WORLD TOP Free Hosting Service Providers!

Not The crappy list that gives you results leading to disappointment.. this is the real deal of my sleepless whole week research!!

Ranking of WORLD Best Free Hosting

1 – HostyMe  by Steven Tjakra (StevenSST) offers a VPS Optimized cPanel x3 , featuring true unlimited capabilities no restrictions of ANYKIND!, simple terms,  Signups are all manually confirmed, and the hosting has a clean, safe, and secure history record and available 99.8 SLA Up-time!

2 – x10Hosting  ( fully packed cPanel with all features, very powerful support, no negatives! )

3 – Byethost ( Fully packed custom panel, horrible file manager no compression features, internal SQL hosting ONLY.. no SSH..and total control.. )

4 – Zymic ( Custom Panel.. no File manager No PHPMyAdmin, limited file size, limited FTP connections, not suitable even for a wordpress site.   only good for custom made sites.. without CMS.

5 – AwardSpace ( Custom Panel, Ajaxplorer file manager, phpmyadmin, unlimited stuff except 2 add-on domain and file size doesn’t exceed 2MB

6 – 0000Cost  ( Offers cPanel with all features and no restriction, BUT there’s a catch, TOS is incorrect and they WILL ban you the moment you start using the site, and accounts can’t be unbanned.! ( Dangerous ).

7 – 000webhosts ( cPanel and all that , BUT! they blocked me because I ran an SQL Query )  NO SQL Queries here..any CMS will get you permanently BANNED )

the rest are all the companies who use free hosting as a marketing asset.. I won’t even mention them, they give me stomach cramps, offering pathetic excuse of a service.

Wish you all the best.. should you find a HostyMe Like hosting make sure you tell me =P  but I’m sure that won’t exist.


This is the best thing happening to me since HostyMe Hosting ( Discontinued )

Picture taken on HostyMe Free Hosting cPanel service.


And here’s the tempting ( ) Hosting Pack be were that there’s no support

no backup, but one guarantee… once you use SQL you’re banned, and once your banned, you’re never unbanned. there goes your domain loss 😛



What are your thoughts on this?

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