Secrets of Study

People now look at study as a very hard method that requires dedication, will, inspiration, and guidance.. such as teachers, and masters who would always follow up…


And when you get to your first year in university.. you start thinking, how am I supposed to make it??


Here’s the think if you want to study something, you don’t think about it. go back to the concept why do you study?

Why Do You Study?

I know that most people have they’re own answers, but what shares them all is one fact, because we want to know how to do what we want to do,


Study comes best with experience, not books, not dedication, it’s not a job, it’s an instinct like breathing.

when I’m writing this article, I’m actually practicing my typing, grammar, and creative skills, and the more I do it the better I become at it.


I acquired my American-English accent from singing backstreet boys, and people still ask me, “Have you been to U.S.” what can I reply closer than “Umm, Not technically!!”

If you want to learn about something, you just start doing that thing and learning becomes the same process of your self discovery in the field of your own experience.


But you have to keep in mind, that everything has 2 sides, both negative and positive, while silence can give you room for deep thoughts, it can also be an empty place for emotions.. while distraction can give a nice break, therefore there’s never need to stress because something is not done the way you expect it to.

As Arabs say “Half on you, Half on god/fate”.


So when you study, take a moment to remember the results you’re willing to achieve…

take a breath, to make a difficult year, become an easy life time later on. Smile


Best wishes, Dinoraptor101


…. hmm wish I get into University one day  >;.>;


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