Facebook Feature Suggesting

Since Facebook team is very busy and placing an official feature suggesting page on their platform will generate almost over a billion of suggestions…

Therefore I thought that the best way to send the a message is to make it as simple as a blog article..  I’m positing the suggestions I collected this weak that I believe will improve Facebook as both a community network, and social media platform. and I don’t suggest that Facebook should make deals to share data with government,  I know many of you are wondering about the power Facebook has now that every single person is using it?

Facebook has enough power to police the world, share information with governments catch criminals and even it can legalize crime on a real-world level by manipulating internet data flaw..  similar to Arsenal Gear of MGS 2 Sons of Liberty game.

With Facebook connect API the power facebook now extends beyond to all other sites, from personal level to news blogging, and even introduced the openID method to a level where Facebook became the passport to internet!!

many sites in near future will depend on Facebook entirely… but Facebook has many security holes, many difficulties yet to come.. and that’s why.. suggesting how can Facebook fix this.. is important 🙂

PS: Facebook’s power comes from the people who use it, and Mark Zuckerberg is a good ruler. I would vote HIM for president of the world.

Because you see the power he gains he has never misused it, and only directed it to benefit community. and his services will always remain free to you, so to thank him, =)  just enjoy Facebook. and learn the value of being united as species 🙂

My SUGGESTION LIST ——————————————

Application Privacy
Multi Select and Actions
( Delete selected apps  / Don’t show on Home Page / etc. )
Ability to list apps in custom categories ( like the “edit friends” structure.

Better Facebook Albums
Multi Select Photos and Albums
( Delete Selected Albums / Move to Album / etc )
( Auto Correct / Rotate / Edit / Crop  )
( Drag and Drop photos into Albums )
( Multi Level Albums ) e.g.: my photos / wallpapers / nature / land.jpg

ZIP / Unzip  uploading when uploading alot of images.

Allow File Sharing as a new branch Home > Files > Uploads.. etc

Account Linking:
for people with multiple profiles
Allow linking and switching between them
like pages.
(Pages can’t choose fans and contact them as friends, they don’t work as good and universal as an account for fans can 🙂 )

Friends / Connection management

Add filter by “Others” (non listed people)


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