The answer to life and existence.

While the answer will be unsatisfying to most of you, this is the ultimate conclusion to a long research, I know the answer is the process of searching for it..  and this shortcut will only help guide you in your search 🙂

“We are the present result of an unsolvable glitch, where to analyze complexity with simplicity and simplicity with complexity; instead of writing the general result will always be .. 1 the missing is always compensated, the extra always will result in something else’s subtraction to balance the equation. which indirectly involves a systemic flaw, to keep the chain reaction ( glitch ) repeating.” – By Dinoraptor101


2 thoughts on “The answer to life and existence.

  1. This applies if you believe that the world is made out of Data (kinda true), but humanity is not a glitch nor an error. We are an evolution of other life forms that existed before us, and we might also evolve into other life forms or get extinct(not likely, humans are pretty tough).
    And your answer to life is not an answer at all, it is just an explanation of what life is but the answer to it.


    1. The world is made out of information in which energy forms it’s material existance. humanity plays but a small part in unbalancing the life on Earth. the glitch, is a purposefully intended flaw to trigger a loop error occurs when an intended task fails to perform ^_^ I think..

      comparative to life on Earth, humans eradicate all life on Earth.. driving their own kind to mass extinction.. who are they going to kill when there’s no other life than them is left? first a racial war. slavery perhaps…

      but if my theories are half-right at least.. life will trigger a balance restoration to continue the loop, in which humans will be driven to mass-extermination to give change for other life-forms to survive.. that’s why animals existence and faith in god, are key ingredients to human’s survival..

      Humans are not alone, neither they rule much of the system, they are week, and dependent 🙂

      That’s my opinion ^__^ of course you might have a contradictory you’re welcome to post an article and include your links here as well.. thanks!


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