Billion Industry across the globe. This company has Wedded the Two BIG concepts into one Nice Package (I attended a very good training program for new IRs & another Mother of all conferences recently), so thanks DINORAPTOR101 for introducing me to the world of Network Marketing, which the current education system so conveniently sidesteps in all our studies (including the marketing/ management studies) & which has the potential of giving average people Hope to MAKE IT BIG one day..THANKS!! Any responses & business enquiries are also welcome on my Email ID- mbhatnagarQi@rediffmail.com. Ciao….


    1. its is pyramid scheme it has been mathematically proven that this system will not run forever. and besides that claiming to own a business and then not paying taxes for that business which most you dont is tax evasion. If the products of Qnet are so great why cant i find them in any highstreet shops. And dont compare governments and company leading structures to a pyramid scheme. how stupid and illiterate do you have to be to confuse those two? do you not own a dictionary or are too stupid to even google the words you dont know?
      Ecommerce the way you describe is not associated with qnet. thats online advertising. And if its the next best thing why would have to go back 10 years to check it ? Finance analyst or any sort of business analyst bases his judgment and estimation of a company of his future prediction of income. Qnet cant do that and wont do that because they are all focused of selling you stuff which is not legal and taking you money and then kicking you out once u start asking questions. Stop post false numbers and trying to mislead everyone just because of the fact that you are annoyed that when u google qnet dinoraptors blog comes up.

      Get real. this type of scams have been going on for years. and the fact that qnet has been banned in so many countries including india just shows that people are finally seeing the truth!


    1. Qnet is not banned in India. The money that comes through Qnet as Commision is credited after Tax is deducted at Source. You also get a Form 16A at the end of financial year and you can file your IT returns.
      Qnet did earn some bad name in various places because some Independent representatives (customers) were desperate to earn without undergoing proper training and made some false commitments.
      Its an excellent business model as has been explained a couple of posts above.
      As for information on Scams I suggest you read these books
      1. WHo Stole the american Dream
      2. Business School by robert Kiyosaki (also the autor for Rich Dad Poor Dad)
      will be beter than reading opinions of anonymous people



  23. Dear Friends,
    i m IR of qnet for last 3 years, as per my experience and study travelling in different countries, i have understood that qnet is not just a business but the way of life, today i have controlled my life working with qnet and many other whom i know. i m not here to convince people who are thinking negative about the business model or qnet. people who think negative to this wonderful business model called network marketing either they have not studied enough about the subject or their purpose is to mislead people from being better in life.

    if anybody has a problem with the industry of network marketing, allow me to help you, today the industry of network marketing is 110 billion USD turnover annually in sales, and its growing every single day. please read the book written by New York best selling author (finance expert) Robert T. kiyosaki “THE BUSINESS OF 21 CENTURY” it will help you to correct your comments, which are misleading people.

    secondly qnet is a dynamic globle company, qnet is a been awarded as a caring company in hong kong, they are partnership with virgin group of companies, has got the strong arm called RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) through which they help lot of poor and disabled people all over the world, go to this link ( http://www.rythmfoundation.org ) i m just surprise how can somebody talk even little bit bad about this great company, which gives back to society. and gives opportunity to you and me, to run business. Does your company where you are working give you business????? No right? than wake up and smell the coffee.

    qnet is retailing the high quality products on the platform of ecommerce through internet, if they put up the showrooms traditionally on any highstreet shops, than you and me will never have this great opportunity. when somebody make such statement it is clear understand that he does not have any idea about what is traditional business and direct selling business. for your understanding, traditionally who are the people doing advertisement about the products and services, celebrities right? you and me or a common person is not given a chance right? but direct selling company or qnet give a chance for a common person to promote their products and the services and pays them. its good right?

    Real defination of pyramid is the people on top makes more money, mean the supervisor in the corporate cannot make more money than the manager right? than its right, real pyramids are corporates and goverments structures, but in qnet down person can make more money than the top person. how can qnet be a pyramid scheme?????

    qnet is running last 13 years with 8 million customer base and this is just a start for your information, selling of product has to be there in any legal company, hope your company where you are working also sells product if they dont, you will get a real kick from them, right? better make sure you get a sell done somehow hahahha,

    today qnet business model is proven working system, with the fact that there are millions of people in qnet made millions already, so there is no question about it today. the question is, how many people working for the job has become millionaires, none right? so why dont you complain about the job? you people are good to comment right? show your guts to comment on job concept, where a person works for years and retire broke financially, and still have to look for the next job after retirement for his basic living, why you people dont comment on this?

    only lazy people who cannot do anything in life, who will always discourage people, without knowing the facts, will comment such negative comment above, but honestly you people are needed for the company cos of promoting company unpaid. sorry i have no much time,

    all the best to all of you with love and care.


    1. because the income goes greater with more members.. but the payment stays the same in amount, while it seems the income is not constant, it actually is “constantly increasing” because not “everyone” is paid .. many people joining qnet don’t invite 2 more.. therefore they are “profit only” which are the majority of newcomers which gives net income.

      Qnet system doesn’t submit to IRS / Taxes / or anything. they just sell you the product directly.. no store, no invoice.. = no expenses / no tax.. it’s the perfect system..
      personally I thought it through ” Won’t make someone pay his hard earned money and keep his family starve for a month in return of getting 50$ commission,… !!


    2. The model manages to pay every one because
      1. There is a cap on on your maximum daily earning.
      Even if you earn more than this you will be paid only this amount. This figure allows the company to maintain liquidity
      2. Not every customer refers the product further as an independent representative. Many just buy the product and enjoy them. So no commision to be paid to them.
      3. Some products are so good that people go for repeat purchase
      (e.g. In-voice in UK and QVI club vacations)

      I suggest you see the whole plan and then decide if the model is sustainable.


  24. I can’t believe sometimes how educated people talk without thinking. I agree that it’s ur personal opinion, but let me ask u 5 questions before u name us scam. I’m in Qnet n with a nuetral mind 1.are the people around the world so uneducated or morons to sign contracts with us? E.g AFC, Brazilian soccer team?
    2. Have u been in Qnet?
    3. Do u even know what a pyramid system is? N how do u know Qnet is a prymid system?
    4. Are u a millionaire?
    5. If u think Qnet is illegal or scam, y don’t u file a case?
    Because u know u’ll lose the case easily.

    Qnet is not onli for business but a life changing opportunity. If we are still around for 13years now, something indeed is right..


    1. 1 – I ( as company ) would gladly sign a contract that sponsors me as long as the company is legit.
      2 – Yes I’ve been in Qnet
      3 – Yes I was involved in Pyramid systems before Qnet ( Herba-life , and others.. )
      4 – No I’m not a millionaire, however I make other people rich devoting my skills in marketing and business strategies.
      5 – Q-net is LEGAL ( read above ) and yes it’s a LEGAL SCAM, you can’t fine a case against a law-abiding corporation. especially when it has lawyers that can outsmart James Bond.

      PS: Thank you for your comment, please reply and answer your own 5 questions 🙂


      1. Dear Dinoraptor,

        I myself personally am in Qnet.
        Here are my opinions.

        Qnet looks like a pyramid scheme. But as i know a pyramid scheme doesnt has any products. They just play around with money and they cant sustain long as the whole system will go down. and u cannot earn more than the people above you. and the whole tree is a typical pyramid shape.

        But in Qnet i have downlines earning more than me. because he us a better team leader than me.
        In Qnet even if u did not earn u still enjoy your vacation or any other product.
        Qnet has been paying out for 13 years. how is that possible? i think becoz Qnet rewards its customers as well as earning a lot. so it is a win win situation.
        The tree in Qnet is not necessarily a pyramid, it can grow in any shape by the exponential of two.
        If you calculate yourself the formula of Qnet compensation plan, you will notice customers and company earn a lot. and you will know how the company can sustain. or please write a program to do so.

        Biodisc is a good product. i experienced the healing myself. Once my fever was cured over a night after it broke out after i used the scalar energy if biodisc.
        I dont know much about the science, i was once skeptical but certainly i did not imagine the results? my family certainly did not imagine it?
        Biodisc reduce water tension value, logically it is easier to be absorbed into cells.
        Biodisc rearrange water molecules to FORM CLUSTERS of hexagonal shapes. molecules of H20 does not change. bonds within molecules need a lot of force to break. but clusters is affcted by water content and energy.
        In such clusters more oxygen us carried into cells.
        Cells detoxification happen easily with extra supply if water and oxygen. If you get healthy cells that can self regenerate faster, a lot of healing can happen for most disease.
        So this is not magic. And biodisc has a frequency similar to living healthy cells. Everything has a frequency, i believe every scientist know this. Thus it contributes to healing as well.

        About certification, people call this pseudoscience. similar as human body aura, chi energy, which are all real. Thus it is not included unto scientific paper. But biodisc 2 produces biophotons which is scientific.

        dinoraptor, the reason u r invited into coffee shop is that thus is a referral business. I can even tell u about qnet in the toilet. but a coffee shop is more respectable. your friend wants to refer you as a customer of qnet, not doing a job interview. The customer referral program requires one to be a customer before recommending it to others. That is why you have to buy. a lot of company do this referral. example if you buy a car, and recommend it to your friend to buy, the company gives you some commission.

        People do recommendation every day, just they dont get paid. here you get paid according to the business plan. and if you havent try it, how can you recommend it to others?

        the watches have real leather, and i have seen how the watches are repaired by a professional. it can be used many many years, unlike a cheap product from china which do bit last long.

        Binary plan is fair. if you do not look after both sides, you cant earn. if the plan only depend on one side, lazy people can earn. but this us not the case. and Qnet has never failed to pay me and my happy downlines.

        It is banned in some countries, because thise countries law cannot legally accept MLM system. Indonesia also same case, but now it is legal there. Advanced countries like USA allows network marketing to work there. Some countries are due to not so open to outside visitors yet.

        In fact, you can say when an international brand come into your country, it is also draining you country resources. Like Disneyland has earn a lot from China. Nike and Polo has drained more money in many countries. But you cany say like that, they are legal.

        Sorry for long comment, this is why i believe in Qnet, not just believe money. Thanks.


  25. Dinoraptor101
    i couldn’t agree more, its a rip off and our country has fallen victim due to ignorance

    I went to the coffee shop to help a friend who was obsessed with the idea of “EASY MONEY” and was interested more than anyone i have ever seen, he told me that i was the only one he told about it so we can get a head start, and thats when i felt sorry for him and had to intervene.
    it turned out to be the dirtiest thing i have ever seen, ofcourse they make you speak with a smart talker, i told him in the begining that i am not here for the product i am here for business, i don’t want a Fake “unique hand made german watch” i want to make money, so he doesn’t try to make me go after an advantage in what i will invest 500JDs in.
    so he started off with the twisting and turning around the pyramid scheme, i asked him why is it illegal in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Japan? he said its not and i misunderstood the the whole idea, and kept drawing the circles and connecting the dots to make a triangle that will make me rich… and kept telling me how much i have potential and all that. if you don’t mind me saying “bullshit”.

    And then there it was what made me realize how dirty this is, i told him since you are so rich you spend on your parents, sister and all that why don’t you give me the money and i pay you back, especially when you see so much potentials in me and all, he said that he could get me the money but i should do the following, to get him 10 new members who cannot afford to eat and drink, so i said i can get you people that have money, that would be easier wouldn’t it? he said no people with money act smart and don’t see what they are missing because they don’t need money, and the others are willing to get loanded and work hard for the money back, so i said fine sign me up, i wanted to see what the hell is going on, he said to meet him infront of a bank, and that the bank will give me a loan, i should bring my electric bill and my I.D card, so he isn’t going to give me the money, The bank will, and lies started apearing
    the fact that he needed 10 poor people is that they are hopeless and ignorant, tell them a plan that seems like it works and they will fall for it, you will drain each cent out of the poor because they only connect the good dots and fall blindly obsessed with your scheme, and forget to look at the bad dots, to see how this is rip off, covered by a triangle with the word easy money win win win situation, and those who already fallen victim, filled with remorse think theres no way back and lie to their friends, and turn their lives into a commercial for overpriced products, i have to tell you this… Get a real job that really helps this countries economy!


      1. Very true, i was in questnet for 3 years and i regret that i wasted so much time there. To some people who scepticals with me and thought I was a failure networker, you are wrong. When I left this shitty business, i had network in more than 15 countries worldwide and making money every single week. I was one of the speaker/trainer to my team and also signed up many people worldwide. I attended so called as VCon (brainwashed program each year where you had to pay up to USD400 just to get a seat in a mini stadium and listen your super-rich upline talk about the same thing over and over again for 5days. The fees was just for the seat only, excluding transport, accomodation and meals).Just for the people who still dont believe me, my IR ID was HYXXXXXX.
        I am sure what am going to tell you now is happening to you guys, so called IR of Quest Net. When i was an IR, i ignore my 9-5 daily job, getting warning from my boss few times, ignore my families, ignore my friends (wasnt attending many gatherings due to too much concentration to get my life financial free), telling lies to downlines when they are not earning just for the sake to cheer them up, giving them motivation at the time i was the one who need motivation, and faking my happiness. At the end of the days, I lost my very good friend, who was my upline, she completely been brainwashed by her upline… till now.
        All the events I attended was about brainwashing our mind, made me scared of getting poor in future, create false dream and faking your face to show that you are extremely happy with your life now.
        I regret that sill many of my downlines active and making money. I hope they quickly waking up and realize that whatever they are doing now is wrong.
        Let me tell you, QNet is now expanding so well in Africa and Asia just because they know to manipulate people who have a very hard life there. My downlines had to take loan just to get signed up buying a piece of shitty glass so called as biodisc, after that, he is not making money, he left the network and I had to find other people that can keep me earning. Thats how my life was.
        And for those still believe your upline so much,and thinking that your upline love and care to you so much, FYI your upline just being nice to you to ensure you making money so that he and the people up there dont have to find people and dont worry about money. I knew it so much, the AVP and VCs keep on brainwashing us to do this to our team. My upline keep on saying she so care of me, till the day I decide what I did is wrong and i told her i am no longer interested in doing questnet, the first question she asked was when I want to surrender my account to her (as she know I earn alot 🙂 left and right). I refused to surrender my account, and now my account just deactivated like that. See how money-minded your upline will be. No single phone calls from all uplines who last time keep claiming were care me so much. Only follow up question on when i will surrender my account.
        Another one more thing,I’m sure your upline keep saying help each other to earn. This is the shitty phrase ever. Check yourself how many times/people your upline signed up by him directly and place under you? If your network is strong enough, you will say “NONE”, because your upline have her weak leg to concentrate to make money.if your network progress is too slow that she cant take it anymore, you will see 1-2 people under you, that sponsored directly by him.
        I think I have explained enough about quest net. If you are muslim, please go and study if this business is halal or haram business.


      2. Good lord :(( reading your story I realized you spend so much valuable time and money.. on air, at least posting this will help and save others from getting scammed…
        I read about pyramid schemes and talked to professionals who explained to me how Q-net works as well.

        the only way to stop them is to show their scheme in a scientific non-deniable fact that it’s a “LEGAL SCAM” which is a scam that cannot be legally prosecuted…

        God bless you, I pray he returns your losses and compensates your friends and families for what damage Q-net left behind


  26. Rohis: Qnet is/was the official sponsor for F1 Virgin racing team, FIFA World cup, Beijing Olympics, Brazil football team, AFC Champions league, etc, etc.

    Trust of Sir Richard Branson wearing Qnet Tee & falunting it all over is the proof that the company is purely trustable & ethical.


    You know trust, and ethical reputation is earned from customer and employment feedback so far. all I hear from those trying Q-net proves it’s more negative than positive..

    financial freedom , bread n butter, famiy n friends, care.. all those words are in your every post, and every other members’ you know those “marketing tools” by heart…

    and you completely forget that you traded for humanity, respect, generosity… out of your heart


    1. Dude,
      the person here talking to you is a customer of Qnet, abt employment, LOL – People on jobs r employed, in other words, SLAVES. Qnet dsnt employ anyone, neither it claims so.
      U claim that all you hear is more negative and less positive, But let me tell you that hearing less positive dsnt mean something becomes a scam.
      Go write abt our Indian politicians which are bigger than any scam you’v ever heard of.
      What a liar you are, you replied to kuna’s post saying you did Qnet. Your blog clearly mentions that you backed-off from that coffee table meeting itself & what not, you came to ur place, opend ur PC & wrote this piece of totally BASELESS crap.

      Go lick ur boss’s shoes to get a promotion into ur pyramid system. Bel;ieve me or not, go n check ur company’s hierarchy – and think, that you work in a pyramid system or I do.


      1. Hi Rohit,

        Dont you think you are the slaves of Qnet and the slaves to your upline? Obviously you are the slaves to all your AVP, VP, VCs and not to forget your “great” soulman – Vijay Eswaran.The saddest thing you are the slave of money.
        Very sad, you guys are too much being brainwashed by your upline, You doesnt matter whats going on to your downline/people around you, as long as you get them to sign up and then you make your USD250 🙂
        You also dont care how is your downline doing, as long as you get them making money so that you can make money from them. This enough explaining you are the slave of money 🙂


      2. Go write , Go lick… in Q-net I refer members to as employees because they don’t work alone they work FOR Quest Net as marketers. regardless how you call it they are free lance commission-only employees.

        I’ve been the Quest Net “Granelly Coffee Shop” if that question stood if I spent time and bought Qnet products.. that’s a hell no.

        It’s a SCAM because it tell people one thing, and turns to be the other thing..
        Product = Entry Fee
        Business = Pyramid Scheme
        We Care = We Demand
        Direct Marketing = Multi-Level Marketing = Illegal Trade ( such as avoiding taxes, since legally selling from person to person doesn’t require so )

        and much more, hell you can write a Q-Net dictionary…
        If I complain about your angry comment next thing you’ll read is..

        ( Rohit? no that guy is fake.. real Q-net are professional etc etc.. )

        I heard that before. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


      3. I support Dinoraptor101’s comment. It’s from my personal experience. During a similar coffee shop meeting, I asked about how does the company pays back, the answer was ,” the way you wish, you can get it in cash and don’t have to pay taxes”



  27. @x-questnet – Sad you think like that. I am not slave to anyone dude, coz i work when I like, I earn as much as I like & I work as much as I want. Slave to upline – NO, coz upline is not the boss but just a guide.

    Tell me that you dont work, you dont earn, you dont want money & THEN call me a slave of money. Sadly, everyone on this planet with or without choice is a slave of money. If you give me what I want, I promise to not earn, coz i earn to buy what I want. Simple isnt it? I earn to fulfill my needs, I dont eat money, I dont sleep on it, neither I do anything else with it, except I SPEND it. If thats being slave of money, everyone is. 🙂

    @dinoraptor – Again I’ll say, you are a misinformed person. Selling from person to person on such a bigger scale requires us to pay taxes, coz the income is visible. Company too has a PAN ID. You dont even have such small knowledge, pity.


    1. Rohit or robot (that’s the word that came up automatically – how weird is that???)
      You are the lowest scum going! You think by typing in 1000 of words you can fool us. You are nothing but a blood sucker who preys on weak willed and poor people, many of them use to be friends I’m sure but now they are your subordinates working for you. You have no life, just a hunger coz this thing you are in is a vicious circle.
      Dinoraptor and wise man and ex quest net thanks for your advise and expose of these low life’s!
      I just heard about how my daughter in London (an undergrad) was tricked into attending a meet “in a coffee shop” by her friend and when I heard about the company I googled and got the usual crap from the website. For anyone with an ounce of intelligence it is clear that it’s a “front” a Microsoft case study!!! What crap!
      Anyway, thank god I found your blog and was able to warn her about it – she was already at the coffee shop so she waited to meet the blood sucking vampires that were about to assemble and feast on a unsuspecting victim. I gave her the low down and thank god she has come out unscathed.
      Thanks once again!


  28. Anyways, I wrote enough here. Let people decide. World is a balance of +ve & -ve, so your place is rightfully preserved, I dunno on which side. CHEERS 🙂


  29. Rohit,
    Very funny, you work when you like? Dont tell me your R3 is always the thing you love most 😛
    You earn as much as you like? NO, if that week you did not enough 3-3 dont tell me you still getting your USD250, you need to work hard to get your USD250.
    Obviously I need money, but my hard-earned money I get in a very ethical way. Not by promising false hope to your friend (that you called them as prospects.. gosh.. all people around you is prospect!), force them to join your team and give them 2 choices, either friend or USD500.
    All pyramid scheme is scam, doesnt matter it is something with product or without a product. The difference betwee you guys and others is, you use BIODISC and all others product to scam others.
    Statistically, 90% of networkers failed in network marketing and only 10% are success. These 10% are actually enjoying these 90% hardearned money. But still this 10% have face claiming they success is because or their hardwork.. blah blah blah.. but actually nothing just they clever enough to scam others.


  30. Firstly its not a pyramid scheme. If ur mind think it is, it dsnt make anything work or look like a pyramid. 😛
    Secondly, 3 yrs. in Qnet & u still dunt know the Biz! I dont need to do 3-3 & neither I earn $250 when 3-3 happens. I only need to do 3R & from that I earn US$1500+, awesome isnt it? Thats why my conviction level in the biz & Belief is way too high. One of my downline earns even more than me, when his 3-3 happens, he earns US$2250+, such is the beauty of the Biz. Now when the person above is earning less, it surely cant be a Pyramid scheme/system/wotever.
    Thirdly, ur statistics are also wrong, only 4% ppl succeed in the Biz (not only in Network marketing, it applies to all the Biz in the world) & 96% fail.
    Why 96% ppl fail – coz just like you they forget to ‘L’earn the business & think that they will manage/work/do on their own will power/skills/degrees/etc. and that wer the end comes. No Learning, No earning.
    4% – Leatrn apply, Earn = successful.

    And yes, these 4% ppl r clever, u r right on 1 point atleast. lol 😛


  31. Hehehe, thats why Rohit I told you at the very first place, you guys are nothing but just manipulating others to earn. Firstly it is obviously a pyramid scheme, need your first 1 left and 1 right to activate your account is already showing you are in pyramid.
    You guys are so proud earning a lot of money (which previosly I was like that) by just manipulating others. Enjoying more than USD1500 per week but never think how suffer your downlines are. This business is just inhuman and immoral! What you guys do in your daily basis is just convince others to buy your product besides putting a lot of hope that they can be millionaire from there. (Pathman and Vijay is not even in Forbes list as what your fellow gang claimed up there :P)
    3 years made me fully understand what this scam business is all about and that is why with all honours I quit!
    Still have face to claim yourself clever.. hehehehe, this is one attitude that I am so amazed with MLMers – too proud too themselves and never listen to other. Guess your cup is full enough!


  32. @rohit
    mate you are a slave, just full of denial, when you fell for their trick you just lost it, now we all know you can’t talk bad about your business don’t we? when you join your assigned to to jobs 1 rip people off (even your dearest; because you have the excuse: “i am doing this not for me but for you, i want to help you “freedom,no boss, money money money””), 2 never talk bad about your business, that ofcourse goes without saying doesn’t it? your wall of text is nothing but bullshity cognitive dissonance, the money you earn is used to earn more money via the extra phone calls you call to get people to come, paying for their coffees acting rich, and ofcourse all that money you spend in their coffee shop goes to them, sure you might of made some money after maybe 3 years hard work, but the profit is of 1years average work anywhere, you think you are not a slave? look at you, you are nothing but a commercial to overpriced products, you are that picture in the magazine, the nuisance between two TV shows, trying so hard to rip people off, if i am a slave at my office job, i have my freedom to quit, i can talk bad about the company with my friends, i get paid much more than you do, i have colleagues at my work place who i can introduce to my friends without worrying about them trying to rip them off.
    what do you have? a disk that makes you “strong” that is full with your remorse, face it Rohit, your full of shit, the company is full of shit and getting a job like everyone else is the right path here, and its never too late to quit


    1. Lets alter ur uninformed EGO –

      Here check out Mr. Vijay Eswaran in 2011 FORBES list… shud I call u blind o wot!


      You get paid more than me? Really??? JOKE!!! 😛
      I earn US$1500+/weekly – now dont gimme crap that ur salary is more than that, I’ll die laughing.

      getting a job like evryone – hahaha!!! I worked for 5 yrs in a job Mr.Ego & used to talk like you. JOB = Just Over Broke.

      I am a commercial to over priced products – thx for counting me among Brad pitt, SRK, Amitabh bachchan, Tom Cruise – they are also the same faces of overpriced products.

      senseless shit u r. no information, no knowledge, no nothing, corporate slaves.


  33. Working:
    To join any company and be their slave, first of all i dont have to pay them. Some times they headhunted us.
    I got transport allowance to come to the office.
    I’m sick and I can get MC
    I got personal notebook to do office work, in the same time i can use for personal stuff, no harm.
    There is guarantee if I work extra, I’ll get paid extra, some companies might be replace with time-off
    There is guarantee I’ll get monthly paid. I just have to work 9-5 daily basis.
    I works hard, I’ll get promotion. After I quit this shitty business, I got promotion within 7 months and my salary increase 25%. I dont have to lick my boss shoes, just like how you persuade your “prospect” to sign up.
    Medicals + insurances all covers by company. If I were die now, my relative will get 48 times of my salary, for their future + benefits.
    To sharpen your skills, company will send you abroad for training/seminars/conference. They paid all the expenses. Sometimes with or without bond.
    I’m free to move to any other company I like, if I’m getting bored with one company.
    Financial free – not for now, you’ll get good money if you work hard and get good promotion 🙂

    Quest Net/MLM business:
    You need to pay to be their slave = USD600 at least 🙂
    No transport allowance, all must come from your own pocket money
    Sick is not the reason for being lazy and not showing the plan! – I heard one upline said this to his downline 🙂
    Notebook/Blackberry all must buy on your own in order for you to work efficiently.
    No guarantee if I work 24/7 I’ll get USD1500+ per week 🙂 The income is fluctuated.
    No guarantee if I work hard, I’ll get better pay. Depends on your luck who is your prospects at the end of the day.
    Medicals + Insurances all covers by yourself.
    You need to pay to attend Vcon + other theV events, that will cost you alot of money. You get energize + motivated afetr that while your company making money over you 🙂
    You cant move anywhere and you must talk good thing about your company. No choice!
    Financial free – your friend Rohit said above – only 4%. Try your best to be one of the best scammer ever. 🙂


  34. JOB – Yeh right, tell me one guy on this planet who became financially free thru a job? OMG you dnt have any answer. 😛

    JOB Vs. QNET : 🙂
    you get a lot of perks like Insurance, free travel, fixd salary, pention n blah blah bhal. But you know what living at company’s mercy is not my idea of a good life.

    And now I dont need all those perks, neither anyone’s mercy, I can spend for myself, my family & get what I want with my own money.

    No point you writing another post, again claiming once more that it is not ur money n blah blah, I heard it many times, I very well know wer it comes from so save urself with the trouble.

    If you call working smart as doing a scam, let it be. Coz I anyways dont want everyone in this Biz, coz there shud be ppl like u to cook, serve, drive, clean, sweep, dust, make, etc etc etc. So plz be there where u are, NO ONE needs you here anyways.

    Have a HAPPY LIFE serving us… 🙂
    no hard feeling 😉


    1. Well, your own money – literally means your downlines hard-earned money working day and night (may be lick his boss shoes) and paid USD600 for a piece of glass.
      Take care, keep on scamming others… enjoy your immoral and unethical money yah!
      Dont forget to teach your new sign up new tricks to get others sign up.:)

      Good Luck!


    2. Helping fellow humans is not a crime, but a pride. robbing people and living on their account is parasitic and shameful… I will not depend on others serve me, and rather get things myself. and earn my place among the people… you think you go up you’re actually stuck on a level… where there’s a hard work, you can actually get somewhere, ask William Gates, ask Mark Zuck, those people had the “basic” life.. and become people by providing the most demanded service at the time…. what did you do for people?


  35. the piece of glass is called BioDisc. Tough I dont sell or promote it, I use it personally. To ur utter
    disgust, it WORKS and it works amazing. I have sinus problem n till the time am drinking
    Bio-water I feel like I dont have sinus, and this is not miracle.
    To you guys it maybe a piece of glass, but it saved me from an operation.

    What is BioDisc? – A combination of 14 minerals mixed with Glass. This creates an energy field around the disc (just like the magnet has, no rocket science in it) which helps in restructuring the water molecules (just like the cold air can restructure water molecules into snow flakes in seconds)
    Biodisc is not Rocket Science. Its called NANOTECHNOLOGY… if u havnt heard of it, you need to attend ur science classes again!

    Anyways, I promote Holiday packages & I personally had gone on a few & the resorts are amazing, solid & to your horror, REAL aswl. 🙂


    1. I used to have 3 pieces of these shits. No significant effect. period. Err.. wondering anyone said biodisc has rocket science in it? If you dont mind, please answer these 2 questions I never get any answers till I quit :
      1) Who is Ian Lyons? My leaders once told me he is not a surgeon and dont address him as a doctor, so what is his qualifications and expertise? Doe he published any scientific papers/research about biodisc/nanotechnology/scalar energy? If yes, please give me one.
      2) what are all 14 minerals (last I heard was 15minerals) which said embedded in this disc?

      Dont spin around, just answer my question directly. 🙂

      Finally, whatever Quest nets products you are promoting, it is your scam business and I dont give a damn about it. 🙂

      For all the people out there, if you are wondering what is Quest Net or any MLM business about, remember one thing, Goldquest = Questnet = Qnet = MLM = SCAM. (wondering why the name keep changing, lets play game to guess what is its new name )

      Please stay away from them, if you figure out any of your friends/family members joining them, get them back to the right track and face the reality – there is no easy money in this world.


      1. dear x-questnet, i Totally agree to ur last sentence “there is no easy money in this world”, rest is ignorant, lol :P, you seem like a person who quits walking on road because there was an accident the other day. look the mirror. I wont waste my words in justifying facts, i believe you are a super smart person, and can find lot of valid info online.



  36. I don’t understand, why people don’t understand that MLM business is an opportunity for everyone to earn, but people invest blindly, and then sit and complaint, if you work hard u make money, my wife is working for Quest net and she manages to earn a good amount for our house. She is very happy with Quest net.


  37. Hi friends,
    I would like to suggest you that, MLm business with Questnet is a good platform to earn good returns on the investment that you make. Make optimum out of this opportunity. I have made earned well, So you too have this opportunity, give in the best to see the best results.



  38. plz questnet is not a fraud, people are making money out of it, one must understand to invest wisely, and to work hard. if you dont do this you will have problem, dont blame the company for this, as questnet is not a fraud. Questnet is a reputed company; I am working for them since last 2 years. It has been a good experience and each day is a new day for me. I work hard and probably that’s the reason for my happiness. Inner transformation is necessary to perform well at Questnet. I have always received my products on time; if you haven’t contact the company they will surely help you with it.


  39. I’d like to address joined members of Q-net a few questions that I’m seriously and extremely interested in hearing the answers of.

    1 – Do you believe in god, or in immaterial richness/purpose beyond material mortal satisfaction?

    2 – Did any of members/buyers ever brought another Q-net product than the one required by during the registration/sign-up proceedure? or bought the product without joining Q-net? ( if yes please state the product )

    3 – would you consider joining similar “legal scam” jobs where money are hard-earned and big, yet no legal consequences, only ethical and principle ones?
    ( example e-mail scams, medical scams, even dentists who break another tooth while repairing the first one so you come back next month.. )

    Please note, that there are endless unpunished ways to get filthy rich such as starting a company in poor cities to sell ubundent imports such as food, medicine and clothes at insanly high prices… or cook cats from that alley and cell them as steak sandwitches outside, and relocate every now and then.


    1. 1 – Do you believe in god, or in immaterial richness/purpose beyond material mortal satisfaction?
      Ans – U r not GOD, neither any God said that Network marketing is illegal. YES I believe in God & God has only guided me to it, he made me believe in it, he made Network Marketing Industry worth UD$170Billion…
      so stop asking stupid questions. Now in this blog itself, their r more positive replies than negatives.

      2 – Did any of members/buyers ever brought another Q-net product than the one required by during the registration/sign-up proceedure? or bought the product without joining Q-net? ( if yes please state the product )
      Ans – Many a times coz some ppl r just interested in these world class products. My friend took BIO-DISC from me to test & then after 3 weeks, he bought 4 BIO-DISCs for himself & family n dint join Qnet. Similarly my downline’s uncle was interested in BIO-DISC and not in the biz.
      QVI though is my hottest selling product. Have sold over 70 QVIs. One Bernard H mayer swiss watch.

      3 – would you consider joining similar “legal scam” jobs where money are hard-earned and big, yet no legal consequences, only ethical and principle ones?
      Ans – Now its getting on my nerves, STOP calling my bread n butter a ‘scam’, I take it as my personal insult. U wer asking abt do others believe in GOD? I ask you, do u believe in GOD? If yes, then I dont think GOD told u to insult some1’s bread’n’butter.
      Whatever is legal on this planet is not scam, u r not bigger than the governments who made it legal, neither bigger than GOD to call my biz a ‘scam’.


  40. ur blog didn’t post my comment !! afraid of my words..my first time to write on this site & is saying dublicated comment..lol..professional blog this is..:S

    here my e-mail is (sara_blueyes@hotmail.com) wanna complain..and post my proofs


    1. Dear Sara ^_^ this isn’t my site, it’s governmed with WordPress and they keep it quality and clean..

      The reason you get a duplicate happens when you click many times trying to send the same text.
      to fix this ^_^ use Google Chrome / Firefox.. if you already have bugs there.. then you have to clean your temp and cookie files. 🙂


      1. Hi Dinoraptor, I’d like to applaud u starting this blog on Qnet! I met 3 guys fr this company during lunch today. I knew the scheme is unethical in some way cos simple calculation would provide me with the answer that no company can EVER sustain if all their employees need to do is sell 1 product in their entire lifetime!!! And keep getting more ppl or ur friends to do the same. Cos if you don’t then u end up as the sucker who paid the guys up there!

        It’s an easy enough system to earn Gd money without requiring much skills or qualification. Hence this scheme appeals to those who come fr a poorer background, is more simplistic in nature, have less education, is oppressed at work, is in debts, is highly stressed as they want to earn more money to provide their family better quality lifestyle, in short, ppl who want to earn easy money for whatever reason in the most convenient manner.

        That is why you find that many Ppl fr Qnet trying to defend their company swearing that they have received the benefits or $$$ fr this scheme. Network marketing, MLM or in whatever way you put it. Sad but true. My advice to you, stop replying to their reaction to your post. Why allow them to even defend their cause here? No point “debating” with them, why even bother to waste your time?

        The 3 person who spoke to me of which one was my friend who is new to the scheme and thus the two seniors required to help him pitch the sale. I’m a financial consultant earning a decent income of 200grand a yr. My assessment of the seniors is undoubtedly poor! I seriously cannot imagine a person who speaks like them can even be earning an income of $40grand a week!!! Maybe they truly are earning that amt, I don’t know and don’t need to know and I’m honestly not v interested to know. One of the seniors is an Indian and earning such a fantastic income but he lives in public housing… No offense to public housing seriously but wouldn’t a person earning such income even want to splurge a little on his own lifestyle if not for himself then for his family. After all, why work so hard and keep our money in a bank? The bank might even go bankrupt for all we know! Right? Make sense? Of cos there were several other questions I asked but I felt I was given an honestly retard answer! Omg!!! I’m writing in just to share my experience and hope it helps.

        I’d like to urge everyone who is reading this if you haven’t gotten into the scheme to ask yourself just a few simple question:
        How can a company be profitable if their employees just need to sell 1 product for the company in their entire lifetime?
        Who will end up the losers?

        For Qnet employees who will undoubtedly flame my post, good luck to you and good for you if you are honestly making this amt of money. God will ultimately be the judge.


  41. DInoraptor
    I have to thank you. You have helped me a lot by asking so many questions. It made me go for a proper research and thank god I did that.
    It just re-affirmed my belief in Qnet. 🙂

    Oh and with respect to scamming our fellow human beings
    Ahh lets say the celebrities do a better job, they advertise soaps which they don’t use, clothes they don;t wear, shampoos never used by them… atleast in network Marketing/MLM we refer what has been used by us.

    ANd this is more or less like talking to your friend about the latest movie or the latest retuarant ou enjoyed. If done in th right way/spirit there is no moral or ethical issue. The issues arise when people over promise, force, use emotional blackmail
    e.g. You join I will work on both sides for you (this is a lie and a scam, one has to work/ refer/show plans to earn money)
    You don’t have to work hard (you have to work hard for 4-5 years before the organization gathers such momentum that you can relax)

    dear Dino and other sceptics, I know where you come from and its ok… the model is not a scam some of the 7 million customers are scamsters and you meet such ppl in verywalk of your life.
    Beware of them.
    (I personally met a uy who toild me that he would place people under me if I joined him… LIAR)

    The benefit my friend is that, its not a slog of 40 years.
    and You can do it along with your job.
    I would again recommend you to read Business School by Robert Kiyosaki
    The book will give u insights abt how network marketing works.
    The industry is good but has some bad companies
    (IT had satyam, Banking saw the fall of Lehman brothers)
    Qnet, Amway these are good companies… its the people u meet who are good or bad



  42. Awesome discussion……..

    I observed this and I am sure some would not like it. People supporting Qnet are abusive. Their language and communication is improper. Why is that so?

    I wonder what happen to the guy who is deep down this nest of Qnet and who is not able to get two more to join the group. Well someone somewhere somehow is going to be cheated for sure.

    It is good that people are making money but money should not blind you. The problem with money is once you have more you want some more. And then people start denying self ethics and find excuses to continue believing in something like this.

    I see strong comments from Qnet supporters and I see a strong push towards money in their comments. I am sure they wont like my comment and they will abuse me as well.

    Think about a person who spend so much to get involve with you people and some years down the line he realize that what he did was morally incorrect. What would he do then? Quit and find something else.
    Whom should he approach. To his friend whom he brought into this scheme and made them think about the ethics.

    Well… everybody needs money and please people (for or against) dont be abusive. By being abusive you dont make any impact to statement. It simply shows immaturity and non respect for others.

    Oh and by the way…… If someone from Qnet supporter group could answer two questions raised by x-questnet on September 23, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    1) Who is Ian Lyons? My leaders once told me he is not a surgeon and dont address him as a doctor, so what is his qualifications and expertise? Doe he published any scientific papers/research about biodisc/nanotechnology/scalar energy? If yes, please give me one.
    2) what are all 14 minerals (last I heard was 15minerals) which said embedded in this disc?

    I am really looking forward to these answers. I have to tell my friend whether he can join Qnet group or not. So please and forgive me if anyone is offended with my comment.



    1. When I wrote this article my intention was and still is never about attacking Q-net, I wanted to save people and preserve their ethics, I walk home everyday and I look at those people, look at those fancy cars and houses and I think, what is the use of being full of money, if you can’t be happy…
      why do we remember childhood, what was good in it? “The absence of greed, tyranny, and lies” I don’t want to live in such world, and even thou it’s already late, I will not give up my believes and principles for papers. =S


    2. Dude, do u ever abuse your motherland who gives you food, water & shelter? I guess u dont. Likewise We the QNET’eers get frustrated/angry with so many illiterates (ppl who dnt know or are associated with Qnet) talking such nonsense about MY BREAD n BUTTER. NO ONE can abuse my BREAD’n’BUTTER. Qnet to us is like a mother, taking care & scolding for doing wrong at the same time. We love it & moreover we respect it.

      If some ppl fail to do it, they crib about it & write crap, I dont understand why! If you cant do it, plz go & do wotever you can, just STOP insulting.

      About those 2 questions, I am not a scientist to tell abt the minerals, but am the user of BioDisc & it helps in controlling my sinus, keeps me fresh & healthy.
      Neither the x-questnet or you knows what exactly is inside the medicines you take, the food you eat, the TV u watch, the fridge u use, etc. so like him, his questions are baseless coz being partial dsnt make any sense to me.

      Tell your friend to make his own decisions keeping in mind abt the pros n cons (which I guess everything in the universe has) of this biz and use his own brain to DECIDE & not ask someone who dsnt knows anything. Thank you.
      If you want to know more, this will help :
      1) QNET – http://beingspiderweb.blogspot.com/2011/09/qnet.html
      2) who shud join NM? – http://beingspiderweb.blogspot.com/2011/10/what-kind-of-people-should-can-join.html
      3) My story – http://beingspiderweb.blogspot.com/2011/10/success-is-not-everyones-cup-of-tea-but.html

      People here are just dragging the discussion & even after a 100 years there will be only TWO sides, one which is opposing & one which is defending QNET.

      I respect God and fear God aswl & hence I wont do anything that is immoral.


      1. the problem with your bread and butter is it is immoral, illegal, uncivilized, bullying others, rob others, scam, disrespectful and full with greediness to get sign up and in your brain you put aside everything but just want to make more $$$. You build your wealth by recruiting others to get sign up. You ask people to stop insulting your business buy you insult everyone who are working but you didnt realize your commision money all come from you downlines who are still working.

        This is free world and all of us has right to talk whatever we want, we are fine to voice out our opinion, and we are free to choose whether want to join quest net business or just dont give a damn about it. I feel it is my responsibility to stop others joining MLM or Questnet coz it has brought so much negative impact compared to the positive one. Is that something wrong about it?

        MLM is just another word of gambling. Gambling is an industry that legal in many countries, but do you think gambling is a moral business? How many people lose money compared to the one who win? Why Vijay can buy ferrari but 97% of his downlines still showing plans every single day and hoping to get sign up? This is seriously unfair business and this industry just teach people nothing but money money money.. they are so much into it.

        Anyway Rohit, your brain are 100% already brainwashed by Vijay and the gang so I am not hoping you to quit this illegal business so soon.

        I am muslim and of course I do care so much of every single food or medicine I take. I read the labels, I read the instruction to use, I check which countries those medicine come from and what is its ingredients. But what about biodisc? It is not even patented, no research paper over it, no medical studies made over it, the only thing we have is just a testimonials from people. Well I can make another one biodisc as well, I get myself a useless stone, tell all my friends to give good testimonials about the stone that it can cure this or that sickness, after that I publish all the testimonials in my website. then do you think all the good testimonials provided by my friends can be a scientific prove of the my stone effectiveness in curing whatever disease?


  43. @Dinorapet – I like ur view on the childhood, yes we were happy coz of absence of greed, tranny, etc. But being grownup simply means responsibilities, growth, future, dreams, etc. For some it maybe less (like u) for some (like me) it maybe more. by more I mean success, growth & dreams.
    U r not wrong, neither am I. But the way you put Qnet is wrong n thats what I hated. Ur facts r incomplete, though u r not totally right, u r partially wrong.


  44. @Rohit- Seriously can you please take efforts to find answers to this questions,

    1) Who is Ian Lyons? Doe he published any scientific papers/research about biodisc/nanotechnology/scalar energy?

    Only you can enlighten the matter. And please be not offended. I respect you feelings that this organization has given you what you dreamed off.

    I only have one area of concern about Qnet is whether their products deserves the such exorbitant price. I doubt.

    Oh and by the way, I knows what exactly is inside the medicines I take, the food I eat, the TV I watch, the fridge I use, etc. Seriously, there is hardcore research involved into a allopathic medicine before it comes to market. I know it because I am into clinical research and you have no idea what amount of research is put before a drug get approved.

    Can you please find out some articles about Ian Lyon and share the link.



    1. Very true, MLM people always love to spinning around and they would not answer your question directly.
      I used to had 3 pieces of biodisc and for me all of them are useless.
      Biodisc was claimed underwent 20 years of study but unfortunately it is not “documented” so that people cant see. Perhaps the minerals is the newly found minerals that the inventors want to keep it as a secret so that no one can come out with a second biodisc. 🙂


    2. Sorry Sunny, I dont know abt this guy much except that he was one of the main researcher to create biodisc. It works and i nkow it as I use it. If I give u the link to ian lyon, u’ll say its a privatr/presenters page, so no there is no such HIGH END DOCUMENTED page/article on him as I believe what he made is not Godly, just like another medicine. I just pity ppl who dont have knowledge abt Nanotechnology like this x-questnet. See his recent posts n u’ll know who is abusive.
      Yes, the products r overpriced if we see their making cost n all, but here its the biz value that makes the product priceless, but none the less I promote them coz I like em as I use em. company is very open abt its profits n sharing. U wana know more, meet me.


  45. Well, i’m in it and i only have 1 person in my network. Here’s how it happened, so please tell me how I have been cheated. I bought some products to use. My friend, who is 60, was telling me how run-down she was feeling from working at her job. I lent her my energy pendant and she was impressed with how it gave her back her energy, so she signed up and bought one. She is glad she bought it, very happy. If qnet closes tomorrow, how have either of us been cheated?


    1. People need other means or other people to help them believe in their bliss, so you can take a ring buy it for cheap. and gift it as a lucky charm to your friend who will very much respect it and cherish it and it will being him all the luck.
      officially you didn’t get cheated since you “agreed to buy” but the over priced pendant is not that much worth as a piece of accessory, but what is worth the pay is the belief and self confidence that Pendent gave you =)
      The system doesn’t fail everyone, it fails the biggest portion, such as the rich, and ignorant. and later drains a country to 0 X_X


      1. Hello , i’am about to enter Qnet, and i’am so exited about that, the problem that really concerns me is how i’am gonna bring people to join in as the key to succeed in this job is to persuade people to join it.. does anyone have an answer plz.


      2. Foufa,
        plz find ur answer here – http://beingspiderweb.blogspot.com/
        But understand what I wrote & then go n talk to ppl.

        It dsnt drain a country at all. One man rises, the Economy of a country rises.
        example – Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Laxmi Mittal, Richard Branson, etc.
        If u think that only NM company drains a country then plz go out and research where 90% of ur usage/products/needs come from?
        companies like Pepsi, Coca cola, Mercedes, Bentley, Nestle, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Honda, Ducati, etc. None belongs to your country or mine, but we buy or use their stuff without choice. So does that mean they take the money out of our country? YES they do. But u dnt have any problem with them, just NM companies! why so partial my friend? write abt them.


  46. Foufa,
    Please join if you are ready to
    1) treat all your friends and family as a “prospect”
    2) tell lies all the time
    3) promote suspicious products which using non-existence science, for eg biodisc and all the energy pendants
    4) promote overprice products such as watches, and vacation packages
    5) think about money, money, money, money 24/7 restless
    6) think about how to get Mr A or Mdm B sign up using which tricks?
    7) being slave to Qnet leaders, and worship them like a God. Cant argue with them, coz they are your upline
    8) be a part of the “legal” pyramid scheme and have a heart to scam others
    9) wanted to be called as scammers by others.

    Quoting one well knowns Qnet leader, many years ago, he told me ” before a prospect join us, show him a moon, a star, a heaven but once a he join us, show him a hell”

    Good luck.


    1. @x-questnet – coz the road to heaven is through hell my friend… 🙂

      So ppl who r not willing to go thru hell or do hard work, plz stay away from NM. And dont write half truth, utter crap, or total non sense stuff about a company & its ppl.
      Sincere request.


  47. Sorry dude, but u misunderstand me, Hell is the middle part wer most of the ppl like u give-up. I am prepared for what I want, not what you write. I make my own way & I trust myself…


    1. not that i misunderstood you, it is you didnt understand the sarcasm.
      yeap, you got your heaven by giving hell to your people. I was there too, but it wasnt too late for me to realize what I did was wrong.
      You are true, you are in heaven now, but in the same time, you lost your moral value to the greedines! good one!


      1. Man, u r really a kid of 10. You dont understand simple english, pity! Ur school reacher cud teach u nothing then what can ur poor uplines do!

        Me > Hell > Heaven

        And am not there yet, so am midway. N midway is hell, coz people like YOU make it HELL for us.
        Conclusion – Am in hell not in Heaven. But atleast am putting efforts to get out of it but YOu love staying there thinking its heaven. Am happy for you.


      2. Hi x-questnet
        I have attended few qnet gathering , and what i observed completely maps with what you have shared above , I believe your sharing has helped me to make mind to stay away from this. Thanks


      3. Reply to Rohit “Man, u r really a kid of 10. You dont understand ….”

        ‘Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there’ Steve Jobs.

        That’s you Rohit, you think you’ll get to heaven by cheating people because you’re afraid of paying the real price and that is a hundred times harder to dedicate yourself to invention and innovation of your species, rather than your individual self.

        You don’t help making heaven, what makes you think you’ll be there?


      4. Me kid of 10? what about you? kid of 5? you doesnt even know to differentiate between “was” and “is”, present and past tense. Tell me which group in Qnet you are under now? Likeminds? Titans? I would like to suggest your leader to send you to english course. I feel like wasting my precious time replying your rubbish post then realize actually you understand nothing from it.

        Not to tell how many MLM people doesnt understand simple math as how our friend in this blog told us 🙂 They need math class too.


        Heaven and Hell is very subjective. To some of us, leaving in a small house in a rural area but very peaceful with unpolluted environment is a heaven, while to some people who too much into money, that will be their hell.

        You create your own hell. Your business is a hell to others. How I see a couple get divorce just because of this shit, and how i see siblings never talk to each other for many years because of this shits. Not to say how many losing friends because of the hell created by you.

        I left this shit when my so called as “network” was still blooming. I had so called as “commission” deposited to my accounts every week. My scam “network” was in more than 15 countries around the globe. When i left, my upline keep chasing me, wanted me to surrender my accounts, but I just ignore. I let everything expired till now.
        Till now I still regretting my worst 3 years there, but I am glad I am making correct move, not to spend another 1 year in this scamming industry. I still pity with my people who I brought in. I cant get take them out, they are 100% controlled by money, just like our friend Rohit here.

        Now I am back to my daily professional job, maybe is not as heaven as my life with Qnet before, but with better lifestyle and alot of satisfaction in my life and career. That is the total satisfaction that you cant buy with money.

        I rather having small money, than having alot resulting from cheating/ false promising others or sell non-existence science product or useless to others.

        I am glad my comments help some of us making correct decision. Thanks to Dinoraptor101 too. Remember there is no easy money on earth. Be creative and you will be the one who contribute to your society soon.

        Thank you.


  48. Its ok..guys I will show you 10 more sites which call Dell..a scam…Citibank a scam…let them figure out while ..we have a real chance of doing what we want to do… in a lifetime… I am glad Qnet came into my life and the way my family has benefited.. I wish u all the luck..Dinoraptor 10.. I dont need luck..as I get paid well for my efforts..Time is short ..so is life..let the guys debate..while we celebrate :)..Qnet rocks!!!!


    1. You need luck, how everyone in Quest Net or any MLM industry wish annd hoping they meet somebody that will be their strong downlines so that they can retire soon 🙂
      dare to deny huh?
      Time is short, lets make more money,lets find more downlines, lets get more ppl join your team and then you will retire with they money!


  49. Seriously this fking noob blogger, what shit do u know? i’m asking u a dam simple question what the fark u know? just tell me whatever shit u know. u r farking like a dog man! if u seriously want to know more, check it out, stop being a keyboard warrior, unless u knw what Qnet is about, if not, just stfu and suck some balls. SERIOUSLY, you’re making ur mum a joke to others.


    1. ronny you prick……go suck your mamas titties!!! hahahaha enjoy licking your upliners bum for a few years…..time is money right!!!! youv got plenty of sucking to do my friend to be financially free.


  50. Hey X-questnet, dino. I respect you two for getting back into your working life.
    And its really not easy, everyone has their own choices in life so let them be. 🙂
    No point arguing this and that, nothing will change. It is not stated you need to be in MLM to be a millionare. If so,who is Bill Gates, who is Warren Buffet? They also never start up the business in MLM. Human can be sucessful in anyway. It’s just you yourself decide what’s best for you. 😀
    So people stop arguing and cursing each other. Won’t gain anything from winning this arguement.


  51. I read this blog today n I respect all opinions fully. I believe this forum can help someone research into this amazing business called network marketing and even maybe help them start the process to improve their lives through this amazing industry.

    Network marketing is a simple distributorship concept that we use daily….recomend the business and its product/services to your friends (something which we do daily) n make some commision from the sale that occurs(That’s advertising in its own right). S/he does the same, n they earn a commision as well. Remember, the sale has to happen 4u to be paid (i.e. money is exchanged for a product of equal value)….the commision doesn’t come out of the blue. The more products that move under your organization, either directly or indirectly, u will still earn since u started a network of distributorship for the company, which was initiated once u talked to a few of your friends who bought as per your recomendation. It’s a version of franchising called Personal Franchising.

    To be simple, look at what we did for facebook….we actually recommend the service to our network of friends, who in turn do the same(Thus u get the “social network”). Imagine if u spent $10 to join facebook, n for each person who joins the site either directly or indirectly based on your initial recomendation, facebook pays u $2.
    Bottom line….no company ever makes money without the word of mouth advertising that u n I do on a daily basis. Advertisement is only meant to create awareness, but we r actually what makes the product/service move. Once a product/service gets a good raport and moves on its own, why advertise? Think about it….have u ever seen a facebook advert….ever!!!? But facebook still made over billions of dollars. Why? Because of u n me talking to people who talked to more people n so on.

    The reason why people say it’s a scam is because they don’t understand this simple concept of multiplication or compounding. Remember that the concept of this industry is simply summarized by creating leverage. The famous phrase “Your network is your net worth” applies here. The more slaes generated in my organization, the more I earn. Therefore I can actually end up eaning more than my upline. Take the example of qnet: if my network grows faster on both legs than my upline’s, that means I earn faster than my upline. if s/he doesn’t balance her other side, they cannot earn a commision since the set of 3/3 hasn’t been completed on their organization. Only s/he can put in the work required to balance it out. This applies across the board. There r many compensation plans in this industry, but the basic comcept applies for all.

    The basic concepts that govern network marketing govern almost all if not all businesses around the world. They r:
    1) Sharing: U must be willing to talk passionately about what I do n the products that I market. I cannot tell u how good meat tastes yet I have never eaten it. Steve Jobs(RIP) cannot talk so passionately about the iPod yet he doesn’t know how to operate it. It’s that simple. U must love what u are doing for u to do it well.

    2)Teaching/Training & learning: U must b ready to put in some effort to learn about the business, industry and products for u to fullly understand this business. e.g u go to school n learn how to improve your skills in a field…same concept, different teacher. Here, we learn from mentors who have walked the path to their financial freedom and know the path to success, and know a whole lot more than us. In turn, we do the same to new patners who r introduced to the business whether directly or indirectly regardless of the network in which they r under. We thus complement each other, not compete with each other. Thus the better my downlines become, the better the potential for all of us to succeed.

    3)Care n love: U must remember that anyone who joins your organization is basically a baby i.e. they know nothing. I must thus b there every step of the way to ensure that that person is guided to success as long as they need it. That is what we mean by “work”. The basic principle states: your success is my success: If I help just 6 persons in my organization to become financially free, I am way past financial freedom. In turn, I create a bond of friendship that surpases money and wealth since I was there every step of the way. That is how u should gauge success: by how many people u help suceed and achieve their goals n dreams. If that’s not true care & love, I don’t know what is…..

    I do this business with Qnet and I understand that this business is not for everyone, but can b done by anyone. Only those who have the drive and determination to become better people n better the lives of others, besides themselves, make it. This is an industry that gives all individuals an equal chance in terms of income and growth of their personality regardless of social background, finacial status, education etc n that’s why it has created more millionares than any other industry. Qnet has proved to have the simplest, clearest, n best plan in comparison to anything I’ve seen B4 or since. The support system is what makes it stand out from the crowd. The concept of RYTHM is what makes us the best, not just the money.So don’t worry about anything, the Qnet business is actually in itself built to help everyone who wants/needs it,not hurt. No other company out there can match Qnet.

    Thanx for creating this blog n allowing us to share ideas…all the best.


  52. Today I attended one of these Qnet gathering in Amman, it is obvious that the people involved in this are useless, and they do not want to improve themselves, and then complaining why they are earning so little doing a regular job!

    If you are one of those people then just be my guest and be part of this scam, I have a good news for you, you do not have to THINK, innovate or create anything, all you have to do is to be a good presenter, and full of shit.

    Life is not easy, you have to work hard to earn good money, but this should not be your ONLY intention in life, you also need to do something for your country. In the middle east in particular we are consumers and slaves to the western countries. Ideas like this will send us back 100 years, because you are killing your innovation and creativity (if you have any!), and if you do not, you might be doing this for a friend.

    For God sake, even if it is legal it does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

    Good Day!


  53. The person who wrote this is totally an ignorant fool…U obviously know nothing about network marketing..first of all.how can u say this is all a scam when u have purchased a product!!..and you have ur own product with you…this is straight healthy business-consumer relationship. Secondly, the reason why there’s no office and the business meetings can be done anywhere, is simply because the company offers you the benefit of earning some cash provided you market their products through either recommendation or for the business aspect, so its up to the individual where they want to do it..up in the sky, 6 feet under the ground or over a cup of coffee..

    I, just like you was invited to a meeting, the business plan was explained to me, i did my research and decided to go for it and purchased the holiday resort option… I went on holiday, recommended it to my fellow friends who also bought it…and earned some cash…I could not believe it worked!! but it did..I am now doing this full time…

    My advice to you is to come out of stone age and catch up with the world huni, because soon most major companies wont market their products the traditional way and will go down the route of network marketing…. Educate Yourself…


    1. That is normal for MLM people thought whoever against them are fool (as if they are the only bunch of brilliant people in the world), yet they want people (so called as prospects) join them 🙂
      Nothing wrong with selling product. QuestNet being absolutely wrong because the marketing plan is just a pyramid scheme that hiding behind overprice-non-existing-science-product-so-called-as-biodisc, overpriced-holiday-package, overprice-unknown-brand-watches and many more.
      rich will get richer
      downlines just making upline rich

      stay away from MLM/questnet


      1. sir I am totally agree with you. 🙂 . biodics is so overpriced, there are other companies who are selling products like biodisc, and according to their demos they are as good as boi disc but at half of price, you can get rolex watch ,at the price of what qnet sells. All qnet is doing selling MLM scheme with these over expensive , average products.


  54. Well well well, anything that is bound to be a revolution always raises eyebrows of those stuck in the rut of status quo.

    They look at the changers and laugh coz they are different, the changers look at them and laugh coz they are all the same.

    If this idler had any way to impact the world, he would not be spending so much time and effort to convince people about things he has no clue about.


  55. Hi, Dino! I read most of the comments, including your original blog post with great interest, because as I grapple with this business (NM) I find objections similar to yours and others here being raised by my own prospects. I honestly wanted to understand everything about it before I ventured any further. Here are my comments:
    (1)Most comments here verge a little on the extreme, including yours; on the whole, those in support of the QLM business model seem to be more balanced. This may reflect your bitterness at losing money to this business; if you toned down your bitterness, people may believe you more and you may be more effective in communicating your viewpoint.

    (2)I come from a field outside Commerce, and have always held the view that ALL commerce is inherently corrupting to the human psyche; but that is idealism, and pragmatism has always influenced me sufficiently to continue to work and earn my bread. I have the opinion that even my own profession (doctor) is full of commercial interests, and hence the field has become highly corrupted. But I didn’t want to discuss how bad ethics of business have spoiled the medical field. I want to say that this is a case of pot calling the kettle black; we in the traditional business model are already exploiting the human psyche to “sell” our products using various unethical means (I don’t have space here to explain this in case you disagree). The fact that these methods have now been in use for many decades and have achieved some sort of grudging acceptance does not mean that they have now become ethical. To put it succinctly, the ethical part of the debate never impressed me, and all the ranting and raving about ripping-off your friends are nothing but extreme hyperbole. Let us consider a future where majority of goods are sold by direct-marketing; then I see buying any product as something helping some or the other friend of mine. Right now, when I buy some product I always end up paying for celebrity advertisements and lining the pockets of corporate honchos, even without being separately billed for it.

    (3)Another issue that crops up from time to time is whether this is legal, why it is illegal in some countries, why are there court cases, why a product has to be smuggled into a country to be distributed, an so on. I can’t answer the last one, and will take it up with my uplines to give me an explanation on it (I don’t even know if this is true). With regard to legality I can comment in a general way. Every new business brings with it some ethical and legal issues; the regulatory authorities go through a phase when they are learning and understanding the business. Not very long ago this was the case with internet businesses in general. Over a decade or 2, governments learnt what was legit and what was not and then changed the laws accordingly. So if at any point of time a country bans some activity or product that should not be taken automatically as proof that there is a scam.

    (4)I read about the GoldQuest scam in Chennai twice to understand who is saying what; obviously there are genuine complaints, and some poor people got ripped-off, but what exactly is the crime? Is the business model wrong, or is the way it has been conducted has been wrong, or did a few unscrupulous guys take the chance to rip-off some people? The article was a blog, an opinion; the language used appeared biased. The people complained about the business model and then cribbed that they have lost their life’s earnings. It feels bad when put it that way; we feel the same way when a pedestrian dies due to his own mistake. The practice everywhere is to make the motorist pay for it even if it was the pedestrian’s mistake; the logic is that we should sympathize with the ‘victim’, which is humane and commendable. But if I am cut and dry, I will ask people, why did you take a decision to spend this money if you were not convinced of the business? If the business model is legal, then the government can’t take any action. Words like ‘They promised us the moon but did not deliver’ does not sound very intelligent, does it? If I promise to deliver the moon to you, and you took my word for it, then who is the fool here? Obviously there is a disconnect;I cannot expect anybody over the age of 18 to fall for such crap. I don’t fall for it; I understood what this business entails, realize that a lot of hard work is involved and is probably the only way I can make more money. I don’t want to rip-off from patients who trust me; I would rather work free of charge for them.

    Why am I telling you all this? I found that the moment I spoke to people about this business, they did “a little research” (read “spent some time googling”) and came up with blogs such as yours, went through the comments, and came up with the honest opinion that there is sufficient doubt in the situation to warrant caution, and turned down the business opportunity.

    In short, not only did you (and your ilk) fail to see the trees for the wood they belong to, you are spending extra time spoiling it for others and in turn doing them a bad turn. Think a little about the ethics of this (though I don’t really blame you for it; if anybody believes all the crap they read here, then they don’t deserve to be in the business). Put all this in your pipe and smoke it for a while.


  56. Hi ‘Dino’ and ‘x-questnet’,

    I salute yr efforts to spread awareness about Qnet and its evil widespread. I was introduced to Qnet by a close relative and was

    almost brainwashed by her upliner. I came across yr blog while doing a web-search about Qnet.
    I read all the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and come to a conclusion that this so called ‘Legal Business’ is another ‘cheese/ carrot’ in the rat race.

    Its Nature’s law where the ‘bigger fish’ eat the ‘smaller fish’. We have forgotten that we are humans and not animals to thrive on the

    weaker ones. Man is born to have abundance of life but in freedom… not being a slave to money. One cannot say that he is happy

    earning money at the cost of his downliners. Not everyone is a smooth talker, not everyone has a good social network to hire

    downliners, not everyone can earn well in the network inspite of working hard (I have experienced it as an MLM member). Qnet

    members show a very nice rosy picture buts its like an advertisement of ‘Heaven’ when in the end you will experience ‘Hell’.
    1- One must learn from the experience of ‘x-questnet’, he was an active member but what did he get in the end? What happened to

    ‘Security’ that Qnet brags about?
    2- Does a lay man need the products that they sell? How many times a year will u go on vacation abroad? The Wellness products- why

    it does not have the same effect for the same ailment in another person (as mentioned by someone above)? Does it really work or is it

    just positive thinking that heals the ailment? Not everyone has a need to make overseas calls unless u have a business/relative abroad.

    The ornaments and wrist watches, dont we get better well known brands locally? So are u in the network for selling a product or for hiring downliners? Of course, u earn more by hiring people. The product is just there for namesake, otherwise, on what basis will u start a business?
    3- Qnet is encouraging people to make money fast and to indulge in spending on luxury. They get so habituated to luxury that they

    want to earn more by getting in new hires. They say that they want to see u grow but in reality its they who earn more. The victims

    wud be the ones who take loans to get enrolled. Finally, the ‘Big Fish’ will run with the booty. It wud be a big loss fr the ones who have not recovered their invested amount. To those who disagree… you will agree when it happens.

    The Bottom Line…… People who think they are enjoying Heaven on earth, the truth is that it is going to be short lived…. People who have a concsience, quit while u can. There are better ways to make a living… “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”.


  57. You are totally a misinformed person. It’s been quite a long time since I am doing the business and earning with Qnet. It is a very simple business model if you are ready to work hard and also be honest with it. As I have been in the Qnet business for a long time now, I know the business model better. I would like to suggest you that, MLM business with Questnet is a good platform to earn good returns on the investment that you make. Give in the best to see the best results.


    1. It’s not about the income, it’s about depending on others to work for you, and be proud for it.
      I’m not questioning the fact anyone dedicated can indeed earn enough to buy a house, car and get married. etc but do you want to build your life breaking others’ ?

      how about you get smart and invent something instead? if you can’t then you better go/return to university.


      1. Dino, if u depend on others to work for you, does that make you a fraud or the business model? What the model promises is that if you put-in 30-years’ worth of hard-work into 3-5 years, you can earn and enjoy wealth while you still have teeth left in your mouth. People like you may join the business but still fail because you are not ready to work hard for your bread. This business pays you residual income and allows you to retire, which is called ‘leveraging’ and is practised by rich people all the time. Bill Gates is earning because all the employees of Microsoft spend their daily 8-hours’ worth to build his wealth. Being a philanthropist at heart, he is donating his wealth for a good cause. If you earn similar money, there is nothing stopping you donating to charity. I agree, the first bit of money you earn by hard work is sweet; but when you have to work-hard all of your life and never see the end of it and never be well-off enough to enjoy your own life (which is what our parents did and we will, too, unless we have the capacity to think out-of-the-box), then the hard-work you do is not so sweet as all that. You are welcome to it if you enjoy hard-work, but you cannot stop a business idea whose time has come. All these years, a few individuals and companies earned at the cost of everybody else; this business model has the capacity to finally democratize wealth – which in my opinion is the only way to remove poverty ignorance and greed from this world.


      2. Reply on Raj:

        Raj, Bill gates started a company and his “ideas” made him rich.
        the business model you’re talking about brings about the destruction of entire country economy, by unbalancing it.

        if you want to be rich and young, you better study hard, find the solutions.. here are some of sky-money methods..

        “work hard build a building and rent it’s apartments”

        other methods to earn money include good management

        “any business what so ever, a small shop, or an insurance company, will bring successful income with good management”

        BUT you have to learn to do that; however you are lazy and rather leave many people in the street to buy yourself a yacht.. you want the society to stop being poor?
        stop letting people get rich, and all the money will be spread among citizen…

        another smart quote states “there enough resources to feed the entire country, but now the rich get richer, and poor get poorer” solution lies in everyone working for the country, and the country works for everyone. nowadays everyone works for himself and the country collects taxes in exchange for providing a suitable playground. – Stupid.

        you will never do hard-work in your life.. if you do what you love, and you be the boss of yourself, you start your own business and watch it grow up..

        Raj most people make a mistake spending their youth working for others.. there’s no shame working for yourself… but Q-net is YOU working for THEM.. eventually at some point you will leave them. and what then? do you think the 10 millions you earn now, will be the same value 20 years later? nada, what you need isn’t money, you need a sustainable stable income, you need your own business. and that requires study 🙂

        Breathe deep, seek knowledge.

        “Raj says:
        December 30, 2011 at 5:32 am
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        Dino, if u depend on others to work for you, does that make you a fraud or the business model? What the model promises is that if you put-in 30-years’ worth of hard-work into 3-5 years, you can earn and enjoy wealth while you still have teeth left in your mouth. People like you may join the business but still fail because you are not ready to work hard for your bread. This business pays you residual income and allows you to retire, which is called ‘leveraging’ and is practised by rich people all the time. Bill Gates is earning because all the employees of Microsoft spend their daily 8-hours’ worth to build his wealth. Being a philanthropist at heart, he is donating his wealth for a good cause. If you earn similar money, there is nothing stopping you donating to charity. I agree, the first bit of money you earn by hard work is sweet; but when you have to work-hard all of your life and never see the end of it and never be well-off enough to enjoy your own life (which is what our parents did and we will, too, unless we have the capacity to think out-of-the-box), then the hard-work you do is not so sweet as all that. You are welcome to it if you enjoy hard-work, but you cannot stop a business idea whose time has come. All these years, a few individuals and companies earned at the cost of everybody else; this business model has the capacity to finally democratize wealth – which in my opinion is the only way to remove poverty ignorance and greed from this world.”


      3. which prove that you are claiming depend on others to work for you?..Do you know that all of them work together?..the profit, is depends on their own hard work. It depends to personal of someone. Some leaders, they are stil do the same work with their team…helping their team and give their commitment. Are you working or you own your own company? If you own company also, you are depending to others to make the profit of your company right?…If you are working…you also depend on the company to pay your salary…in this world, we cannot leave alone…


  58. My case: Getting called out to a coffee shop and wasted 3 hours listening to the agent(a friend) and watching everything drawn on pen and paper. I have to admit I would have been convinced enough to join their “network of passive income”. But when the agent drew the 8-balls diagram to show me how it worked, I really laughed,

    I also felt a sense of loss, a loss of a friend, to be precise.

    Agents love targeting young adults who love the idea of making it big without doing much work.
    They don’t know the consequences and are easily swayed psychologically.
    There’s no such thing as a free lunch, people. Only by working hard for something will give the actual results it’s worth.

    But your blog does provide an entertaining read, i have to thank you!


    1. o.O well if you’re asked to steal from people, for a large sum of money, let it be “allowed and legalised” so you don’t face any consequinces, would you do it? many said “yes” I never will … because last time a client stole 50 JDS ( equivalent to 85$ ) I wasen’t happy about it, I wasen’t happy for him.

      I don’t want that kind of life where it’s about upsetting other people to fulfil own greed…
      Q-net has enemies because it upsets whole lot of people, by taking away their money and their friends.

      the proof it’s true, is simply how many reactions this article got, I’m glad for those I saved, I’m sad for those who don’t realize it.
      but in the end O.O it was merely a personal opinion of Q-net, Good business doesn’t get endangered by articles =P


  59. Dino, I understand from reading your blog again and again that what bothers you about the business is the ethics of it; please don’t think that I don’t empathize with you. I think you need to read a little history here; every new concept has met with similar doubt and scepticism. This is true about advertising, about franchisee businesses, about online transactions – literally each and every new idea. Many models fail. This fact above itself does not make this model of marketing the right one. But in the history of the world you will read that people ALWAYS doubted those who were thinking differently; only when the smaller group showed them success did they finally realize the truth about it, and then it became an accepted norm. In fact, a business starts the process of failing and collapsing precisely at the point when it achieves large-scale acceptance, and there is a bit of cause-effect relationship here. Businesses fail if a large majority of people start joining it and making money from it; inherently they have the capacity to make a few people rich at the cost of others. I really believe NM is the ONLY business model ever to have been thought by the mind of man which has in it the ability to make ALL people rich at nobody’s cost. I believe this because I see it is a PEOPLE’s business; it is not about celebrities telling you what to buy. It is about your friend telling you what to buy. It is not about some middleman making money for doing nothing: you are in the middle yourself, and you are doing a LOT of hard-work for the money! And those doubters who remain in the periphery hoping that this model will fail and prove them right, by the time they realize the truth, it will be pretty late – though I definitely hope not too late! And I don’t need the opinion of thousands or millions to tell me what is right – I know what is right on my own, because I have an awake conscience. So just because a lot of people gathered to comment on this blog is not in itself proof that what you are saying is correct. It only proves that birds of a feather flock together. Do a little unbiased thinking; just because you spent so much time on this blog does not mean that you must spend the rest of your life justifying your opinions. People have got things wrong in the past, and it takes only a little humility to realize that you COULD go wrong. In the end we always believe what we want to believe, but a little logic and open-mindedness never harmed anybody.


    1. Great speech, got me totally convinced, I typically now agree that Q-net COULD be something else than scam in the future, if it progresses selling services, such as trips, and tourism plans, and count less on highly doubtful merchandise such as BioDisk and Miracle Pendents, Q-Net should deliver the goods to meet the expectations and satisfactory outcome to it’s clients.

      there are 2 big concerns that might bring this down
      (1)- the country’s economy is failing as the services sold on large scale are of international source.
      (2)- the products themselves are scam , cheap chinese watches and Miracle items? C’mon people! sell something better.. like the over-priced “REALLY WORKING” acne treatment, or a good suit worth it’s price.
      Bio Disk stunts may get better net profit for Q-net BUT it doesn’t help long term.


  60. I did want to answer some earlier inane arguments:
    (1) You said: “what is a scam? scam is a business that makes you contribute or deposit an amount of money .. yet not guarantee the income… and state that you have to work it.

    you know I can right now with out Qnet go to people and convince them to raise money together for a project we will all work together in, and later grab the money and run.. it’s just that Qnet doesn’t run…”.
    Have you contradicted yourself? If Qnet has not run, you can go to the police or sue them through the courts and they will be there to defend themselves. It is like saying that a guy with the surname “Thief” is in my home, he has some of my things in his hands, and I am waiting for him to make a run for it so I can call the police and tell them “Thief stole my stuff”. If you think Thief is a thief, then don’t put any stuff in his hands, and don’t wait till he runs away with it! But before you slander his name, wait till he does run for it or somebody else proves that he is not just Thief, but also a thief! So the same thing applies with Qnet; either prove that it is a fraud in the right forum, or hold your breath till somebody else does it. The only reason no one sues a blogger for slander is because you cannot stop such things these days, with the internet being what it is; it is like a dog’s bark magnified by megaphones!

    (2)Another friend (x-questnet)of yours ranted and raved against his senior business partner: ” My upline keep on saying she so care of me, till the day I decide what I did is wrong and i told her i am no longer interested in doing questnet, the first question she asked was when I want to surrender my account to her (as she know I earn alot left and right)”
    I know x-questnet is a very sentimental person because he wanted his upline to care for him more than for his account; but does it escape your notice that he said, “…she know I earn alot left and right” ? If he had stayed in the business, she would not only have cared for him, but he would have earned a lot of money as well, though that is obviously not important for him!
    (3)Some people have wondered how this company can afford to pay so much in commissions; obviously this is asked not out of curiosity but as a rhetoric, otherwise they would have stayed on long enough to find out!
    (4)Pyramid scheme: virtually every organization is a pyramid; one of the responders in your blog explained this very elegantly, so I will not bother repeating what he said. Frankly an Uncle of mine talked about pyramid schemes (he is GM with a Japanese company), but being a layman it didn’t impress me either way: I remained open to understand what all these things meant. Pyramid refers to the shape of the structure, and is not a problem in itself; but if goods and services flow down and value or money flow up, it is a legal pyramid. In fact in this business, each of us have our own pyramids and we are at the peak of our own pyramid.
    (5)Rip-off from friends: how does it become a rip-off? I earn far more than what my friends pay; I don’t get their money, I get the money which the company can ethically say belongs to it. By paying you commissions, the company is incentivizing its sales force to increase sales; is that illegal?

    I realize that all arguments are rhetorical; nobody is listening. If anybody is really curious, he just has to spend a little time thinking about it. I tell my friends – you are welcome to join if the idea fancies you; if not, we are still friends and will remain so. Does that sound like I am ripping them off?


  61. Hi Raj,

    Referring to your statement:

    (2)Another friend (x-questnet)of yours ranted and raved against his senior business partner: ” My upline keep on saying she so care of me, till the day I decide what I did is wrong and i told her i am no longer interested in doing questnet, the first question she asked was when I want to surrender my account to her (as she know I earn alot left and right)”
    I know x-questnet is a very sentimental person because he wanted his upline to care for him more than for his account; but does it escape your notice that he said, “…she know I earn alot left and right” ? If he had stayed in the business, she would not only have cared for him, but he would have earned a lot of money as well, though that is obviously not important for him!

    I pointed this out to portray how quest net people are actually well trained in faking everything to make this business and them look good. Give you another example, new questnet joiner is taught how to tell “white lie” to his prospects so that can get his left and right team.
    Please get the point right.


  62. Hi Dinoraptor101,

    The companys’ we work for only pay us 1/100 th or less what we earn for them. Would you not call it a scam?

    The truth is: Right from our birth we have been seasoned to a system which we have surrendered ourselves to. The result of all existent systems is that 97 % of the world’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of 1 % of its population. Do you want it to stay like that forever?

    I see MLMs like Qnet as a step towards a revolution.

    Each individual must be paid as per their true worth. That is what I’ll call a fair organization. Looking forward to see such organizations crop-up this generation / at-least start one myself.

    Hey Guys,
    All our comments have given “Dinoraptor101” a lot of “clicks” he owes us all a treat now…..


    1. Good companies pay their employees well and “education” is what allows you climb the ladder to success.
      without the system that we have humans would’ve killed each other in wars over who gets more.
      let me also point out your scaling and numbers are extremely incorrect please state that you do actual research before commenting things.
      MLM is a good way to deliver over priced products cheaper to it’s target resources, ( consider Facebook targeted advertising concept ) which is already a sort of MLM, our current economy’s only step to “better” lies within joint effort, and not more individual oriented “like it already is now”

      if you want to be paid your worth, find the job you’re good at and you love, and give more… no shame in working. if you work hard enough alone “regardless the occupation” you don’t need Q-net to support your back unless you’re good at nothing… no shame in confessing that to yourself and start learning now in that case.

      and spare the last mocking comment about “clicks” to the boring,
      Keep in mind this article is about Q-net, and not “Dinoraptor101”

      I just hope no one is upset among those “commentators” that I actually let your comment pass
      but I believe if you have “no scam, spam, adult content” then you have the right to express your opinion.

      Please include at least one reference to your statistics if possible, that will help me and others on their research.


      1. Hi Dino,

        phew!!!! that was a really engaging Yes-No, You-You deliberations.
        I wonder why is that the CEO of a company always makes the max money in his company?, and it tapers down in the same order down the company Pyramid.
        Ok let us say I work for this X company and I see that there is a senior guy who is 10 years experienced in this company earning 5 times my salary. when I say 10 years experience what in most cases imply is 1 year experience and 9 years of repeating the same stuff without really much applying any grey matter save for using the same once in a while which any one with common sense can do. So if some one makes 5 times the money just bcoz he is doing the same thing again and again for 10 yrs what I am doing too now, is this not a scam? I feel when both of us putting 8 hours of hard work, we should all be paid equal….. any how now this company gives me an annual increment of 5% for my services and the overall expenditure due to inflation around me increases by 10% annually and at the end of every year I am gasping more and more to survive.
        why I say this is I have asked many of my friends who are working in good industries like software, law, engineering and who have put in over 10-15 yrs experience about the savings they have and always the answer is that they dont have any savings as their earnings barely equals the expenditure and they are in similar pitiable situation
        So I guess this is a honorable situation nonetheless as I am a sincere hardworking employee getting paid at the end of the month for my service. You also agree that most of us the middle class working class strives and struggle hard to survive through out and barely make the ends meet. so where is all our hard work going? who is enjoying the fruits of our efforts? whose dreams are we building? If we are building our company CEO’s dreams then what about our dream? How am I going to realize my dream? dont you think every one is scamming me and taking me for a ride?
        ok assuming that I work hard and become a GM and so on and so forth, then as you know it is lonely at the top. in a company of 1000 people there is one CEO and all 1000 cant become CEO’s coz then you dont have workers. so that happens to all those hard working people who can never rise above their 9-5 work and die broke
        What do you think Dino?


      2. I absolutely agree with your approach, and your reason that Q-net gives the people who don’t have any funds or high education layer that would allow them to start their own company to actually be treated fairly; communistic system Q-net follows is great, however the way it was introduced to me by stupid newbies who explained to me a clear scam,
        showing me miracle videos to sell ridiculous items for ridiculous prices, I’m not judging the fair treatment of employees, but the abuse of the end user consumers who may want a purchase without involvement with Q-net subscription. seriously would you sell an unheard off Bio-Disk through an unheard off Company witha high price and yet call it NOT A SCAM?? that IS hard to believe


    2. This BLOG is fraud, its a SCAM man. Dinoraptor earns for free while we click n type on his blog n pay our internet bills for the time we are wasting on replying n commenting. Stop this SCAM dude, not ethical way to earn while eating our precious time dragging us simple poor people to your blog.


      1. why you coming here then?
        “….our precious time dragging us simple poor people to your blog…”
        And I tot you were super rich talented questnet scammer?


      2. I know you wrote this for personal interest in my upcoming reply,
        although totally unrelated I didn’t want to disappoint you 🙂

        I will not argue further, but point one fact.. this is “wordpress.com” and I earn nothing, except for our joint contribution to better understand Q-net.

        and so far.. I know that Q-net IS indeed a successful marketing strategy and organization..
        but it should stop selling out suspicious merchandise “that make it look like a 100% scam” such as Chinese watches and miracle pendents, if I get into Q-net i’ll be selling expensive medicine like “Rowactine” for half-price.
        the pharmaceutical company will only be glad to “sell more” evading lame taxes, and profit for stores.

        and this 500$ should change from product price to a one-time subscription fee to buy cheap products per-se.


  63. Good Work Dinoraptor..!
    It has been an interesting read and just to put forward my understandin of it..

    The concept of earning from referrals (which we anyhow do) can be very dangerous because if every company takes this route, we wont really get to know whether our friend referring something really means so or is there a monetary gain behind it. This can break relationships. Lure of Money can take people to any heights.
    I’ve gone to those ‘coffee shops’ 4 times till now, everytime with a different ‘friend’ and trust me the language these IRs speak is all the same.
    I don’t understand how can ppl vouch for products so confidently which they themselves have never used..even if they have, they ‘lie’ coz they dont have any other option..they gotto get their ‘investment’ back.

    I honestly believe that a business model can never sustain if the products are ‘shitty’. Qnet if at all has to become a genuine trustworthy organisation – please bring forth some ‘useful’ products at a decent price so that no one hates you and feels cheated..you’ll automatically increase your customer base..with no spending on ‘ads’ and ‘commissions’ if you have ‘good’ products.

    In todays date, Qnet is for those who dont have anything ‘better’ to do..once into the trap, all you will think of is next ‘prospects’..and driven by a fake distant dream of financial freedom..even if you get there, you’ll lose a lot in the way.

    There is more to Life Than Money, my friend.

    Make this world a ‘Better’ place by creating a valuable ‘service/product’ which solves a problem and yes, be a billionaire from that..Let Money follow you, let Money be your ‘Slave’.


    1. Im sorry but that is a LOAD of garbage. We live in the real world where we need money and everyone can make it through this. Nothing wrong with that. Ive read too much ethical nonsense on this website.


  64. omggg how stupid you are , omggg , i swear if i see im gonna shit on ur face ass hall , qnet its the best way of living


  65. Hello!! took me long to read all these comments. A few days back I was introduced to qnet in a “coffee shop” – looks like a fav hangout place for qnetters. The IR explained to me the concept of MLM and qnet. This is wat landed me to this blog. When the IR was explaining stuff to me he started with the company and the countries it operates in. Excellent! its a huge company. Then the products – He started with energy stuff – my mind took me to batteries and generators. When asked what this energy stuff is, I came to know about these pendents that block energy. Lol. Maybe it is correct, but for me its nonsense. Not what i believe. The second product, vacations, I am not interested either. The third product, watches, I am not interested in them either. Then he said jewellery, i am not interested in jewellery either. Then he tried to convince me to buy something for my family. Why should I when I dont need? After explaining everything he asked me to sign up. I didnt wanted to because I wasnt convinced.

    The fact is – anyone whose prime importance in this world is money, qnet is the place for them. qnet is not a place for people with principles and morals. Everything in this world is temporary except good deeds.

    In any business/trading – your cost price is $1 and you sold it to a friend for $100 – you are making $99 legally. You will be happy that u made a great deal. I guarantee you that when the friend finds out, you will loose a friend. That is the time you will ask yourself what I did was right? Its not about earning money, its about earning rightfully. Remember, Whatever earned rightfully will prosper.

    Even if Qnet is not a scam – I will die hungry rather than kill my principles and morals for a few bucks that wont even last.

    I ask all the qnetters involved in this blog to respond truthfully where they stand now after a year of this blog.

    Last but not the least – I thank dino for the blog and all who think like me. Good to see people with principles and morals in the 20th century jungle.


    1. Well, I agree with what you says…Qnet is not for everyone in this world. Its not about convincing people, if you think this is not for you, just say NO. and move on…


  66. Dinoraptor , thanks for the info bro, those info were too important for me 🙂 .. I will never enter to such business making a headache for me ..


    1. 🙂 you might be interested in reading the comments they reveal a lot of interesting information by Qnet memebers as well as victims =] thanks for your positive comment!! I missed those 😛


  67. One word about FIFA/F1.
    Celebrities or organization do advertise for you if you give money. It does not mean they trust you.
    e.g. Sachin Tendulkar, Rhiitik Roshan advertised for “Home Trade Scam”. Recently Shweta Tiwari did ad for some fake “Cat Eye” and “Abhimantrit Yantra” which prevent “Buri Nazar”.



  68. lol is this about religion and ethics or about making money? This is about making money! Do you make money off this YES…full stop.


    1. It is about choosing between staying human, or selling your principles out for money and greed.
      Of course if there weren’t people like you ( money worshippers ) Q-net wouldn’t exist! 🙂


  69. I am really thankful that I came across this blog. I was almost convinced about joining Qi Group. The same story repeats. I was called in by one of my friends who told me how doing a job is unsecured specially when my company lay me off recently and how I can take charge of the situation and be a boss of my own and decide how much I want to earn and in what time span.

    I was asked to attend a seminar in one of the conference halls at one of the popular shopping malls in Malad – west, Mumbai. I spent 4 hours watching several videos and presentations and listening to different people who shared their stories about how they came into Qi Group and how within one and half years they were able to attain “Financial Freedom”. Everybody seemed so convincing. To make the presentation cheerful they even had some of the members attend the presentation who kept whistling and clapping and standing and making others stand whenever there was one or the other speaker who entered the room. Everything looked so well choreographed to ensure that people like me who dream to earn “more and more” money stay glued to their seats.

    One of the presenter talked about how he got into Qi Group and also had his parents join the group and convinced everyone that its not MLM but its direct selling. The presenter also cleverly shared examples of how much he earned so far.

    There was another presenter who tried to keep the atmosphere light by being humorous and jolly. While talking about the Qi group he mentioned that it was because of his wife that he is into this business and he hates that his wife earns more and also showed a RADO watch that his wife gifted to him. (I wonder, if Qnet is also selling “HAND MADE” custom watches the why did his wife bought a RADO. Sounds interesting)

    Another man demonstrated Amezcua Biodisc that they claim to help lessen if not cure certain diseases like diabetes; etc. They mention about how this product has been tested and verified by various institutes. (I have checked the Amezcua website and also checked website of the institutes that has supposedly issued the certificates, everything including the certificates and claims appears to be fake.

    Well there can be many things that I can write about the four hours I spent understanding Qi group but its irrelevant as of now to discuss them all. I am glad that this forum has been an eye opener for me. For those who still wants to say that the money they earn is legal and that nobody is cheat, I leave it to their consiences to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.


  70. However, I should state there is no Open International University of India. There is a Open International University of Alternative Medicine in India but I’m not sure on their policy on handing out degrees. Sounds fishy from what I’ve read though…..e.g. exams you can take at home over your own time….


      1. Since I live in India a lot of the time I can assure you that bribery-based corruption is a major factor here.


  71. Dear all … Qnet is a scam. I am seriously considering of finding a way to throw the ir who ‘interviewed’ me today in jail. Beware qnet people in dubai, you will soon be caught and thrown in jail to rot. Working for a living is not slavery, but believing in qnet and the garbage spewed by those that claim financial freedom it achieves is truly a crime.


      1. The details are laughable, anyone with good common sense would figure out it was a scam from the first five minutes. What did upset me is the realization that I was in a lobby hotel room where other less suspecting desperate good souls where falling for the scam. The ir and the supervisor became suspicious and gave up on me in about 30 mins after I rejected their ‘question after question’ discussion style. I started playing it back to them and nailing mr.supervisor with some questions about his personal life, quickly discovering he is a dropout collegiate loser who is pushing a hustle. He left my table and joined an adjoining table and started the same exact conversation with a poor earnest looking couple. Was quite close to grabbing the guy by the collar and calling some CID friends for a quick pickup. I did find out in the course of the past 24 hrs that ministry of economy in Dubai did some have some observations on the previous incarnation of this criminal organization ( gold quest), and shut that company down, so I am planning to pursue these idiots and get them the hell out of Dubai. They have officially f**ked with the wrong ‘prospect’.


  72. I don’t wanna say that such schemes are scams. I was caught in one such thing and it failed badly.

    First of all I don’t think that without any efforts you are going to earn anything. You can rely on the pyramid thingy but it means that you will constantly have to keep adding people in your network. First of all you need to convince people to buy stuff from you and you will tend to talk to people whom you have know for quite some time. You would simply think that because you know someone they will get into this along with you. Even if you manage to get few people in your network you will have to see that they are doing their job properly so that the network keeps growing and you keep getting your commissions as promised.

    If everything works out well I guess you will be a rich person soon.

    However, nothing is perfect in this world and so is this scheme. This scheme might help you earn few dimes. But there is no guarantee that the person you add in your network will work as hard as you. If the network stops growing how will you earn more money?

    There are good times and bad times. If you are in a bad time i.e. not earning as much as you dreamed of; you are going to become desperate and would try getting more people to invest in this. That is when you will start persuading people into your scheme. If you are a fantastic speaker then you might become one of the best people in this business. But if you don’t have the power to convince someone, you are going to loose not just your money but few of your friends and relatives too.

    So long this scheme is working for you and the people in your network, you will keep getting your money and will have your relationships intact.

    The fact that this company was sued several times and in several different regions just shows that there are people associated with it who are not happy. Maybe because they didn’t get their money, or maybe because the products they bought weren’t good enough.

    Even if this thing works for you, you can not guarantee others that it will work for them as well. If the person who joined this scheme because of you fails, he will definitely badmouth you and this company.

    I believe that doing something like this needs lot of dedication and motivation. If you are not a sales person don’t get into this. After all sales is just about convincing people that what you have is what they need. To do so, you have to be heartless and money minded. If you do this to your friends or family you have no ethics at all.

    This is definitely not a side business or something you could do in your spare time. You need to run behind people to get you money back. In the process you might earn money but no reputation for sure.

    Instead of buying something from this company I would prefer investing in mutual funds, gold, oil or food products (which gave almost 70% returns in one year).


    1. My thoughts exactly, and since I’m living in a third world country I’m most likely to buy a car and drive my friends to and from work for some honest living, I was thinking of buying FB stocks when they got low, or build something and rent it out of not live in it to save my own rental fees etc

      Honest living brings more than dishonest greed
      And since YOLO we should make right choices

      Money are earned and spent, but time can’t be earned back 🙂


  73. wow dinoraptor you are my hero
    i really admire your blog and your comments .. and your calm and polite attitude even towards those ignorant and angry people who insult you instead of having a reasonable argument which proves that they are the ones who are brainwashed .. i mean come one a plastic disc that can cure cancer ?? pfffft seriously ?? anyways ..
    i would be honored if you add me as a friend on facebook ( Smooz Low Dose )
    i appreciate it and thank you 🙂


    1. I surely would add you on any email or Instant messenger

      However I’m a bit squeezed out on Facebook ^_^. I’m trying to spend less time in it and be more productive ( helping people and picking trash in the street along with other silly things ) :3


  74. I did read every single comment on this website and I have come to the conclusion that most of the people including Dinoraptor101 have not the full information and knowledge to judge about QNET and the way of making money trough it. Let me start with following, QNET is not a pyramid scheme, QNET is based on a Binary system. The difference between binary system and pyramid scheme’s is that in a binary system someone can make more money in your network than you, the only thing you make is credit if you don’t work on your other side. QNET is headquartered/established in Hong Kong and owns the 3 top floors of the Bank of China building. QNET is not a scam company and legally approved by the DSA of Singapore which is one of the strictest DSA worldwide.
    QNET is a business who helps people (RYTHM Foundation) and give them the opportunity to make money wherever they are (Free enterprise).
    Why QNET was banned in several companies is because some Independent Representatives of the business might used it wrong for example in Turkey, over there people forced them to join them, if not they are going to get murdered, what would you do if someone forces you? Join sure but this is not the way you should be doing this business. Or for example QNET was banned in Sri Lanka, the reason for that is, that QNET used to sell Gold coins as GoldQuest, and in Sri Lanka there was only sold in the country by the government, that was the reason why it was banned there. Or in third world country the business was banned because they did not wanted individuals to make big amounts of money, because money means power!
    The reason why QNET changed the names during the years is, that QNET started with the name GoldQuest, the reason why name got changed to QuestNet is that they stopped distributing Gold Coins and started to sell other products and give people more choices. Why it changed to QNET was to make it more trendy.
    To come back to the point is why many people started writing blogs and writing negative things about the business is might because they got shown the Plan by someone who was desperate about making a cheque rather then sharing the opportunity to make a lot of money.
    People who want to do this don’t let yourself get influenced by any kind of websites. ANYONE really anyone has the opportunity to share his opinion online, so if i create a blog and start sharing that person X is a really stupid person and bla bla bla, is that true? No its not but people start thinking QNET is a scam.
    QNET has partnered up with really big names, so who are we to question the credibility and reputation?

    Just to add on, when I’m showing the plan, I tell the person sitting in front of me about the business, that he has to work hard, handle rejections, learn, be willing to pay the price to work hard to be focused. I tell him how the business works. So where is the scam if someone tells you how hard it is to make money?
    And yes, QNET makes millions trough sales generated trough us, but for that they pay us thousands, which business does that?

    After doing this business now for a while, i can tell you its a hard business, it is simple but not easy, but it works!

    In life there always going to be people who don’t want you to success just because they don’t want to be left behind…
    So guys don’t let yourself get influenced by an anyone online or in real life or by any narrow minded individuals who do not want to take the opportunity to change their life, if you want to do the business, good luck to you and be aware you have to work hard but you get payed like that.

    And if you think its a scam? ITS THE BEST SCAM I HAVE COME ACROSS. My team and me, we make very good money and everyone is satisfied.


    1. *paid <– Fixes you

      A very interesting comment and you do have a point about not believing what every blog writes, however think of the comments here as a customer feedback that Q-net doesn't officially support ( I doubt it has one to start with ) most customers aren't really satisfied neither with the service and/or product by Q-net. because there's no quality assurance / proper training / or even updated information within the organization itself, leaving Q-net's credibility in the hands of it's members who cluck about it, while Q-net basically survives on the employees' greed! instead of focusing on something like "quality customer satisfaction". if Q-net is a business it doesn't pass for a sales business for sure.

      I did not quite understand how can someone in your network make money more than you, since you make money from every person they invite your over all total income percentage remains always higher than your network members, am I not correct?


    2. lolx..the company always change & u still involved in it??waooo..amazingggggg
      and so really????there’s ur downline who earned more than u???are you kidding me…hahahhhaaa…binary tree systems is the person who at the tops earn the most…hellooo


  75. I have read each and every single comment here, and I wished i had come across this before joining QNET. It works for some, and for the rest it doesn’t. If it works for you, that’s great. However, I am not the kind of person who can just dump my family and friends, and destroy relationships just to achieve financial freedom. I agree, money can be earned and spent, but you can never get back the time lost. I am looking to leave QNET. As for the product, it’s crazy but it works. I joined in for the business plan. In fact, I didn’t even use the product until a few months back. Being a person of science background, it sounded like some mumbo jumbo but I was shocked and surprised to see how effective the product is. I sacrificed a few things (not much) for this, and my time has all gone down the drain. Lessons in everything in life, and this is my lesson learnt. Network marketing is fantastic, and you have to be very persistent and patient (like in anything else in life). Some prefer coffee over tea, and at the end of the day, that’s just how it is.


  76. Hello All,

    Not a Qnet IR or partner. A colleague referred me to this business model; hence the research that lead me to this site. I am not sure if I’d be joining net or not, it could be either ways. But a few of my observations:

    1) It is really a matter of what you want out of life. There are many people who consider something morally wrong and if this model is morally wrong; it is the case with every business. All businesses sell products/services for a profit; sometimes 100-200% profit and that is when they reach the Forbes list.

    2) Products: I agree that the products should be appealing and not there to con people. I have not used these products so am in no position to comment on them. It is all about who is making the choice.

    3) I genuinely believe that if this business is done a) Providing the exact product on time and as per promised b) All IRs work towards a decorum of giving the right information to prospects and not fill their minds with false dreams c) Not force the prospect by any means and give him/her space to make their own decision d) Don’t lie about the process. If all the points above are satisified, no one on this blog will really have a problem.

    Eg. A lot of the consumer electronic vendors charge a mark up of 100% on their handsets. Invest most of the revenue towards marketing and getting celebrities to talk about them. The consumer goes and buys the product. The device might not be the best in the world, even thought the vendor communicated it was. Is it a scam? well you can answer this and both answers are correct based on whether you are looking at it from a business point of view or a pure lie or truth.

    As for Dinoraptor101: I don’t agree with a lot of your comments as they are biased (like most of the people on either sides). However, I commend your logic, dialogue and decency that you have displayed. Thank you for starting this discussion.

    ps. love that you have registered TM on your name. Cheers!


    1. Dear Observer 19,
      I agree with you. There are plenty of people who are doing very well in this business. At the end of the day, it’s how one looks at the whole situation. Unfortunately, I ended up with the wrong team. Good thing is, I managed to write in and terminated my account, and got refunded. I was told by my upline that refunds cannot be made. However, after looking through the policies available on QNET’s Malaysian website, I found out that it is very much possible. Dealing with people is tough, no matter what field one’s in. Just be very careful, and trust your instincts. Wish you all the best.


      1. Wow a refund by Q-Net? that must be some new policy, many of my colleagues didn’t get a single Dime, can you please add a link to that website? and does it apply to other countries besides Malaysia?


  77. my best friend is into this and has been trying to get me to join for months.Too bad she didn’t invite me to a coffee shop,i love coffee 😦 we did it in Mcdonalds,heck at least i got a free burger 🙂

    i’m in with dino in this as i am not convinced of their products and i come from a middle class family with lots of financial and health problems,i guess that makes me a good target.My friend is persistently trying to make me buy the bio disc.I believe tht i can get rich,given i have alot of contacts and my contacts have alot of contacts to be persuaded to join. I personally will never do that to anyone,for one reason,Ethics. I can never sit and watch tv while some poor people below me is paying my bills as i once used to be poor as well. i just hope i’m not gonna lose my friend over this.


  78. If the QNET IRs are so confident about the success of the business model and are convinced this is not a scam. Why don’t you sponsor your dependent distributors so that they don’t have to pay anything? In return you get to own the product they buy and the dependent will pay you the commissions he earns until he pays off his debt. Why not go one better, if you’ve paid $300 for your dependent, you can convince him to pay you back $600 from the commission he earns.

    This way the dependent is not at risk, he gets the confidence in the business and gets more IRs for your binary tree and sponsors them with the commission he earns.

    Risk free for everyone and everyone wins.


    1. QNET is driven initially on people’s greed, and the IRs can’t be liable for their clients’ success that which they say “depends on how hard they work”, A member of QNet isn’t as much interested in their dependents’ success but rather in selling the product.

      QNET Business model can be used for GOOD…”Such as selling worthy products of their money; by at least 80% ratio, but unfortunately QNET want to make the maximum profit out of minimum investment which wouldn’t work in such a model like QNET, this model should depend entirely on customer satisfaction and mass selling market.


  79. U cannot call any company or organization a scam because of the people working in it. And specially for MLMs its very difficult to control people who mislead others. Its the responsibility for the person joining any network to go through the terms and conditions before joining well I recommend them to check how the company works and if they find is suitable enough then they may join. I appreciate the people who are saying they are trying to save others from such scams but I request them to but up valid questions or talk to the authorities to get valid answers as well… Salesman don’t always know the detail of the products they sell they just know the benefits how it is used and for wat it is used now how can u go the him and say what is the science of it u r simply asking the wrong person and wasting your time. And as for the watches that u talk about they are swiss handmade watches better then some of the brands which are not even handmade n r still sold at huge prices because of their name in the market now do u call that fair pricing? No! But we still buy it. And for the xquester who says he made good money and then after 3 years realised that he was cheating people give me a break! It took u 3 years to know wat you are exactly doing are u that stupid? Bro admit it that u just didint make enough money.. And the IRs are always responsible for their downlines who are not making money and encouraging them and giving them support is in a way its good because if he makes money his upline also makes money n both are happy I don’t find that wrong in any way when u are in a team game the coach encourages u to play good its not because he is worried about your salary he wants his team to win simple. The business is NOT for the people who can’t work hard if u are lazy go find your self a job. Bottom line qnet can be done by anyone but it does require a lot of hard work and u should be ready for that and at the end u will get a lot of money.


  80. I totally agree with you. People only think bout the outcome. But never think its whole system. Qnet and its sites can be totally safe, but the problem is its business.

    There are many limitation in this pyramid structure. Not only this, all the pyramid structure business. People who are in the top level get higher benefits using lower level people. Lower level people have to find more people to earn money. According to this theory, it’s a endless system. Therefore it’s not sustainable. If anyone have a good knowledge about economics, he/she can easily understand the background of this story. Most of the counties, including my country this type of business are prohibited.

    Again thank you for this valuable information.


    1. The person with the highest sales during the time period given is the person with the highest income in Qnet
      The person who has the highest affiliation income is the Top of Qnet and he has the highest income to least effort ratio.

      *Notice this is a conclusion to a former study on Qnet 2010 business structure, I’m not a member of Qnet and I do not know of any changes, inner workings, or subsidiary tasks to Q-net.. this is a personal estimate


  81. I am also been cheated by one of my senior colleague

    Before 6-7 months I have invested 85000 and till date I haven’t received my product. And when they have shown me business plan, at that time it was told to me that we need to work online on portal to earn money. And then post investing they telling me to do marketing…………..and telling me to do the same thing which they did to me to my family and my friends to earn. What the fuck………..

    They are the big fat lairs and cheaters.

    Plzzzzzzzzz do not get victim of them.


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