Taking the Initiative

a weird “best employee” strategy that I have yet to learn since I didn’t go to university nor college, I probably lost most important educative classes, unlike School which consists of barbaric education of forced religion and generalized occupancy, University in my thoughts maybe teaches people how to think and exactly what they want to learn by choice… well after all they pay for it.


According to Samantha, an employee in-training is not exactly “training” but so to speak in “trial mode”

where he’s given a pathetic salary and expected to out do himself within the job’s occupation… sometimes it even takes to kiss your boss’ ass to satisfy him, until you get your first promotion…

now the question that confuses me, “is it worth a year of slavery to get 50JD +  over your salary ?”  let it be a world standard that people abuse their workers since the beginning of time, I still believe it’s totally unfair that I work like a donkey, while some other dude get’s to work over my head JUST because he’s either older, or certified ( note that I’m talking about certification in case both experiences in the field are equal or null .


Steps to take the initiative and becoming the best employee..

it doesn’t limit to what’s included in your contract or asked from you to do.

as a “trainee” you should learn “everything” including what’s taught and what’s not..

1 – first of all learn what your boss does, learn how your company works, and learn everything possibly related to your work such as connection, aspects, subjects, related companies, similar environments, connections, etc..

2 – Kiss your boss’ ass, not literally but you should do everything he says with extra. for example he asked you for a cup of coffee, you should NOT forget to get him a tissue, or if in Summer a glass of water along with it.

same goes for cleaning this room, don’t limit to wiping a table or sweeping but clean the couches, and mop the floor.. etc etc…

3 – do NOT argue with your boss even if asks you to do something our of office that can be done with less expenses and time on the phone..  because maybe the BOSS has his reasons,   if he later re-thinks and starts a conversation only then you’re free to suggest or provide your opinion.


O__O Those are the basics.


What are your thoughts on this?

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