32Core / Arc Reactor Scheme

Believe it or not I know how to make a miniature  32 Core Nano Processor  O.O   you can implement the same structure to create an arc power reactor, there’s no limit to how much levels you can add as long as the central transistor size technology allows it;  the main issue here is,  Why does Steve jobs put a limited last year tech into iPhone.. ?  Answer:  so he can sell you the next generation when he’s out of ideas hihi…

Hey STEVE if you’re reading this hire me.. I already have an idea how to make cars fly, as well as supply a battery size “infinite energy” generator  o.o works for space too, you can use it on space stations..

oh ALSO.. I come up with a scheme ( too messy to show here )  on  anti-gravity  propulsion technology using a dynamo!  ( need a bigger lighter more powerful than current dynamos thou, but it works like cake )


2 thoughts on “32Core / Arc Reactor Scheme

  1. I have some questions about powering this up.
    You still know there’s a limitation on the cell.

    In fact, there’s an engine developed and being testing, suppose the first product will be a car in 2014.

    If succeed, then the aircraft, using gasoline is a bad idea to do everything now. And the states are trying to get rid of it.


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