SWSO Network

My first social network project is the most online effort I’m doing lately into implementing WordPress Buddypress and mashable technnology… although my scripting knowledge sucks I managed to understand and improve a lot


The Objective of SWSO Network is to study and create a working multi-oriented social network, where people can gather in groups, and proceed to their work area..  that will include features to help them in their daily lives..


Unlike ordinary Social networks, SWSO includes more advanced features such as in-group activity scream, multi targeted direct file sharing, and of course what every community needs… an integrated forum!

Aside it’s main goal, SWSO is set out to create a complete profiling, with user side privacy settings, as well as album management.



SWSO Minimizes email notifications down to user’s choice of targets.   by default.. the user is notified only when he’s mentioned.. private messaged.. or recent updates occur to his group



SWSO is not a famous project, neither it’s a joint operated project however it’s a free to access and use all features

since the project is new and still in Beta.. I’m trying to attract more users to it..  but with my marketing skills it’s hopeless ^_^  so if there’s anyone who can help me make a marketing plan.. please contact me


What are your thoughts on this?

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