Look into thy soul in one day

It all starts with a diary, we write hoping others to read, in our modern world it’s now called a blog.

a spike of fear pierces my back, if on day people used to have their own lives, for now their existence belongs to no boundaries, privacy is a mare illusion, crime on morality raised to no limit, misery has spread.

The only way to save yourself is isolation, for the world with you is still untrustworthy.

What was once a cure for loneliness has become a plague more dangerous than solitude for now I simply “WISH” I could be left alone, perhaps that I can regain myself.

On the first sight I seem to want revenge… to make pay those who committed crime against me…

but all I want is… a new start… but I know I’ll never have one… for life cannot be undone.

an evil wish is a misdirection, the cure is usually under our noses… but we don’t notice it.

life as I know myself will never be the same.

bu”SHE” will pay for her crime.


To what extent will sorrow consume me

Cast in darkness, friends desert me.

no one wants to be with the depressed because they all seek to rid of their own, if you can’t understand your depression you can’t escape its grasp, depression is one of those things the only way out is through facing it, just like fears.

There are no words that explain my loneliness… what extremes I reach are unbearable by normal beings… sorrow has taken everything from me… I only live awaiting my death.. Words I wish to hear…

” I totally understand you”

But what I really want is for to sleep and never awake…


We remember the good things in people…

let it be they hurt us, but remember that they also once saved us.


What are your thoughts on this?

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