Public Message to Canada and Japan | War on Russia for natural resources.


Both Canada and Japan are crazy enough to attempt starting a war on the most powerful
nuclear country, Russia.

Are you fuckin out of your mind? yes you want the resources buy them, you can’t have the

Russian land. because Russians will not, I repeat, WILL NOT give second thoughts about

using Nuclear or even more powerful weapons of mass extinction.

1995 the creation of a game knows as fallout predicted that the war over natural resources

will bring the end of the world, people will hide in vaults, life on the surface will be

eliminated by radiation..

and for the next 10 thousand years the entire human race consisting of few millions

remaining, will live without food, technology, animals, forests..
and eventually eat each other to survive..


If anyone has anything to say to Canada and Japan before they start a useless war that will

result in a nuclear holocaust, please comment bellow so the world reads.


3 thoughts on “Public Message to Canada and Japan | War on Russia for natural resources.

  1. This is an interesting opinion about he war, however what proof do you have that Canada & Japan would do it? I mean Japan has motivations and they are at a conflict with Russians over the Kuril islands but I dont think they will make any unexpected moves, especially that Russia has pretty tight Army forces located in the territory of the far east (Vladivostok) which will be ready in case of an attack.


      1. Well, we never what might happen in the near future. Let’s just cross our thumbs that no nation will go nuts and start a nuclear war.


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