A speaking piano

This morning I had a dream, it started blurry as I visited some friend’s friend house who had an old piano.

never used it was covered with dust, yet considered an antique of over half a century old.

the story goes that an infamous girl composer used to write songs every single day.

her notes neatly organized in the shelf on the far end of this room…

said friend that this house belonged to that girl and her mediocre family. when his great great grand father

bought it, his grand father decided to leave the piano and the shelf untouched after he organized the notes that were at that time scattered all over the floor.

he claimed that the piano is alive.


awkwardly excepted but respected after his death, friend’s father kept the piano and the shelf literally “untouched” not even cleaned, the room around was always cleaned. and at some point.. even his father got obsessed with it as he said to have heard it play, and sometimes even speak…

I was so interested that I asked to stay over for a few weeks to solve the riddle of this “live” piano.

first night was silent, dark and fearful you could hear the winds blow as if a winter storm hit in the middle of summer night.

the next few nights I could swear I felt that piano played some tune I could hear in my sleep.

although when I asked my friend who slept next to me on the same piano room floor. he said he did not sleep, neither heard a tune.

I’ve come to accept it as a obsessive symptom where the mind sees what he wants to see or hear.

just like kids when you’re searching for a toy long enough you start seeing it’s image either on an empty bed or under the table.. blinking..

7th day has come and I was packing my stuff when that piano decided to reveal itself..

the piano played a tune one which was once composed by the girl.

friend’s father recognized it said that grandpa used to hum it at mornings.

we decided to break that oath and touch that piano..

me and the father carefully cleaned the dust and opened the piano to see it from inside.

it has no player, or any type of automated playback mechanics.

looked like an ordinary stand-up piano.. the only difference it was not branded, no logo, company name.

and the inner panel seemed to be golden or gold-plated.

I decided to try a trick assuming that the piano is indeed alive and it wants to reveal itself..

What is the name of the girl who wrote this song?

piano is still silent.

I insisted on staying over for another 8th day..

the night was calm, all were asleep.. except me.. I was sitting next to that piano staring at it restlessly.

I talked to the piano all the time.. with no response.. I felt I’m crazy..

until I asked that pop-quiz.

If you can play tunes at night and you are inhibited by some ghost soul.

might as well be that girl, wouldn’t you want to compose one more music?

answer yes with highest note..   and no with the lowest.

the piano played the highest note. and it wasn’t only me who heard it..

my friend came in and said “don’t touch the piano” I responded

I did not.

he had a confused look and judging by my distance I couldn’t have pushed a note and run back by the time he opened the door..

we kept staring silently at the piano.. until I quote “that’s it.. the last moment”

either I go home, or either I write with you that final tune.

piano played the highest tune.. again.

this time my friend heard it… the tune plays yet the keys don’t get pushed.


I played a beautiful tune that lasted the other half time of my dream. something I have never heard before.

something 2 hands could not play alone…

I woke up and It still rings in my ears. and I called it.. “Last Moment”.

I’ve come to understand that something happened to that girl who played and composed on this piano.

and her soul forever united with this instrument… waiting for another chance to finish what she started.


The end.


What are your thoughts on this?

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