Summer Night Breeze

Written by Brightness of the Morning

Out in the summer night breeze
I stand all alone
Waiting patiently,
For someone to come along

Trees gently swaying
The wind slowly calming
Hopes all fading
Emotions dying

Standing all alone in the darkness
Gazing at the starless night
But the moon so bright

I closed my eyes,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Angel in my mind
A tiny bit of faith still there glowing
Hoping and waiting for you to be drawn to it

I longed for that Angel to rescue me
A saying crossed my mind as I closed my eyes;
When the earth’s tumbling, when the world’s ending
When hopes and faith are shattered and vanishing;
When dreams are turned into nightmares; don’t lose hope
for an Angel would come and bring salvation to this dying world of yours.

I pray that this Angel of mine would take me away,
And fly me away to a far distant land.

My Angel fly me away to a distant land, where there’s only you and me….


What are your thoughts on this?

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