Thoughts and DNA!

Everybody who can think are scientists.

People know for fact that Viruses can change our DNA and pass through to our next generation.

But what people neglect and actually never scientifically yet researched that our life style, thoughts, and emotions

have a greater impact on our DNA.. if you’re healthy, morally, and physically and emotionally…

your DNA has an immune system that will restore from damages caused by diseases. and also pass your state to the next generation..

so It’s not in vain when you choose your partner on personality, as much on physical appearance!!

The experience you get from life is coded into an archive (yup! just like Assassin’s creed)

for later generations to develop certain reflexes and help it’s survival. That’s how DNA functions!

that’s how you can cure yourself from anything.. just think it. – or may be it’s just me 😛


What are your thoughts on this?

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