“Allergy symptoms”

I wake up every peaceful Friday and enjoy only the morning because later on all day the imam (in the mosque) keeps depressing me with hate speeches about “kill the Jews” or something like “Our Enemy “The west” has destroyed out children and turn them against us brain washing them”  when clearly the dude uses the western technology to speak out, and probably uses the internet to Google his way to prepare his speech the American way, and yes he has a "western technology” in his house called the computer, the cell phone, and telephone.

but if one little word about “Islam sucks” gets out of you , day 1 , you’ll have 20% more blog readers

day 2,  you’ll receive death threats, day 3,  you’ll get a warning from “special” services, warning to arrest you.

day 4, you’re being followed and your phone’s being tapped,  day 5 , you’re arrested since you didn’t listen to them

day 6, the Islamist extremist will get you  even if you’re in government custody!

So who’s being racist here?  >_> pfffft!, everyone who wants to show others he did right by “doing the wrong everyone likes!”


Jews are not the enemy, West is not the enemy, you ( who thinks everyone is enemy ) is the enemy of yourself, and your madness can’t be cured, at least pretend to be sane goddamn it!

no one cares what god you warship, as long as you respect one another, and accept all people as fellow species, not aliens.

God bless you all, love one another, and remember the rule is be “human” be you, not what “they” want you to become.


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