Rio Movie

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First experience watching Rio Movie is something I could not describe for the first 7 days, I got addictive into it and watched it for 16 times during the week I was late at my discovery, Rio movie was no longer rolled in theaters… a heart breaking news that was.

What makes this movie (in my opinion) the most creative accomplishment of the 21st century.. is too much to put in one sentence.

1 – Character Design/Animation:

Blue Studios Producer Carlos Caldanha especially invited an expert on feather motion “aka Feather effect”

and breathed reality into an animated movie, doing the human acts of walking, talking, dancing, and more..

wings  were used to represent most of expressions like human arms and shoulders do, while talons were used to grab objects since it’s hard to accomplish with wings. and this made it more realistic.. on how to put a human spirit into a bird.

Tulio (the ornithologist in the movie) is a representation of how you can put a bird animations into a human being.

In this movie I noticed that they use something similar to AGAIA physics in high tech games. where every detail of the 3D environment are affected by random elements usually ignored in movies such as wind current, light reflection, surrounding humidity (in Rio Forests)

Although human and animal faces look funny, they were created to point out the Anime in the animation style.

Facial expressions are the first thing I noticed in Rio movie, every second frame was craftily designed to track the change of expressions and reactions to what the character hears, sees, or thinks.

2 – Sound Track

This movie’s success involves mostly in it’s Songs and Music!

Rio Movie features few of the best world singers such as Jamie Foxx and (a DJ) where both play major roles in the story as well.

All the songs were written exclusively for Rio ( excluding “Say you, Say me” by Lionel Richie ).

The Drums and rhythm are breath taking, I recommend watching this movie ONLY with high-end professional headphone speakers to enjoy Rio movie to its full extent

3 – Humor / Intelligence

The comedy of Rio movie is sensationally smart, where every encounter is rich with human flaws such as “speak before you think”

or “change of thoughts during a conversation, with different reactions” it must have been a big challenge to realize how bird nerds would react accordingly.

Jewel (the female Macaw bird) was given the role of being a wild bird who has a strong personality yet trained to keep her feelings to herself.

Blu (the male Macaw bird) is a nerd bird, who is open-minded to everything, sarcastic yet cautious when it comes to make life altering decisions.

(Afraid of flying due to a psychological childhood trauma )

4 – The Plot / Scenario

The Story involves a rare species of birds known as Spix‘ Macaw, and it’s believed to be based on the book “Spix’ Macaw: The Journey to save the world’s rarest bird”

has become an inspiration to many bird lovers to buy the bird trying to save it not realizing the intriguing fact it’s “THEM” who will drive it to extinction, especially others who are aiming to get the bird to sell it for higher price later on.

Spix’s Macaw (type of Parrot) has become quite popular in the mid 60s where it was first known for its intelligent ability to understand humans beyond than repeating random words, same goes for the Cockatoo birds that are now extremely endangered, the Cockatoo is mostly white, and it’s significantly larger than the Macaw

The film production staff traveled to Brazil to study the natural environment of the birds’ origin, as well as to study further about the birds for Rio movie.


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