Facebook New Dirty Tricks

Bellow are the most common dirty tricks!!  this is posted so Facebook staff, and users be alerted about it and take action for it.

1 – If someone adds you as friend,  you can accept him , check his personal information.. steal it and then block him!

2 – If someone bugs you alot..  request  reset password on his email a few times. and his account will be blocked..

and by the time he notices is and logs in back.. many of his friends would have not been able to post, access or reply to his PMs… which is a catastrophe.

3 – If your account got blocked for location purposes.. you can have 2 accounts adding each other as friends.. simply login using your second account and guess out who was tagged where.. and it will help you unlock it!!

4 – if you add your friends always from 2 accounts,,  when someone blocks the first one you can always fuck him up with a report.. or answer a creepy message with the other one..

5 – if your friend blocked you, that doesn’t mean your friends are blocked!! always have yourself another account and pretend to be a friend of yourself ..!!

6 – Facebook SUCKS because once a person is blocked you can’t block him back or report him.. so the only way to do that is by using your friends’ accounts.


2 thoughts on “Facebook New Dirty Tricks

    1. Yeah, I checked that site.. fortunately for me .. I listen to Facebook guidelines to “DON’T ADD PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW FACE TO FACE” thing ^_^ I suggest people follow that rule too beyond FB


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