Update on new Quotes and Word of wisdom

If life is a movie, let it start great, so the ending gets even greater – Dinoraptor101

a target orineted website is always easier to get more traffic to.. because “people find what they’re looking for”  – Dinoraptor101


Said he: You know what’s my biggest problem ??
I can’t lie… no no no not that I don’t want to.. I CAN’T
the reason I can’t look better than what I am… because I can’t say I will do something I know I won’t .. that I’m something I’m not..

that’s why.. no body likes me.. ( the raptor cries like a baby )



Most successful business is based on “fun” smart people start doing something they thing is cool.. and others find it cool….. over time it becomes popular and popularity makes it work.. like the smiley button, the Google Search Engine. and Facebook..

they all started as a hobby + fun … O.O why am I posting this? ~ it’s fun to see your comments back..


Friendship is the only other thing you get to keep after death
some people think twice before posting an update, because they consider what they’re friends might think of them, but actual friends would only be happy that you’re not pretending 😛 – Dinoraptor101


Sometimes i feel lost in the internet and many times I feel I’m no longer living on the same planet where I was once born into.. – Dinoraptor101


if you share everything, you don’t have a secret, which means you don’t have a personal life of your own. – Dinoraptor101
nobody’s happy everyday.. but they just pretend to.. to keep their friends happy – Dinoraptor101
If you don’t have something to tell people you shouldn’t really post everything you do during the day because many would consider it spamming, rather than providing useful intel for their home pages… or maybe it’s just me 😛



What are your thoughts on this?

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