SOPA– The end of the free world.

Internet gave the people freedom of ACT, as to

1 – SAY what you want
2 – DO what you want
3 – REACH where you want.

Basically you can do online, what you can’t do in real life.

SOPA? it’s basically the law to apply the rules of reality
over the internet.

Result? people will no longer hold their wrath and spit it
let’s say over a blog, or do something creative and publish it.
because SOPA gives the leverage to big companies to steal
and own the ideas their petty employees make.

the world will be made of WAN networks where each country filters content.
but SOPA… is scarier..
since most internet sources such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo
come from they plan to limit them from the world.
where every country will start having it’s OWN.. Facebook Google and yahoo.
end up Again in separating humanity, after the long effort
it took us to unite.

Ask the pirate bay folks " Are you stealing?"
"No" they will answer, because it’s something fellow humans made.
and the creators ( forget the business CEOs ) always create thinking one thing.
I wish everyone likes it, I wish everyone sees what I did.

Copyright is an invention to stop the claiming that someone else did it.
but sharing is what it’s all about.


SOPA is an in-humane act to imprison the entire world.
having people crawl on knees so the governments can look from above.
and feel in control.

Aren’t governments made from the same people? they exist to provide
order, and justice.

but SOPA is misuse of the force, as to cut a thieves hand so he never steals
instead of giving him a punishment.

WHY? because they’re lazy.

If this aspect is released on internet many will boycott it first.
later on, what they can’t do on the internet.. they will bring back to reality.
Internet is the alternative reality where anything is possible.
if it’s not this way, then there’s no point in keeping it.

order can’t be brought with out hard work.

Excess of force, will end up so bad. leading to another revolution.

Is it about money?
HELL YES..  giant companies such as Sony Entertainment.
believe that everything they make belongs to them..
because they believe that a company founder / owner owns
what his employees create.

"NO" The company unites people to create something
that thing is sold by the company to pay salaries.
the a little extra for the founder.

but by principle ( not law )
there’s still poor people hungry for the scraps.
there’s still poor countries that can’t afford to buy

What happens if you create a food recipe and prohibit everyone
from making or eating it.. anywhere but your restaurant?

what happens if someone found a water spring
and doesn’t let anyone use that water without paying him?

SOPA, provides ultimate justice.
at the cost of.
Freedom, Unity, Humanity, Expressing yourself, and eventually.

I will not live as a dog, and sure I don’t want my children to.


Read more about the DEATH OF THE INTERNET.


What are your thoughts on this?

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