A Conversation with God

Dave: Do not stop reading or you’ll die!

 God: WTF! Not another chain message!!

Dave: I know, just messing around J


I figured that love is evil.

For I don’t blame the girls leaving me, hurting me, or preferring me to someone else

I blame my pure heart for leading me to pain.

I will lock myself out like everyone does and limit my passion to worlds my own life, and happiness…

I know thou I will not archive the aspiration I desired since I was born…

I will not swear, although I want to do so badly. But principles stay principles. I should stay calm and happy, I’m angry but I forgive you bitches “bitches is stated for the girls who hurt guys for personal goals or fun, also for girls that do not deserve to title of lady.”

Spring is over and I’m glad for it, beauty is nice only to look at but not living it, because later on sorrow follows.

With all the hatred and sickness of this world it can be cured with extinction..

This human race experiment of yours (addressing god) sucks ass. You fucked up again.

You shouldn’t create limited variations. You should use environmental consequences harsher. And give them a lot more time.


I know that you believe perfection lays in balance of good and bad… but actually..

Your science is wrong. The perfect being.. is a being that can see  the good in the bad as well as everywhere else..

The statement good equals acceptable. And you shouldn’t deny the bad from happening since bad is good.

Dave: What the fuck are you talking about God? If bad is good then I should be evil and mess up everyone and do the worse I can do!!

God: You can do a limited amount of bad in your life.. as well as a limited of good.. the only way you can do more of any of both is to balance it.. for now you’ve done a lot of good and non of the bad.

To do more good, you have to do your share of bad. That’s choice.. you get to choose  to go left  or right.. but from time to time.. you always should make the both choices, because the road goes forward.

Dave:  OMGWTF!! >.> so I don’t have a choice to do what I want in life?

God: no you do, but you can’t choose “another” life.. you only have one, but this one life can be altered in any way you want, what do you want more  MAN?

Dave: >.> Gee I want to create humans like you do?

God: Get a girl.

Dave: LOL! Thanks but I seem to can’t get that.

God: fix your head up, from that love shit, stop abusing passion to your personal interests and find the balance.   And I’ll give you a girl of your dreams the moment you do what I said.

Dave: >_> uhuh right.. what’s next?

God: do your best in life, job, education, and don’t just forget me like I’m some dead ghost.

Dave: Yeah I know everyone lately is neglecting you

God: Pish humans you keep comparing yourself to everyone to be BETTER than. Not be them.. I suggest you do that.

Dave: Oh well thanks god o.O can I post this conversation on a post?

God: :S  be my guest.. and hey… try to be more wise, what goes around comes around 🙂 if you were mistreated, forgive; and when you mistreat you will be forgiven later on ^_^

Dave:  O.O yeah when you put it that way. That perfect is to sin half my life. I will need a LOT of forgiveness from people around me

God:  ok session is over. I got a population in line, excuse me.


What are your thoughts on this?

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